Report published in the Household Brigade Magazine February 1921

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Held its second annual dinner in the Colston Hall, Bristol, on November 4th, which was a great success, over 100 being present. The String Band of the Regiment, under Band-Sergeant A. J. Cobb, attended and played an excellent programme of music during dinner. The President, Lieut-Col. Hon EM Colston, occupied the chair, supported by the Vice Presidents Messrs Frank Risely and N. Thornhill, Colonel GC Hamilton (Lt-Col Commanding the Regiment); Brig-General Lord Glanusk; Lieut-Col W Garton (Hon Secretary); Mr AH Spreckley (Branch Hon Secretary) and many others.

After dinner, the loyal toast being duly honoured, and excellent entertainment - interspersed with toasts - was enjoyed

Report published in the Household Brigade Magazine Summer 1921

Branches recorded in this issue: -


The members of this branch were inspected by H.R.H. The Prince of Wales when he visited Bristol on June 10th. The Branch made avery smart turn-out, and were under the Command of Mr F.L. Risely, Vice-President of the Branch. The following is an extract from a local paper: -

The Guards Discipline

"The members of the Bristol Branch of the Grenadier Guards Association paraded on Friday in uniform civilian dress, Trilby Hat, Brigade of Guards' Tie (blue, red, blue), an Association Badge, all coats buttoned up with medals on the outside, black boots and all trousers turned up.  Here the Guards discipline held once again.

Every man on parade had followed his instructions as to dress to the letter, and, as a soldier serving on another regiment  remarked, "The Guards are in uniform even of they are not serving with the colours now!"

His Royal Highness, who is, of course, a Grenadier, and served with the regiment in France until 1917, congratulated Mr. F.L. Risely, and the secretary, Mr A.S. Spreckley, on the fine 'turn-out,' and said he was glad to see the Bristol Grenadiers.

His Royal Highness shook hands with every Grenadier on parade.

The Association {Bristol Branch..ed} is now 170 strong, and the parade would easily have numbered 130,  but the Chief Constable could not possibly release the Grenadier policemen who are over 70 strong"

Report published in the Household Brigade Magazine Winter 1921-22

Branches recorded in this issue: -


Bristol Branch held its Annual Dinner in the Colston Hall, Bristol, on November 4th 1921; over 100 members attended. Lieut.-Col. Hon. E.M. Colston,

President of the Branch, occupied the Chair. He was supported by the Lord Mayor and Sheriff of Bristol; Col. G.C. Hamilton, Lieut.-Col. Commanding The Regiment; Major-Gen. Lord Loch; Majo r C.W. Darby-Griffith, President of Reading Branch; Major Hon. W. Bailey, Vice-President of Cardiff Branch; Lieut.-Col. W. Garton; Mr F.L. Risely Vice-President and several others.

The string band of The Regiment, under Band-Sergt. A.J. Cobb, attended, and played during the dinner. A telegram was sent to H.M. The King during the evening expressing loyalty and devotion to His Majesty. After dinner the loyal toast was duly honoured, and the remainder of the evening was spent in speech-making, song and harmony.

Mr. Spreckley, Hon. Secretary, was sincerely congratulated for the arrangements made.

Seventh Annual Report

First or Grenadier Guards Comrades Association


Headquarters:        Crown & Dove, Hotel, Bridewell Street.

President:               Lieut-Col EM Colston CMG; DSP; MVO

Vice-Presidents:     Messrs F Ridley; HV Gillett; N. Thornhill; JH Jacob and B Morgan

Hon. Secretary:      Mr AG Spreckley, Old Brislington, Bristol


On the 5th June 1920, the members and their friends proceeded to Ilfracombe by steamer, a better dau could not have been chosen, the weather was on its best behaviour, a smooth sea and bright sunshine. Lunch was taken on the outward journey and tea when returning, Mr Risely a Vice-President of the Branch accompanied the party. Everyone enjoyed the trip and the Hon. Secretary and Committee are to be congratulated upon the success of the outing. A second outing took place in September, but alas, the weather on this occasion was unkind. The members and and their friends however, had a good time.

The second annual dinner of the Branch was held in the Colston Hall on 4th November 1920, over 100 being present. The string band of the Regiment attended under Band-Sergt AJ Cobb and played an excellent program of music during dinner. The President occupied the chair, and was supported by the Vice-Presidents; Colonel GC Hamilton; Brig-General Lord Glanusk; Lieut-Colonel W Garton; Hon. Secretary Mr AH Spreckley; Mr Risely senior and many others. After dinner the loyal toast was duly honoured, and an excellent entertainment, interspersed with toasts, mad the evening go all too quickly.

