The "New" Warrior Combat Vehicle Issue


When the 1st Bn received the "New" Warrior Combat Vehicle, on the first Gunnery Camp a lot of Top Brass came out to visit whilst on the ranges at Hohne, going around little groups like they do the top General was asking the lads their opinion, firstly the drivers, " oh yes love it much better than the 432s" then the Gunners " yes its great love the 30mm", he then met a group of the "Bayonets", the Rifleman who had been dragged up to Hohne for fatiques, " and what do you think of the new vehicle says the General to Gdsm Stobart " dont ask me sir,  all i do is put f***ing tents up and down all day"!   Gdsm eh never trust them!

With compliments and thanks to Jim White's letter of March 2016 for this.


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