Annual Report published in the

Thirty-Seventh Annual Report for 1952

President: Major J.J. Gascoigne, MC.

Vice Presidents: Lieut. -Colonel Edgar Sheppard, DSO., MC., F.L. Riseley, Esq., Captain R.G. King Smith., Major G.E.W. Potter MC., Captain P.V. Pelly., Captain A.M. Denny., Captain E.R. Randall., MBE.

Chairman: P. Taylor, Esq.

Hon. Secretary and Treasurer: A.E. Fox, MM., Esq., 22, Dingle Close, Sea Mills, Bristol. TEL: 82304

Asst. Secretary: Mr R Fox

Headquarters: Crown & Sceptre Hotel, Bridewell St., Bristol 1. (Opposite the Central Fire Station)

Committee: Mr. P Thomas., Mr W. Derrick., Mr G. Hall., Mr F. Denbury., Mr K Cook., Mr L. Arlow., Mr T. Scot., Mr F.Theobald., Mr J Strong., Mr J. Hackling., Mr D. Jordan., Mr G. Sanford., Mr F. Winter., Mr C. Westcott., Mr H. Newman, MM., Mr E. Bird.


  At the Annual General Meeting, which was held at the Crown and Dove Hotel, Bridewell Street, on 14th March, the President Major J.C. Gascoigne, MC., who as in the chair, opened the meeting by speaking of the passing of our beloved Colonel-in-Chief, His late Majesty King George VI, and the meeting stood in silence for two minutes.


  The Secretary reviewed the past year's work and reported that a memorial service for His Late Majesty had been held in the Cathedral, and he was glad to say that a good number of comrades had paraded for this service.


   The membership today is 230,  of whom 100 are life members. This is a slight decrease on the previous year, mainly due to the removal from the roll of some 21 members who were in arrears with their subscriptions. The secretary deplored having to do this, but that the cost of keeping such members on the roll exceeded the value of their subscriptions, and there was therefore no alternative but to remove their names. He pointed out that the subscription was only 2s. a year, or less than one penny a week, and he felt that it was not too much to ask comrades to let him have their subscriptions at the due time. He asked everyone to look up their card and, if they were in arrears, to send it in to him, remembering the old but true slogan that "Many can help one, whilst one cannot help many."


  He reported that there had been four quarterly meetings held throughout the year and that the attendance was disappointing; he asked all members to try and bring along another one with them at the next meeting.


 On the social side dances and whist drives have been held, supported in the main by members of the public and not by our own members. Here, again, he appealed for more support.


 Some sixty members and their wives made the trip on Remembrance Day, both by rail and motor coach, and it was a great day. He asked those who had never been before to make an effort to go on the next occasion.


  The Branch Annual Dinner took place on 2nd November 1951, at the Grand Hotel, Bristol, with the President in the Chair. We were extremely fortunate to have his brother, Major-General J.A. Gascoigne, CB., DSO., General Officer Commanding London District with us together with Colonel G.C. Gordon Lennox, DSO., Major The Honourable G.N.C. Wigram, MC., and the General Secretary Lieut. Colonel G.F. Turner OBE., DCM. The dinner was an experiment as it was the first time that ladies had been permitted to attend. Some forty ladies sat down to dinner with their men folk, and it was deemed to be a great success. The Regimental String Band played throughout the evening (by kind permission of the Lieutenant-Colonel Commanding the Regiment), and L. Arlow's artistes entertained. It is hoped that this year's dinner, which is due to be held on the 7th November, will be even better attended.


  We are fully aware that The Regiment still needs recruits, and it is up to all of us Comrades to do what we can to persuade young men of the right type to go into the Regiment, as we ar all proud to serve our country in such a Regiment.


  We deeply regret that the past year has taken from us five of our old comrades - No. 4839 G. Bird, No. 4515 W. Blackmore, No. 30. Trowbridge and No. 17079 E.E. Fisher - and we offer our deepest sympathy to their relatives. Flowers and wreaths were sent where desired and the Branch was represented at all the funerals who passed away in London.


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