The Battle of Waterloo

200th Anniversary June 17th to June 24th 2015

A de-brief of enactments and other events that took place on the above dates


Uniforms and Ensignia



The re-enactments of the Battle of Waterloo took place in this year 2015

on the field of Waterloo at Hougoumont Farm to mark the 200th Anniversary of this terrible conflict.


There were some 6000 participants, 300 horse and 100 cannon taking part watched by over 60,00 spectators






After some years and certainly many months of uncertainty, Great Britain and France battled for supremacy at the field of Waterloo in 1815, and against all odds our forces under The Duke of Wellington emerged victorious with Napoleon being deposed.


The Duke of Wellington paid our troops this moving tribute: -

"No troops but the British could have held Hougoumont, and only the best of them at that"


In 1907 a bronze Guards memorial plaque was unveiled at Hougoumont

at a ceremony attended by Count Charles van der Burch, life-tenant of Hougoumont

commemorating the action of soldiers from three regiments of British foot guards

of which there two companies of the 1st Foot Guards

who became the First or Grenadier Regiment of Foot Guards.


Two memorial plaques in memory of the Coldstream Guards are displayed

near the south gate of Hougoumont Farm

one in 1965 to mark the 150th anniversary and the second in 1985.


A further plaque in memory of the 3rd Guards (renamed Scots Guards) at the farm

was installed in 1958.



Major General Webb-Carter (Bristol Branch President) was appointed Chairman of Waterloo 200

by the present Duke of Wellington, Chairman of the Association of Friends (now the Waterloo Association 2001)

Waterloo 200, which was set up in 2005 when the bicentenary of the Battle of Trafalgar was being commemorated.

Page made up and displayed in 2015 with special thanks

to our Vice-President Mr Keith Jones for the photos and other detail

Illustrations are from the Regimental Collection of the webmaster

Thanks also to members of the Household Motor Cycle Club

who visited the area in 2016 for the photos they took