3rd DECEMBER 2010


There were 11 members in attendance to witness this age olde ancient Guards' tradition, an excellent buffet was laid on

And we just talked until 9.30 when John Frost gave us the history of Waterloo and how the ceremony of hanging the brick came about.




The Brick is now hanging


The tradition of Hanging the Brick dates back to Waterloo and the defence of Hougoumont, where under the leadership of

Sgt Graham, a Detachment of Coldstream Guards against overwhelming odds, successfully defended Hougoumont, and

thus maintained the British Right Flank. This action was later described by Wellington as 'key' to the outcome of the Battle.

"I occupied that position with a detachment of General Byng's Brigade of Guards and I am happy to add that it

was maintained, throughout the day, with the utmost gallantry by these brave troops, notwithstanding the repeated

efforts of large bodies of the enemy to obtain possession of it."

The original 'Brick' was a piece of stone taken from the wall of Hougoumont. These days a humble clay brick manufactured

by the London Brick Company has to suffice in order for the tradition to continue.

During the Month of December - 'bricks' are 'hung'

in the Sgt's Mess of the Household Division all over the World and we are now fortunate enough

To have

Our own Sgt's Mess at Whiteladies Road, where we intend to uphold this ancient custom.