The Annual Meeting took place on March 2nd 1921, Lieut-Coloenl EM Colston in the chair. The election of President for the ensuing year was proceeded with. Upon a proposition from Mr Jay seconded by Mr Powell, Lieut-Colonel EM Colston was re-elected President. Colonel Colston thanked the meeting for re-electing him.

The second annual report was read by Mr. Spreckley. In the report it was pointed out the Branch was improving in numbers and was the strongest in the country, with the exception of London, and had present membership of 157 and everyone had paid his subscription. (Applause) - But here was still room for other Grenadiers who lived in the district who were not yet members.

Two comrades, Nelmes and Tilling, had died during the year. In each case a letter of sympathy had been sent to the relatives and wreaths tied with the Brigade colour ribbon, were carried in the funeral cortege by member of the Branch. Five cases of unemployment had been helped into good situations, and at present only two members were in need of work. The unemployment question was a very difficult one, as so many firms were discharging instead of taking on new hands.

The Lieut. Colonel of the Regiment was thanked for allowing the band to attend the Annual Dinner, and the Association Committee could  not close the report without referring to the generous help and unflagging interest taken by Mr, Frank L. Risely, who, amongst other good works, had presented the three volumes of the "Grenadier Guards in the Great War" to the Branch, and which members could have to read on application to the secretary.

On the proposition of Mr S.J. White, seconded by Mr. T.A. Bentley, the report was adopted.

Messrs F. Riseley, N. Thornhill, H.V. Gillett, J.H. Jacob, and B. Morgan were elected Vice-Presidents of the Branch.

Mr F. Risely said he considered it to be a great privilege to be a Vice-President of the Local Association, and its representative on the General Association in London. An idea had got abroad that only Grenadiers who had served in the recent war were eligible for membership. That was not so. All Grenadiers were eligible, no matter when they served so long as they complied with the rules, and ex-members were also welcome as Hon-Members and were also invited to outings and annual dinners.

Mr Sussex was elected Chairman of Committee. The Committee were re-elected and Mr. A.H. Spreckley was unanimously re-elected Hon. Secretary.

The President then said he would like to refer to another small matter. The members had thought fit that, in view of the very great work Mr. Spreckley had done in the past, they would like to give him something to remember his past work by, and it gave him very great pleasure to ask Mr. Spreckley to accept a very small present on behalf of the Branch, and to thank him sincerely for all that he had done for them and the Regiment in the past. If ever there was a case of "Once a Grenadier Always a Grenadier" they could point to Mr. Spreckley.

It was his very pleasant duty to ask Mr Spreckley if he would accept a silver inkpot suitably inscribed and with the Regimental Badge on top as a memento of the appreciation in which they held him and his work. There was also a walking stick which was away being engraved. Three cheers were then given for Mr. Spreckley.

Mr Risely associated himself what Colonel Colston had said. When he wrote to Colonel Garton for a badge to let into the top of the inkpot, he replied that he knew of the work Spreckley had put in for the Bristol Branch. Also Mr. Gillett had written to say he knew that the success of the Bristol Branch was indebted to Mr. Spreckley, and he was perfectly certain there was nothing more valuable then that Comrades of The Regiment should keep in touch locally. (Applause)

Mr. Spreckley said he really did not know what to say, or to express how deeply he appreciated the gift. It was a very handsome present, and must have cost a lot of money, but without regarding the intrinsic value, it would always remind him of the very many friends he had in the Association. He would keep it constantly in front of him. Whatever he had done for the Branch or The Regiment, he had done because he liked to rub it in wherever he went that he was a Grenadier. (Applause)

Colonel Colston then gave an account of the Regiment and its doings. He had received a very kind letter from the President of the Association, Colonel Sir Henry Streatfield, wishing the Bristol Branch every success, and he had no doubt but they, the members of the Bristol Branch, would wish him to send on their behalf to Colonel Sir Henry Streatfield a letter to say how much appreciated his words that night had been. Colonel Streatfield had done more for the Association than any other Grenadier had done, and very largely due to his efforts was the large sum of money which had been collected to help Grenadiers in poor circumstances. Colonel Streatfield did not forget to mention Mr. Spreckeley's name, also that of Me. Sussex, and he concluded that Bristol produced the best Grenadiers in the country. (Applause)