2619168  John Roland Morris  passed away at Weston-Super-Mare
General Hospital on Thursday 17th February 2011
John served as a Lance Sergeant with the Regiment during the 2nd
world war, he saw action in the major campaigns of the early forties
and found himself in Tunis in 1942, where on St Georges Day he received
severe Machine Gun wounds to both legs, John spent several years in
hospitals and convalescent homes recovering from his injuries, and was
to spend the rest of his life disabled, and unable to walk without the aid
of walking sticks.

John once told me that his injuries were what made
him the man he went on to become, he believed that his injuries were
'character building' and they had given him valuable experience to
draw on in later life. Indeed John was a very active man right up until
recently, he had attended the Law Courts in London on many occasions
over the years to represent local people with environmental and planning
issues, he also took a very keen interest in parliamentary affairs and was
on first name terms with many Cabinet Ministers and Members of Parliament.
Since the Regiment has been involved in the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan
John had took it upon himself to ensure that he attended Wootton Bassett for
the repatriation of every member of the regiment lost in the conflict.
I can honestly say, that the sight of that 90 year old man, supported by the sticks
that he had carried for nearly 70 years, standing bear headed in the rain at
Wootton Bassett was one of the most humbling sights I have ever witnessed.
John passed away two days after his 91st Birthday

23382734  Lance Cambridge passed away at his daughter's home

on Tuesday 24th February 2014


Lance served in The Regiment from1957 to 1960 in the 3rd Bn.

He was a real character, and was involved in all Bristol Branch activities from Shooting, Skittles, and Welfare.

He was  always in attendance at committee meetings, and for Regimental Remembrance Day, Grenadier Day, and our Annual Branch Dinners.

His sense of humour was legendary, and he was never frightened to speak his mind…to whatever level of rank !!

He was constantly helping members of the Branch who were in need, and was renown for regular supplies to members.

Now with his brother Ray who was also a Branch Member and who passed away in 2011


Lest We Forget


Updated: - 11/09/2017