The Grenadier Guards Comrades Association Report for February 1921

Colonel HRH The Prince of Wales has graciously consented to be a Patron of the Association.

On the 5th November, sixty-sixth anniversary of the Battle of Inkerman - a telegram of congratulations was sent to General Sir G. Higginson, to which he replied thanking his comrades both old and young.

The Association was represented at the funeral of the Unknown Warrior on November 11th, one seat being allotted in Westminster Abbey, which was occupied by the Hon. Secretary; five places in the procession from Victoria Station to the Abbey, allotted to members who had served in the war; and five places in the procession from Whitehall Gardens, which were allotted to other members of the Association. A wreath in memory of fallen Comrades was placed at the foot of the Cenotaph shortly after the unveiling ceremony, QMS H Cooke representing serving members and Mr H. Dicken the non-serving members.

By permission of the Lieut-Colonel Commanding the Regiment, the string Band of the Regiment have, when duties permitted, attended social events of the Association and its Branches. The Band, under the direction of Band-Sergeant AJ Cobb has given considerable pleasure, and it has been much appreciated. \at the meeting of the Central Committee held on December 29th, a hearty vote of thanks to the Band and their leader for their voluntary services was unanimously passed, a copy of the same to be given to each member of the string band. Members of the Branches will be pleased to see serving Comrades at their headquarters or club rooms when on leave or furlough, and at their social meetings. Serving Comrades are requested to get in touch with the Hon. Secretary of the Branch in their Home District.

Number of members, December 31st, 1920 = 1,880




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