Annual Report published in the Gazette 1989

PRESIDENT: Captain J.W.H. Buxton


TREASURER: None Stated


MEETINGS: General and Half Yearly at Kingswood and Hanham Royal British Legion, Regent Street, Kingswood, Bristol. As notified.

Committee meetings Third Monday of each month except March and August.

As the year rapidly comes to a close, I hasten to submit my Annual Report for 1988. The Branch still continues to thrive with reasonable support given by members at all events, but unfortunately many members were disappointed with the cancellation of Grenadier Day, to which they had to meet many friends old and new., and of course the challenge of the prestigious Boyton Cup, plus our ever popular Cider Stall. Still, we look forward to an even better day in 1989.

Obviously the highpoint of the year was the Association Garden Party at Buckingham Palace to celebrate the Anniversary of The Association; 143 members attended, a truly magnificent number, even from a Branch like ours! The weather behaved itself on the orders of the Sergeant Major, and a memorable day was had by all present. Several members had the honour to be presented to Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness Prince Philip, the day will be remembered for years to come.

Sadly I have to report the deaths of the following members, 23252563 KF Cockle; 2615690 ER Plant and 2606305 CH Britton. To all their families we send our heartfelt sympathy.

, Finally, my sincere thanks to all staff at Regimental Headquarters for their help. Also to my President, Chairman, Committee and Members for their continuous support throughout 1988, making my task that much better.

Annual Dinner Dance Report 1988

Our Annual Dinner Dance was held on Saturday 8th October 1988 at the Unicorn Hotel, Prince Street, Bristol, attended by 120 members and their friends. This was a special evening with Lord Wigram as our guest of honour. He gave a very sincere speech, rekindling old memories to those who knew him.

The representative for the Regiment and The Association was Lieutenant Colonel EJ Webb-Carter, who just happens to be the son-in-law of our guest of honour. So as you see everything was kept in the family! He gave a very descriptive speech of both Battalions and the Association.

Amongst our guests were many officers and Quartermasters who had served with Lord Wigram over many years. A framed photograph was presented to Lord Wigram by our chairman and during the evening a presentation was made by Lord Wigram of the Wigram Cup. A presentation was made by our President to Ron Farquharson of a Skittle Shield for the highest average.

The evening turned out to be very memorable and was enjoyed by all who attended.