Chelsea Barrack’s – 1947 


Brian ‘Boy’ Brenchley


The 16.30hrs Parade had formed up in the centre of the square, facing the officers Mess.

I was Drummer on Guard at the time, and ‘Roy Cox’ was the Duty Side Drummer on Parade – I was watching proceedings from the Central Archway, D/Sgt Harry Muckett was taking the parade. 

After the formalities were completed, the D/Sgt started his inspection and all went well with the Drums.

He then moved to King's Company, passed along the front of those on parade, and then proceeded to the rear.

He stopped at one of the Gdsm, opened his small pack and removed the Mess Tins to inspect them. 

Suddenly, a voice bellowed out: - " Put them ……g Mess Tins Back Harry!” 

There was a deathly silence for a few seconds.

The D/Sgt looked up at the windows of Kings Company block  – and then followed as ordered by the D/Sgt, the Sgt in Waiting of that Company went into the block

but after a few minutes came out ‘Empty handed’ so to speak.

King's Company were placed ‘On the Gate’ until the culprit came forward.

This took several hours to resolve as I recall, but eventually the ‘culprit’ received his just deserts!



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