Report published in the Household Brigade Magazine1924

No reports for the Spring or Summer Editions

Bristol Branch - Autumn Edition

The sixth Annual Dinner is being held at the Grand Hotel, Broad Street, on November 7th.

The members and their families will attend Divine Service at Bristol Cathedral on Sunday, November 16th at 3.30pm. An address will be given by the Rev. Precentor JMD Stancomb (Hon. Chaplain Bristol Branch).

Permanent employment  - a good job - has been found for a member who unfortunately has been unemployed for some time.

Bristol Branch - Winter Edition

The Branch held their Annual Dinner at the Grand Hotel on November 7th. About 130 members and guests sat down to dinner, under their President, Colonel  Hon. E. Colston.

Among the guests were Major-General Lord Loch, President of the Association, Colonel BN Sergison-Brooke, Commanding The Regiment, General Sir H. Mackinnon, Major CW Darby-Griffith, and many distinguished citizens of Bristol. A detachment of the Band attended and played selections before and after dinner.

The members attended Divine Service at the Cathedral on Sunday November 16th. An address was given by Rev. Precentor JMD Stancomb, Hon. Chaplain to the Branch.

The members attend this service annually on the nearest Sunday to Armistice Day.