Deflowering hot Himachal girl Dikshita – Romantic sex story

Deflowering hot Himachal girl Dikshita – Romantic sex story

This is a story about my female friend Dikshita, an innocent girl from Himachal. This story is about the journey of being a best friend of her to getting her in bed.

Before proceeding further let me tell you how hot she is. She is a dream come true for any boy. She has a pair of perfect boobs which she is also aware and proud of.

As we were best friends, Dikshita used to send every pic she clicked. And even with other assets covered under those clothes, she always appeared so voluptuous.

Her face is so damn pretty that sometimes I would just fantasize about kissing her lips for long! Like the girls in our dreams, my friend had that perfect hourglass figure. Whenever she sent a complete pic, I would get mad seeing those curves and two-three masturbation sessions would be dedicated to that hot figure the same day.

As far as stats are concerned, I knew this hot Himachal girl’s bra was of size 36, waistline around 26 or 27, and that sexy ass which again is one of the many attraction factors, measured 34 as per my assumption.

Despite being such a hot weapon of mass destruction, the best part about my female friend was that she was pretty homely and shy which made me want her more.

I would always imagine Dikshita without those clothes on her hot body and the treasure that hides within. Just the thought of her stripping to even half of her clothes would have an immediate effect on my rod.

Dikshita would often sit in the front seat of my car and I’d go all jealous with the seat belt for obvious reasons.

So, coming to the story, one day she said, “Yuvraj (my name), if you get a chance, what all would you like to do with me?”

I was surprised as such a question from her side was not expected by me even in my wildest dreams. I revealed my fantasy that I always dreamt of having a steam bath with her in my arms. She blushed at that comment and didn’t speak a word for a few minutes as she didn’t expect such a direct response from me.

After that conversation, we both were secretly waiting to meet each other. One day, I went to pick her up, and oh my god! Dikshita was dressed to kill!! The girl who has never shown even a glimpse of cleavage in her outfits was wearing a low-neck top with a cover-up shirt over it. It was open from the front and that low-neck top revealed ample cleavage that I can stare on.

The sexy Himachal girl was setting the surroundings on fire. I complimented her saying, “Somebody is looking damn hot.” My friend blushed noticing my stare at her cleavage and gave me a questioning stare to which I winked to set the tone.

Dikshita came and sat in the front seat of my car and removed her cover-up shirt, giving me lots and lots of her to ogle at. I was spellbound on her move and this time with her consent, I checked her out from head to toe.

This girl must be the most exquisitely carved out masterpiece. Curves in the most accurate places which can make any guy fall head over heels just to get her in bed. That low neck top and blue jeans made her irresistible that very moment. And suddenly, it happened – I got to kiss those inviting lips!

I kissed her slow and simply gave her small pecks just to check her willingness to which she opened her lips. I began savoring those rose petals. I gave a tongue flick on her yummy lips. She too joined the competition and our tongues kissed each other.

We started picking up the pace and it started getting wilder. All of a sudden, Dikshita separated and whispered, “Let’s go from here.” I asked where and to my astonishment, she said, “Jahaan koi dekhe na hume (where nobody shall watch us).”

I took it as an open invitation and immediately started looking for a room which, in this world of technology, wasn’t tough to find. I gave that wicked look to the gorgeous Himachal girl and checked her out again. This time, she too enjoyed being touched by my eyes all over her gorgeous body.

Dikshita knew that the next few hours were going to change her world. I was excited too as I was finally about to get the girl of my dreams on the bed!

I took no time to reach the place and asked my friend Dikshita to cover up by her shirt. We checked in the room and the moment we went inside, I grabbed hold of her waist and pulled her towards myself, and started kissing all over her face. My hands roamed all over her back and took her shirt off in the process.

Our lips locked and started exploring each other’s mouths. Dikshita was in my control now so I entered my hand in her top from behind and explored her hot back while our smooch got longer. Finally, to catch breaths, we parted our lips.

We looked at each other but my hands were still at work. I saw her lips curl up and face twitch as my hands explored the boundaries of her back. She had her eyes closed. That was when I took out a hand and slapped the hot Himachal Pradesh girl’s sexy ass over jeans. She suddenly seemed to have woke up.

Dikshita opened her eyes. I squeezed her ass tightly and she melted in my arms. I murmured in her ears, “Ab in kapdo ka kya kaam hai? (why are these clothes still on?)” and started lifting her hands.

