Down in our Caterham Camp


To be sung to the tune of “Back Home in Tennessee”


I’m so lonely, oh so lonely

In our Caterham Camp

I’m worse off than a tramp



Father, Mother, Sister, Brother

All are waiting me

I’m getting thinner, miss my dinner

And my Sunday’ tea



Down in our Caterham Camp

That where we get the cramp

Through sleeping in the damp

We’re not allowed a lamp



All we hear there each day

If Left, Right, all the way;

Sergeants calling, Lance Jacks Bawling

Get out on parade



We go to bed at night

You ought to see the sight

The earwigs on the floor’s

All night are forming fours



If we’re in bed in the morning

You will see the Sergeant yawning

Show a leg there, show a leg

Way down in our Caterham Camp



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