Annual Report published in the

Forty-First Annual Report for 1956

President: Major J.C. Gascoigne, MC., JP.

Vive-Presidents: Lieutenant-Colonel Edgar Sheppard DSO., MC., F.L. Riseley Esq., R.G. King-Smith Esq., Major G.E. Potter MC., Captain F.L. Pelly., Captain A.M. Denny., Captain E.R. Randall MBE., Captain G.G.M. Leeds., Captain P.F.C. Stucley., Major F.N.P. Osborne., R.W. Cornell Esq., Captain J.B. Kidston

Chairman: Mr W Derrick

Hon. Secretary and Treasurer: Mr A.E Fox, 20, Dingle Close, Seamills, Bristol 1

Headquarters: Crown & Dove Hotel, Bridewell Street., Bristol 1

Committee: J.L. Bowles, D. Bennet, K. Cook, E. Caswell, MM., J. Frost, J. Hackling, F. Kingdon., H.V. Piggot, C. Sandford, S. Tucker, A.E. Warburton, MBE., Sergt. A. Barsby




Chairman: Captain C.B. Jones, Cambridge House, Widcombe Hill, Bath

Vice-Chairman: Mr A. Bines, 12, Beaufort West, Bath

Hon. Secretary and Treasurer: Mr D. Bryant, 149, Haycombe Drive, Bath

Headquarters: The Crown Brewery, New Orchard Street, Bath. Tel: Bath 2750

Committee: Messrs G. Allen, F. Sawyer and R Marks

Meetings held on the second Saturday of each month with the exception of April, May, July and August. The March meeting is the Annual General Meeting.


   The Branch Annual General Meeting was held in March 1956, some thirty members being present. It is realised that for some of our members it presents a problem but outside of illness there is, I am afraid, not much excuse for members residing locally not being present. For others it may mean miles to travel, therefore time and expense are involved. To those of our members who reside so far away, we are always watching to see if anything can be done to solve this problem of distance. Just recently, Taunton was visited to find out if it was possible to start a sub-branch to serve that area. I am sorry to say that we met with little success that evening. There was one redeeming feature, namely that those who were present that possibilities were there, but that it meant hard work.  One comrade from over the moors took it to heart to do his best and we feel sure that with the support of Chief Inspector J. Hamer, who put in a lot of work, it may yet come into being, those who made the journey saying it was worthwhile.



  It is great joy in our hearts that the President, Major J.C. Gascoigne MC., JP., was with us at the AGM. Everycomrade present was delighted to see him so much better and we wish him sincerely a complete recovery.



  The strength of the Branch remains at about 315. This would have been far greater if members would only pay their subs. Once again some twenty-three must be removed from the roll for failing to pay their subs for three consecutive years. This is a regrettable task but it is a necessary one. Not only does it mean work in circulating, but it is a loss financially to the Association and those losses must be curtailed. It may well it is a case of forgetfulness, in which case the answer is Life Membership. The hand book issued to all members explains this, though the yearly sub is not a great one considering what it achieves in helping others. We appeal to all members in this our Tercentenary year to make a great effort to bring a new member or a lapsed one back into the fold. If this could be done then something would have been achieved.



  The Annual Branch Dinner was held at the Grand Hotel, Bristol on Friday 4th November. There were present some 150 members and wives. A gradual increase in the number attending has been noted and it is hoped that an even greater number may be seen at the Tercentenary Dinner on 2nd November 1956. The String Orchestra of the Regiment played throughout the evening by kind permission of the Lieutenant-Colonel Commanding the Regiment, Sir Thomas Butler, Bart., DSO., OBE. We were very pleased to see Major Eric Penn and our General Secretary Lieutenant-Colonel Fred Turner, and it was a great evening enjoyed by all.


  During the past year, social activities have been stepped up. November 5th 1955 saw the Remembrance Festival held at Colston Hall and those present witnessed a fine performance. The Grenadiers were much in evidence. Comrades of the Branch appeared in the uniforms of the Regiment worn in the different periods, also the Drummers of the 3rd Battalion performed and were received with great admiration.


  The work of the Social Committee must not be forgotten , ably led by the young Grenadier, Sam Tucker, who puts in a lot of work running his monthly socials which are not only enjoyed but successful. We compliment this team and hope that their efforts may receive the reward of your patronage. On 3rd March this same team ran their first party for the children. There were some sixty children, some sons and daughters of Grenadiers and some little ones brought in from another source. These children were entertained to tea. followed by a cinema show, and did they enjoy? I want to say that our Recruiting Sergeant in the city, Sgt Barsby, played a great part.


  On 7th March was the first monthly social; there is one a month held at our local Headquarters, The Crown & Dove Hotel, and to those of our members and their wives wishing a night out, we say "Here you are".



  There have been several cases of welfare dealt with. We are deeply indebted to the Lieu. Colonel Sir Thomas Butler, Bart., DSO., OBE., for his kind consideration and help in these cases. His timely help has been a blessing in one or two cases and our thanks to him for this. One must not forget the work of the Association at Christmas time and the needy recipients have been very thankful for what has been done on their behalf . At this stage may we remind all members that probably there is a comrade in your area who may be aged or sick. Don't let an hour of your time weigh upon you, for a visit to those mentioned means so much, yes, even to recovery; by doing so, the true spirit of comradeship is practised rather than preached.



  We have to report the loss of four of our comrades during the pst year. To their relatives we tender our deepest sympathy.  Where flowers were asked for, they were sent, and comrades have witnessed the final rites.



  Finally, are you in arrears with your subscriptions? Have a look at your card, try and keep up with your annual subs, pay up regularly, for if you miss one year it is double next, and should you miss the third year, well, then you have lapse, so please do your best to try to avoid this.



  These, I am sorry to say, could have been better attended. Remember that there are four quarterly meetings held. It is surely not too much to ask of any comrade to do his best to attend.





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