Dikshita replied, “You are the boss now, do the favor please” and winked at me.

This was new to me – this shy north Indian girl Dikshita with her wild side switched on was a deadly combination. I removed her top and now she was just in a bra and jeans.

I savored her hot body and those yummy boobs which showed a lot more cleavage than it earlier did. She stepped back a step and turned away in shyness. I looked at her back which was looking super hot with just her bra straps on it.

I wished to tear her bra away and start feasting on those gorgeous boobs but then I realized she still had her jeans on. So I decided to tease her and grabbed her crotch from behind. This was unexpected for Dikshita and she looked back at me with her gaping mouth and shocked eyes.

I didn’t waste that moment and immediately caught her lips in a smooch. While kissing those yummy lips, I started rubbing her between the legs over her jeans itself. My girl friend was getting restless and was grinding her ass to my erect dick.

The heat radiating from our bodies was pulsating. It was getting hotter every second. Before she melted in my arms, I made my next move and unbuttoned her jeans. Those hands which were opposing me pretty strongly started loosing their grip all of a sudden.

I took advantage by gliding the jeans all the way down to her toes and out she was from her clothes! Now my hot Dikshita was standing in just her bra and panties. I took a pic or two of her that very moment.

The girl from Himachal Pradesh was looking like a sex goddess with a black bra and panties on her heavenly figure. The fair skin provided the perfect contrast which made her exceedingly hot.

I wanted to pounce on her like a beast and strip her nude and start fucking her brains out. But I decided to tease her. I removed my shirt and showed her my toned muscles and then removed my jeans. I was in my boxers only now with my hard-on clearly visible.

Dikshita looked at my dick making a tent in the boxers and I could feel the nervousness in her reaction to what was about to happen. I held her by her waist and pulled her close to me. She buried her face into my chest as she was feeling somewhat embarrassed to be in that condition in front of a guy plus that erect dick added some more to it.

But I was in no mood to stop. I kept pulling closer until my hot friend’s hot melons pressed to my chest and my tent poked at her panty. She was way out of her control. To stabilize her, I kissed her lips again and she reciprocated well.

After 2 minutes, her trembling body got stable and the hot figure was melting in my arms.

I was roaming my hand all over her back, onto her slender waist, then to her sexy ass, squeezing and pressing her all over. We broke our kiss and I started kissing the hot Himachal girl’s cheeks, her earlobes, her neck, her collarbone, and then proceeding to her cleavage, licking and pressing both her yummy breasts towards my face.

Dikshita was also pressing my head towards her boobs. That place was heavenly. I could kiss her there all day long.

Dikshita was going mad and I took this moment and squeezed her ass over panty, kneading her butt cheeks like dough. I suddenly inserted my hands in the panty from behind and started playing with those soft bums and hot ass.

I rolled her panty down which she stopped and turned her back towards me. And in the process, my hands reached on the top of her love hole. It was soft. She had shaved her vagina and just now did she realize the moment and looked back at me with questioning eyes which was replied with the lust in my eyes.

I took one of the hands off her panty and lifted her chin to suck those yummy lips while the other hand started parting the vertical vaginal lips. She gave a weak effort at stopping my hand while I was in no mood to stop.

I rubbed my fingers over my hot friend’s virgin pussy. Dikshita was enjoying this. She was laying on her back on my chest. I didn’t want her to relax and so I gave her another jolt. I entered one of my fingers into her virgin love hole and had it reach her farthest inner boundaries.

Dikshita was shocked and at the same time, I gave a squeeze at her left boob as well. She was in heaven, I could tell by her heavy breathing.

A few more flicks and another finger dived in to increase the amount of excitement multifold. It was getting tighter over there as her vagina started preparing for the dick entry later on.

In the excitement, I squeezed her melons tightly almost making them jump out of her bra. I felt those boobs should be removed by then and that gorgeous set of breasts should have been revealed and enjoyed.

At that very moment. I whispered into her ears, “I want you to surprise me now. Let’s see what you’ve got for this night.”

Dikshita turned her head back and said, “Just wait and watch now” and leaned in for a quick smooch. Then I took my hands off her pussy and held both the boobs tightly over her bra itself, making her bend which made my tent pressing her ass.

Dikshita pushed her ass as back she could. I couldn’t have asked for anything more! Now it was her turn to be the aggressor and she quickly turned to face me. With a grin on her face, she held my dick over the boxers.

