Father In Law Became My Man – Indian Sex Stories

Father In Law Became My Man – Indian Sex Stories

Hi folks, this is Sunitha. I hope you remember me for my episodes ‘Trapping My Father-In-Law – Marriage Bash.’ Firstly, thanks a lot for the feedback and love. My affair with my father in law is going well, and we are utilizing every chance we get.

I will pen down the real experience of one of my readers that she has shared with me. She requested to share it with all of you. Let’s hear the story in her words. This is my real experience and so don’t expect action immediately. I will explain the incidents one after another that led to the final action.

I am Pushpa (name changed), aged 27 years. I work for a leading MNC as a software engineer. I look like a typical Telugu girl, medium height, brownish medium fair skin tone, and sleek body to give an idea about me. My boobs are not very big but a good size to fit in hand.  My ass is round and firm.

I won’t say I am too sexy, but yeah, I have a good shape.  I mostly wear chudidars, jeans.  One can find my shape only when I wear tight clothes. I have dark and curly hair, which I make a ponytail. I had a boyfriend before marriage and have roamed around Hyderabad with him.

I had my bits and pieces of romance. However, we broke up later. I was married to a software guy a few months back. He left for abroad on account of his onsite job offer after 4 months of my marriage. My mother in law passed away a few years before my wedding. It’s me, my husband and father in law.

My husband had to work for a duration of 6 months abroad. This was when things started to change in my life. As I was working and had to take care of my FIL, I decided to continue staying home. So now it’s my father-in-law and me staying in the house.

Going to the office, coming back, cooking and sleeping was part of my routine. Apart from the two of us, there is no third person. Life became completely dull.  My physical desires turned my body heat up. Though I spoke to my husband over the phone, I lacked physical love.

Every night I used to get lost in fantasies and my old memories of my ex-boyfriend. Slowly I started to talk with my FIL and found that he was a lovely and friendly person. We used to talk frequently, and my FIL turned out to be a friend.

One day my office has conducted family day. I casually told my husband, and he said to take my FIL along during the call. I asked my father in law, and he readily accepted. I went along with my father in law (FIL). There were few games held, and he very actively participated.

My colleagues praised him a lot for his activeness at that age. He was very social, and to my surprise, he made an excellent impression on my colleagues.  After returning home, we spoke to each other for a lot of time. He cracked a lot of jokes, and I no longer felt lonely.

I started enjoying his company. I grew a bit comfortable with him.  The next day I wore chudidar and was having breakfast. He asked me, “Pushpa, I see your colleagues wearing very fashionable clothes. I always see you wearing chudidar, any reason?”

I immediately laughed loud and said, “No, Mavayya, I used to wear jeans and tops and other modern dresses. But post-marriage, I stopped wearing them as you might not accept them.” Then he said, “You can wear any dress you wish to which makes you comfortable. We don’t belong to the primitive age.’

I felt excellent listening to him.  The next day I took my old jeans and a sleeveless top. I tied my hair like a bun. I stood before my FIL and asked, “Mavayya, how’s this?” He was reading the newspaper, and suddenly his eyes fell on my boobs and my clean armpits.

But he immediately moved his eyes and said, “This looks great! Trendy! You can wear whatever you want.” Since then, I wore modern dresses, tight jeans, and sleeveless tops, and at home, I wore t-shirts and tops.  I found him staring at my ass when I wore jeans and my cleavage when I wore tight t-shirts.

I had planned for a movie with one of my friends, but she ditched me at the last moment. So, I asked my FIL whether he will accompany me to the movie. He agreed instantly, and both of us went to the mall to watch the movie. He enjoyed the movie, and then we headed to the food court.

He enjoyed the food and the environment. From then on, we started going to malls to watch movies and enjoy leisure. One day we went to a restaurant after the movie, and he constantly looked into the bar menu. Then I asked him if he likes drinking.

Then he said, “I used to drink before the wedding and reduced it after your wedding. I used to drink alone in my room and earlier used to drink while watching movies on Sundays.” Then I told him that he could enjoy his drink at home like he used to do earlier.

He asked me, “Are you ok with me drinking at home?” I said yes, and the next day was Sunday. He took the bottle out and started watching the movie. I asked if he wants any side dish.  I made an omelet, and he started enjoying his drink and was very joyful.

While drinking, he asked me if I would like to drink and said not to feel shy. I said I have tried once with my friends but didn’t like it. Then he said to try it once again if I wish to. Then my FIL made a peg for me, and I had a peg. Slowly we started drinking more pegs.

Then he said, “After a long time, I am enjoying the drink. I enjoyed it similarly when your MIL was alive.” Then I moved closer to him and said not to feel sad. He said that it is too difficult to live alone, both mentally and physically.

I said to him, “No, Mavayya, don’t feel sad. I am here so that you can share everything with me. I can understand what you are going through. Even I am currently going through the same pain. Your son has gone abroad shortly after my marriage, and both of us are on the same lines.”

By then, we both are a little high, and alcohol showed its effect. Then he said, “Yes, but your loneliness will be relieved shortly as your husband will be back after some time. Whereas for me, I have to stay alone for the rest of my life.” His pain moved me.

Then I held his hand and said, “Mavayya, you can treat me like your friend. You can share everything with me.” He was sipping his peg and said, “What will you do even if I say to you?” I said, “Mavayya, you can tell me anything, and I will do whatever I can.”

