A Blast froM the Past of Early Gazette PHOTOS UP TO 1985

With Grateful thanks to “Boy Brenchley” 


Brian has been at pains to place a large number of photographs of Regimental interest in “Photobucket”.

These are mostly of Corps of Drums and Drum Majors.

The following are a selection he very kindly made available to us for the benefit of our Branch.

Some of you may already have seen them, but will I am sure appreciate a second glimpse

whilst not having to stand at attention and two paces from!!! 

Some of the URLs may not activate correctly when you double click them,

 because they have had to be edited for the purposes of this display.


The best way to view them is to copy the URL and paste it into your browser’s address line.

Alan ‘Mush’ Goddard  - 1983 Gazette 




Cap Bands 


Hiding the Plume 


Andy Ferneyhough. MBE - 1983 Gazette


Buckingham Palace – Guard Report



CSM Peter COX  – 1984 Gazette

 http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j281/boybrenchley/Army%20General/CSMPeterCo .jpg 

RSM  A.  Dickinson. MBE – 1986 Gazette


Orders of Dress!