Grenadier Comrades Association Report

published in the

 Household Brigade Magazine Coronation Edition 1937


    The dinner season is now practically finished, and from reports received all branches have done remarkably well in social events during the past winter. More pleasing still is gthe news in most branches there are none, or very few, employable members without work.

    The Annual General Meeting of the Association was held at Chelsea Barracks on 16th April, and was well attended with the Major-General The Lord Loch, our President in the chair. All members will be pleased to know at this meeting, General Sir George Jeffreys was elected a Vice-President. Sir George has always taken a very keen interest in the Association, and we feel that his election will considerably lighten the burden of visiting our numerous branches which has been borne by our President for so many years. He is assured of a very hearty reception at any branches he may visit.

    Colonel G.E.C. Rasch is about to relinquish his command as Lieutenant-Colonel of the Regiment. We take this opportunity of thanking him for the great help he has given to the Association during the past five years. Although he is leaving the Regiment, we hope to see him at our reunions for many years to come.

    At the General Meeting, Lord Loch referred to our pensions scheme which is doing so much to help some of our less fortunate members, and announced his intention to raise enough money to enable another pension (the fifth) of ten shillings per week being granted. Already he has received some very generous donations towards this object, and we hope this lead will be followed by others who are interested in this scheme.



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