(Here onwards, let’s hear the story in her own words.)

Just as I grabbed Yuvraj’s dick, I was pleasantly surprised at the length and thickness of his shaft and became a little worried about how I was going to accommodate it inside. Yuvraj had teased me enough not to back away now. So I left that thought.

I entangled my lips again with his for a real wild smooch. He held me closer to his body. But I had something else in my mind. I inserted my hand in my friend’s boxers and grabbed that monster out of his cave, rolling my hands all over his throbbing dick.

I was getting turned on and on. The more I touched it, the more I wanted it inside me. Just when I was thinking of going down, I heard a snap, and damn, he had opened the clasp of my bra! I had always been that shy kind of girl even now when I had shed many inhibitions in front of him in the past few minutes. Opening of the bra by a guy was still a huge event for me.

I was shocked and left the grip at his dick, hugged him tightly, making a futile attempt of stopping my bra from coming off!

I had always been proud of my boobs and maintained them into attractive shape so I was more nervous at showing them to some other person. And this was the moment, I closed my eyes tightly as he stepped slightly away from me.

My hands clutched to my bra and he made both of my arms straight and started taking my straps off my shoulder. More than 70% of my boobs were visible, I could see the lust in his eyes. But I was enjoying the attention my boobs were getting. After all, that was what I maintained them for.

I was in love with this guy’s patience as he gave equal attention to every body part. Even I would have latched on to my body and started feasting of it if I had been in his place. But he didn’t just want me in the bed, he made love to me in its true sense.

Coming back to the bra, it was remaining clutched to my milk pots only. I was standing almost topless with my bra hanging somehow. And he suddenly removed that last piece of clothing on my gorgeous pair of breasts.

My friend looked at them greedily and I turned my back on him out of shyness. I covered my boobs by hands in a crisscross position. That was when I felt something on my nude bac.

Yuvraj held my arms and started kissing my back starting from the back of my neck which I tell you is the most sensitive point of a girl. He kept nibbling there until my arms went a bit relaxed. That was when I began to give up and gave him the signal of sorts to proceed.

He began kissing and licking my nude back, occasionally biting and leaving a trail of kisses and love bites all over my back.

(Now, the story back in Yuvraj’s words).

I kept on licking and enjoying the gorgeous Himachal girl’s voluptuous back, so smooth, so much to savor. Meanwhile, her hands relaxed and her hands were nervously moving to the area I was kissing and the body part I was holding on to. This also meant that my hot friend’s gorgeous breasts were free.

I seized the opportunity to grab them. Oh, what a feeling it was – holding those heavenly milk factories! They were soft, the nipples were already hard. That softness was unmatched.

I squeezed her breasts to stamp my authority on her. Dikshita held my hands to stop me but it was too late. I was in no mood to let go of those soft melons. The more she tried to get my hands off her, the more pressure I applied on her breasts. Her breasts were the most perfect pair I could get to enjoy.

Dikshita removed her hands and that gave me the freedom to enjoy her as I wish. I pinched at her boobs and she let out a moan which made me increase my intensity. I kept on kneading and pressing her boobs for the next 10 minutes, occasionally pinching her nipples.

Then I made her bend in the process over the table in front with her ass pressing tight on my dick. Now Dikshita swapped sides and was now facing me. Without wasting further time, I pounced on her gorgeous boobs and grabbed her tight.

Kissing and licking her boobs, I sat down on the floor and had her sit in my lap with my dick clearly poking her pussy. But every focus was on her gorgeous boobs. I held her tight and kept on sucking her boobs by taking turns.

Sucking those milk pots had me going mad as I also gave some bites on her fabulous breasts. The hot north Indian girl too was finding it hard to resist as she kept on pressing my head into her boobs.

Dikshita arched her back and wasn’t able to control. I let her lie down on her back and started kissing her navel, occasionally licking her. I decided to take her to bed now and lifted her in the same position and dropped her on the bed.

I released my monster and removed my underwear. Dikshita looked at it and pressed her pussy over panty as in nervousness of whether she can accommodate this monster in her love hole.

I didn’t take much time and removed her panty as well. My Dikshita was nude now. Her pussy was clean-shaven, with her pink lips waiting for my dick but I chose to entertain her other lips first.

