The Guards Parachute Company


The 1st Parachute Brigade was formed in September 1941 and in October  came the formation of the 1st Airborne Division, with Major General  Frederick (Boy) Browning (Grenadier Guards) as its Commander.  He brought with him a staffing structure of Guards Officers, Warrant Officers and NCOs which permeated and enriched the new formation, with long-lasting results in tradition and culture.

In August 1942 the Parachute Regiment was formed, incorporating all other Parachute trained Battalions.  The 1st Airborne Division was joined by the 6th in 1943 and incorporated into an Airborne Corps, commanded by Lt General Browning.  The Corps also included an infantry Brigade as the 1st Air landing Brigade, with four glider-borne air landing battalions and supporting arms and services. In India the 50th Indian Parachute Brigade was also formed.

After WW2 in1946 many of the numerous Guardsmen who had served in the Airborne Forces were brought together to form the 1st Guards Parachute Battalion which was employed on operations in Palestine with 6 Airborne Division. When the 6th Airborne Division was disbanded in 1948, the 1st Guards Parachute Battalion was reduced to company strength as 16th( Guards) Independent  Company the Parachute Regiment, and subsequently re-roled to become the Pathfinder Company of the newly formed 16th Parachute Brigade Group

It was later renamed No1 (Guards) Independent Company the Parachute Regiment. 

They occupied 'C' lines at Pirbright camp and manned the gate leading to Brookwood village in Surrey


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