Annual Report published in the

Thirty-eighth Annual Report for 1953

President: Major J.J. Gascoigne, MC.

Vice Presidents: Lieut. -Colonel Edgar Sheppard, DSO., MC., F.L. Riseley, Esq., Captain R.G. King Smith., Major G.E.W. Potter MC., Captain A.M. Denny., Captain E.R. Randall., MBE., Captain G.M. Leeds., Captain P.V. Pelly.,

Chairman: W, Derrick, Esq.

Vice-Chairman: G. Hall Esq.

Secretary and Treasurer: A.E. Fox, MM., Esq., 22, Dingle Close, Sea Mills, Bristol. TEL: 82304

Asst. Secretary: Mr R Fox, Esq., 111, Woodleigh Gardens, Whitchurch, Bristol Tel: 82304

Committee: Mr J Strong., Mr K Cook., Mr G. Sanford., Mr L. Arlow., Mr G. Hackling., Mr C. Westcott., Mr E. Caswell., Mr. F Saunders., Mr F. Kingdon.,




Chairman: N.J. Sawyer, 20 Wells Road, Bath

Secretary: L. Tucker, 70 Midford Road, Bath


  The year 1952 ended with an increase in membership despite the fact that twenty=two names were removed from the register under Rule 4, Para. 7 - three years in arrears. It is hoped very much these twenty-two will see their way to rejoin the Association and thus help to keep alive the spirit of comradeship which we all hold so dearly.


  A Sub-Branch has now been established at Bath and it is good to know that it is making steady progress. Meetings are held on the second Saturday in each month at The Crown, New Orchard Street, Bath. The Chairman is Mr W. Sawyer and the Secretary Mr L. Tucker.


  The long trying winter has resulted in much sickness and visits have been made where such cases have been brought to our notice. The Committee can play an important part by helping with these visits.


  There has also been an increase in the number of welfare cases dealt with - in fact a four-fold increase - and our special thanks are due to the Lieutenant-Colonel for his great help in these matters.


  During the year the Branch has suffered the passing of three of its members: Mr J. Smith, Mr A.H. Spreckley and Mr A.H. Notton. Mr A.H. Spreckley, a former secretary of the the Branch from its inception 1919 until 1947, when continued ill-health necessitated his retirement, was a great worker for us. In each case wreaths were sent on behalf of the Association and once again our thanks are due to those who are ever ready to come forward on these sad occasions to act as bearers. To the relatives of our late comrades we extend our deepest sympathy.


  With regard to the social side of our activities, we have run a number of dances which have not only cleared expenses, but have made a little besides. We would, however, like to see still more Grenadiers and their families at these dances. The skittle team, although not wining many matches, has had a very enjoyable season which, after all, is the main thing. Mr Theobald and Mr Derrick are the stalwarts who do all the organizing behind the scenes for the dances and skittles and we owe them much for their untiring efforts.


  The annual Branch Dinner was once again a great success -  a really grand evening enjoyed by all. The Regimental String Band played throughout the evening by the kind permission of the Lieutenant-Colonel Commanding the Regiment, who honoured us with his presence. This year's dinner ha been fixed for Friday 6th November, at the Grand Hotel. Can we hope to get a 75 per.cent attendance this year? Let us try by each comrade making a note of the date in good time.


 The Branch Annual General Meeting was held at the local headquarters, The Crown and Dove Hotel on 13th March 1953, and our President Major J.C. Gascoigne took the chair. Unfortunately the attendance was poor, and it is hoped  that future annual general meetings will be better supported. The secretary gave a report on the Branch's work during the year and this was followed by the election of Branch Officers. The secretary spoke of the work done behind the scenes by Major Gascoigne and said he had much pleasure in proposing that he should be President for 1953-54; this was carried unanimously. All the existing Vice-Presidents were re-elected, with the addition of Captain G.G.M. Leeds. Percy Taylor, who has been Chairman for many years, tendered his resignation as he is shortly leaving Bristol, and this was accepted with much regret. Two or three people spoke of the great as Chairman work he had done for the Branch. Mr W. Derrick was unanimously elected to take his place as Chairman. The Secretary and Assistant Secretary remained unchanged, but there were changes in the Committee, three younger comrades volunteering to stand.


  We are pleased to see the younger members now coming forward to help share the responsibility of running the Branch and long nay this continue. \the years come and go and so do comrades - we cannot forget such familiar faces as Tommy Scot, Bill Adams, Ned O'Gorman, Dick Bye and lots of others, so "Come Along Comrades" and support that is being done on your behalf.

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