Welcome to our Album Section.

This is a collection of photos and illustrations

contributed by members at various events

that will be added to from time to time.


Some displays are at our

Photocenter for better viewing.



Hanging the Brick 2005 with WurzelsHanging the Brick 2010
Annual Dinner 2005Annual Dinner 2006
Annual Dinner 2007Annual Dinner 2008 (None at Present)
Annual Dinner 2009Annual Dinner 2010
Annual Dinner 2011Annual Dinner 2012 (None at present)
Annual Dinner 2013Annual Dinner 2014
Annual Dinner 2015 
Bristol Remembrance Day 2006Bristol Remembrance Day 2007
Bristol Remembrance Day 2008Bristol Remembrance Day 2009
 The Colours
Committee Meeting 2009

Consecration of The Bristol Grenadier's Standard

Branch Garden Party 2013Branch Garden Party 2014
Chelsea Barracks MemoriesDrummers
Founders Day 2009Skittle Matches
Grenadier Day 2007Grenadier Day 2008
Grenadier Day 2009Grenadier Day 2010  
Grenadier Day 2011Grenadier Day 2012
Grenadier Day 2013 (None at present)Grenadier Day 2014 (None at Present)
Grenadier Day 2015 (None at present)Grenadier Day 2016
Regimental Remembrance Day 2007Regimental Remembrance Day 2009
Regimental Remembrance Day 2013 
Retreat Beating 2009Trooping Rehearsals 2010
Visit to Windsor 2005 
Sean Bolan PaintingsThe Guards Depot Caterham Memories
VE Day 2005Wooton Bassett Repatriation
Black Sunday 2010British Legion Hotel at Weston
LunchesNo 3 Company Reunions



Updated: - 11/09/2017