Cozy trip with girlfriend Kavya to Mahableshwar – Bus sex story

Cozy trip with girlfriend Kavya to Mahableshwar – Bus sex story

Hi guys, well, this is my first story that I have ever written. I hope I do enough justice to it. Any positive or negative feedback is welcome for improvement in my next stories.

This story involves me and my girlfriend Kavya. This incident happened in my final year of medical college. Kavya is one year junior to me in college. We have been dating for almost 2 months now. But we haven’t got much alone time, maybe with occasional kisses here and there.

So, without much delay, let’s proceed to the story.

It was during the monsoon period, Kavya and I decided to go to Mahabaleshwar for a weekend. It was the first time we were going out for a trip.

I booked sleeper bus tickets from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar for us. The bus was scheduled to leave at 11:00 pm and would drop us at Mahabaleshwar around 7 the next morning.

We both were excited about what was going to happen over this weekend. It was quite clear that we are going to fuck like bunnies all the time.

Finally, the day arrived. We were waiting for the bus to come. I lit a cigarette, took a drag, and passed it on to her. She was wearing jeans and a cute Pikachu shirt, which was one size small I guess because it was tightly outlining her 40D boobs and she had worn a jacket over it.

The bus arrived at the time we finished our cigarette. We loaded our bags into the bus and went in to find our seats. It was at the end of the bus and it was a bottom sleeper seat.

My girlfriend went in first as she wanted the window side. The bus was from a reputed company. It had a TV and provided blankets on every berth. The AC was on full blast and pretty soon we were feeling cold.

The bus started moving, the lights got dim. It was for the first time we were alone in such conditions. She was lying beside me with her head resting on my arms as we watched the movie on the screen(it was some Bollywood movie).

As it was getting cold, we covered ourselves in a blanket and she snuggled up very close to me. Around 1 am, the movie ended and the lights were turned off in the bus.

I turned towards my gf and put my arms around her and pulled her close to me and gave her a kiss on her forehead. She held me tighter.

I slowly raised her chin up till our lips brushed and we started to kiss. I sucked her lips gently and Kavya too started kissing me back. Then I moved my hand over her back as we continued kissing. She held my head and ran her fingers in my hair.

The kiss was getting very passionate involving our tongues fighting each other to gain dominance over each other. I started rubbing my lover’s back over her t-shirt.

Then I slowly slid my hand below and inserted my hand inside her t-shirt. Touching Kavya’s hot, naked back just made her more passionate as she started wildly kissing me harder, sucking my lips hard (giving me pain and pleasure at the same time).

My dick was hard inside my pants waiting to be freed. My hands moved back and forth along her back caressing her and my fingers were slightly scratching her.

I slowly moved my hand up and slipped my hand below her bra strap and cupped the skin below. I removed the bra hook and started sliding my hand towards her boobs.

I cupped my girlfriend’s boobs and pressed her right boob hard and she pulled my hair while she moaned in my mouth. I broke the kiss and started sucking her neck as she started feeling my dick over my jeans.

Then I made her lie on her back and got on top of her. We started kissing again.

I raised her t-shirt till it was above her boobs. I started kissing her cheeks, then her jaw then went to her neck and gave a kiss. I sucked  it again and giving it rapid licks in between and sucking again.

Kavya was finding it difficult to suppress her moans so she started to bite her jacket so that people on the bus won’t hear her.

I sucked her neck on both sides for some time. I was pretty sure she must have got my love bites on both sides of her neck. I started moving down to her huge melons. I started pressing them together as I started licking her cleavage.

I took my girlfriend’s nipples and started slightly pinching them. I licked my way to her left boob and ran my tongue around her nipple without touching her nipple.

She started squirming below me waiting for me to suck her nipples. I ran my tongue around her nipple as my hand played with her right boob. I blew warm air on her nipple making it erect in the cold berth.

I took her nipple in my mouth and started sucking it slowly, making it wet with my saliva and flicking it with my tongue which resulted in her arching with pleasure and giving her the first orgasm of the night.

Kavya regained her breath but I continued sucking her nipples. Kavya started playing with my hair again.

Then I shifted to her other nipple and started sucking it hard. I was getting horny with every moan I was hearing from her.

I started being rough on her nipple. I bit into her right nipple and at the same moment, I pinched her left nipple hard and then again flicked my tongue rapidly over her nipple as my other hand flicked on her left nipple.

I was sucking her boobs like a baby and my other hand was rubbing her pussy over her jeans. I opened her jeans button and slid the zip down and pushed my hand into her panties. I could feel her wet, hot pussy leaking.

Kavya pulled my head forcefully up and started kissing me hard and her hand held onto my collar. I inserted my middle finger between her pussy lips and started moving up and down rubbing her clit along with it.

I started rubbing her faster and suddenly, she closed her legs on my hand as she started shivering with the 2nd orgasm rocketing through her body.

Kavya pulled my collar tightly and pushed her face into my neck and started panting. Her breath sounded like pleasure in my ears. After a few minutes, she pushed me back and made me lie on my back.

My girlfriend adjusted her t-shirt and closed her jeans. Then she came near my ears and whispered now it’s your turn and got on top of me and kissed me hard, her hair falling over my face.

To be continued.

Part 2 depends on how people react to this. I am sorry if it’s boring as it’s my first attempt at writing anything. Kindly do give your valuable review.

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