Battle Training for the Guards Depot Corps of Drums


Roy Louis Cox

We had been all issued with rifles and on top of our Drumming duties, had to attend weekly battle training in the form of getting to know about the .303 and the sten.

I had a set of webbing that hadn’t been used or blancoed, and so wore it to our first lesson - (Why Not Thought I?)

The Sgt Instructor inspected us firstly, and when he came to me, asked why I was wearing this webbing which he considered to be in BAD ORDER! {Not Blancoed} – I told him that our other webbing was for parades.

He jumped up & down – got two of the other drummers either side of me and marched me off the guard room where I was placed in close arrest.

I told the L/Sgt on Guard that as an appointed Drummer, I had not first been taken before the RSM (Bert Hillier Welsh Guards) and so asked to see him.

I was taken to see him, and I explained what I thought.

He said that I may well be right but as this Sgt had taken the action he had, I was to see The Adjutant the following day, and placed in open arrest.

Next day I was before the Assistant Adjutant, an Irish Guard Captain.

I explained what I thought and he said “You got a F.……ing Hard Neck Cox – case dismissed”

– We never saw that Sgt again!!!!...........



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