He gulped a peg from his glass and said, “I want to enjoy physically with a woman before I die.” This was something I didn’t expect. I remained silent, and he said, “Now tell me, what can you do?  You can’t do anything.” I felt sorry for his state, and I didn’t utter a single word.

He started to say, “It is not easy, Pushpa. My worries are something that you can’t solve forever. I curse my fate and myself and my urges.” I remained silent, and both of us looked at each other. All of a sudden, he moved towards me and kissed me on my lips. I was shell shocked by his act.

He didn’t stop and started kissing me on my neck without giving a second gap. I said to my FIL, “Mavayya, this is wrong. We should not be doing this.” But I didn’t push him. Though my heart said this doesn’t seem right, somewhere deep down, I started to enjoy it.

I continued to say that this doesn’t seem right, “Mavayya, idi tappu.” But he continued to kiss me and said, “Pushpa, please understand my pain, only once. After that, I won’t ask you or force you again. You said you would understand and help me with my worries.” He continued to kiss me while saying all this.

“Also, no one will come to know about this. I don’t want to force, but unable to stop. I hope you understand.” Somehow, I started enjoying it and moaned slowly. My resistance slowly dropped.  He started to kiss me on my lips again.

Though I initially moved my face away, slowly, I opened my mouth, letting his tongue make way into my mouth. The moment our tongues touched each other, I left all my resistance. My heart lost the war over my body.  His tongue worked deep in my mouth.

I started feeling his body warmth, and I completely submitted to him. He broke the kiss and went to my neck. He kissed and rolled his tongue. We were making all of this on the sofa.  He started to move his hand inside my t-shirt and rolled his fingers over my spine. It gave me a current shock.

He placed his hand on my waist, gave a slight press. I lost complete control and placed my hands around his shoulders. Seeing me enjoying, he moved his hand further up and gave a press on my boobs over my bra. I moaned, “Ahhhhh.” This encouraged him further.

He held my hair and gave a wild kiss on my lips, and I reciprocated with the same wildness. While kissing, he pressed my boob with one hand. Then he pulled my t-shirt up. I cooperated a bit by raising my hands. His eyes were completely glued on my cleavage.

He kissed on my shoulders and pulled my bra down. My boobs popped out, and he was stunned, seeing my bit dark chocolate-colored yet perfectly firm boobs. He placed his hands over both of them and pressed them. He started pressing hard, and I moaned.

He removed the shirt and leaned over me, and kissed on my boobs. He sucked and licked on my left boob while he was pressing my right one hardly. I got goosebumps on my body and moaned, “Slowly, Mavaya, it’s paining. ” he just ignored my words and kept doing his work.

I was also enjoying this rough lovemaking. He pulled my night pant down along with my panty. I was completely naked. I felt shy and covered myself with hands.  He made my lie down on the sofa and kissed on my legs.  I shivered the moment his lips touched my toes.  He came kissing and smelling my legs.

I just had waxing done, so there was no hair on my legs and hands.  The smell of the body lotion I applied made him more erotic.  He kissed between my thighs, and he moaned, “After decades, I have got to feel such soft skin.” I liked that compliment.

He came further up, kissed on my belly, and spread my legs wide. He was looking at my unused pussy, which was hardly fucked by my husband. I haven’t shaved my pussy since my husband left. It was hairy. He took his finger and pushed it inside.

I cried, “Ah. No. Don’t do it.” He smiled and said, “Still very tight,  don’t worry, I know how to handle.” saying this, he placed his mouth near my pussy and began kissing it. It was the first time; some lips touched my pussy lips. He kissed deep into my pussy. I was completely enjoying the moment.

I forgot that I was sleeping with my husband’s father. Slowly my pussy became wet, and he inserted his finger inside. I held my hands backward and moaned. He stood up and removed his dhoti after a while, and I was stunned, seeing his erect dick.  He tried to sleep over me but couldn’t do that.

He pulled me with hand and took a whiskey glass in another. I obediently followed him. We went to his room. He made me lay down on his bed, and he kneeled in between my legs. Without hesitation, I spread my legs wide, inviting him to open the doors of pleasure.

I was waiting for his massive tool to get inside my pussy. He adjusted a bit and pushed into my pussy.  I was looking at his face, and the moment his dick touched my pussy he closed his eyes out of happiness, and it was his dream that came true today.

As he began stroking, I closed my eyes in pleasure, biting my lips. He kept his hands on either side of him and stroked.  Slowly as the pace increased, I kept my legs in the air and hands-on his and held him hard. With the increase in the pace of his shots, I moaned hard.

He completely rammed his dick into my pussy and said, “Oh, Pushpa, such a fresh pussy. Let me show you real pleasure.” He kept stroking and asked, “Have you ever felt like this before?” I was crying out in pleasure and said, “No. No. Don’t talk, do.”

Finally, I felt the hot fluid in me, and he collapsed over me. We could feel each other’s breath. I went to sleep beside him, delighted.

The next morning I woke up, it felt very awkward waking up naked beside father in law.  He was still sleeping. I came out of the room and saw our clothes scattered here and there. I picked them up. I cleaned the house and prepared food, got fresh, and left for the office.

What happened next will be explained in the next part. I hope you liked reading my experience.

Thanks for reading. I hope you liked it. You can share your feedback at [email protected] and tell me, what do you think? Did Pushpa continue this or placed an end to this? Let me know your guess.

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