Annual Report published in the Gazette 1995

PRESIDENT: Captain J.W.H. Buxton

CHAIRMAN: G. George Esq.

HON. SECRETARY: J. Roach, "Grenadean", 21, Somerset Avenue, North Yate. Tel: (0454) 317726

MEETINGS: General and Half Yearly at Kingswood and Hanham Royal British Legion, Regent Street, Kingswood, Bristol. As notified. Committee meetings Third Monday of each month.

ONCE again the year has flown by so quick. The regular events were well attended. In fact, this year the Branch had the honour of carrying the Association Wreath to Horse Guards Parade, this duty being carried out by John Frost, our Vice President, and Committee member David Norsworthy. Well done Lads! Fred Jones and his good lady had he great pleasure of being presented to HRH The Colonel in between the service and march to Horse Guards Parade.

Grenadier Day proved to be a great success, both for the Branch members and Branch funds, with members flocking back to Caterham to relive their past. Our Cider Stall proved to be as popular as ever with a complete sell-out! Unfortunately I was unable to attend because of hospital confinement, but understand the day went off smoothly.

On Sunday, 9th October 1994, the Branch was once more able to arrange Sunday lunch at Laburnham House, West Huntspill, Somerset, to which 56 members and friends attended. This social and informal event proved to be a success.

Once again the Branch members were invited to join the Coldstream Guards Association, Bristol Branch, at their Household Division Dinner on Sunday, 10th December at the Civil Service Club, Filton, Bristol. This was a well attended occasion which will become a regular annual event in the Branch calendar.

Welfare. Several of our members are not enjoying the best of health, and we wish then well for the future.

Obituary. Sadly I have to report the passing of the following fine Grenadiers: 2615674 K. Cook; 2623932 K. Matson; 2611540 C. Hitchen; and 2616539 H.J. Smith.

Finally I would like to thank my President, Chairman and Committee for their continuing support throughout the year, to make my job that much easier. I also give thanks to all Staff at Headquarters for their help.