I lifted her and asked her to suck my dick. To my surprise, she agreed and started licking my balls and started sucking my dick. Oh, what a moment it was – a hot girl like her sucking my dick to its entire length. My dick was occasionally choking her but she didn’t stop and kept on blowing me till I was satisfied.

Dikshita wanted me to return the favor. So I went down between her legs and firstly smelled her aroma. At the same time, I blew some air on it. She started moving wildly.

I kissed her pussy lips making Dikshita go mad in ecstasy. I gave her vagina a tongue flick through the entire slit and her body started to shiver.

I guided my tongue deep into her and she pressed my head over her pussy. I began eating her pussy, occasionally giving a full-length lick over pussy lips. Her virgin lips tasted of her honey that was coming from her womb. I licked her and started flicking frequently.

My tongue flicks or should I say tongue fuck was enough for her to reach her orgasm. Her juices began flowing and I welcomed it all with my tongue and lips, sucking everything off her vagina. She was happy, I could see that on her face.

The satisfied Himachal girl mouthed “thank you” to me but I wasn’t done yet. Till then, we both had sucked each other but I didn’t cum even once which I wanted to do inside her. I wanted to fill her vagina with my seed. Dikshita was a virgin so that caused a worry to her and she expressed her concerns to which I agreed to do it slowly.

So, finally, we were going to have sex. I placed my dick on my virgin female friend’s pussy and slapped on it with my dick. Dikshita, my best friend, my secret crush was going to lose her virginity to me in the next few moments.

Dikshita was very very nervous to which I did something that made her want me in more than I did. Instead of inserting my dick, I took it to her face and made her get a feel of it on her face. I touched her eyes, nose with, rubbed her cheeks with it. Then I took it to her lips to which she kissed on the tip and gave a tongue flick on the top.

Dikshita wanted to get more of it between her lips but I didn’t want to satisfy her as of now. I wanted to increase her will to get fucked so I took my dick further down. And just like my lips would do, I kissed her neck with my dick.

Then my dick proceeded further to her shoulders, then to her sexy armpits, then to her gorgeous breasts – kissing her nipples with the tip and pressing my dick between those milk factories. From there, I took it to her smooth, soft tummy.

I proceeded to enjoy the hot Himachal girl’s navel, her navel to my delight was semi deep which made me mad licking it in and out. Now my dick was mistaking it for her love hole and wanted to get in! By then, my girl was ready and desperate to get me inside her. Her legs had started getting wider.

Dikshita was shivering in excitement now. I decided to give her the ultimate pleasure and positioned my dick right on top of her hole. She closed her eyes and her face grew tense. I kissed her nipples and took a bite on her breasts. She was more than desperate to have me in now.

I kissed her lips and at the same time, I pushed my dick into Dikshita’s virgin pussy. We are going to lose our virginities together. The top of my dick was into her pleasure hole. She began shaking which I knew would happen.

I pushed it further and a wall of sorts stopped my dick. I realized it was her hymen and decided to take my dick back and push it with a force to break her virgin walls. But I knew it is going to pain so I held Dikshita tighter and gave a fast and hard push. Bye, bye virginity! Dikshita wanted to shout but I held her lips by mine. Her eyes seemed to pop out and a tear rolled out.

Dikshita was pushing me away as her hymen broke and she was bleeding. But I held her in the same position for a while. Meanwhile, another tear appeared and I kissed her there. She hugged me tightly as the pain subsided slowly. I realized it and took back my dick for a hard shot again and again. After 2-3 shots, her pain turned into pleasure and she began to enjoy it. A girl’s expression during her first fuck is a sight to behold.

We had eye contact with lust in my eyes and pleasure in hers. This made me push faster and harder, my hot friend’s tight vagina had now adjusted to my dick size. Meanwhile, we kissed and our tongues took up the act and the speed of fuck increased multifold.

I was now pushing my dick to its fullest inside her tight vagina. I let Dikshita’s mouth open now for her to scream, shout or moan. She didn’t scream or shout as the pain was more or less gone. It was the pleasure that spoke in her moans.

We fucked in the same position for around 15 minutes and then I came inside her after holding on for so long. I sent streams and streams of hot cum into her love hole. She also came for the second time at the same time.

We lip locked again and that was the wildest smooch we had. We were biting each other’s lips. I and hot Himachal girl friend had many more sessions after that, even getting her ass in the process but that is a story for some other time.

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