Losing Virginity With My Hot Neighbor During The Lockdown

Losing Virginity With My Hot Neighbor During The Lockdown

Hi guys, I’m Shiva, let me get into the story about losing virginity to my neighbor. Here is a quick intro about the characters and the setting the story took place. I’m 19 and doing my college studies, currently 1st semester.

Though I’m from Tamil Nadu, I’m residing in Bangalore with my parents.

My family includes me, my mom (housewife), and my dad (senior sales manager at a pharmaceutical company). I’m about 5.11 ft tall with a slim fit body type. Being an athlete, I had to maintain my physique. I have a fair complexion with a strong jawline.

So about my neighbor girl, her name is Sudha. She is from Kerala. She lives next door. I used to have a chit chat every now and then when she comes to our home. She is so close to my mom and also 5 years older than me. That gave me the chance to become friends without objection from my parents.

She is around 5.6 ft tall with an awesomely toned body. Her body figure is exactly 33B- 24-34. She had this perfect hourglass shape. And she maintained it by cycling, skipping. She used to play shuttlecock in the evening sometimes with her friend Sharmila or with me.

She had a very fair complexion. she was admirable. (In simple terms, she looks as hot and cute as Megha Akash for your imagination.) She lived on the 2nd floor of the building so attached to our home. She got into a reputed college in Bangalore.

She chose to live alone so that she could study with focus. So she rented this place. Sometimes in the evening, she used to do skipping in her home’s spacious balcony, which met our terrace. It was so close that it takes 2 steps to reach her balcony with my height.

We had a terrace filled with plants and flower pots. It was my duty to water them. That was the time that I would die to watch her do the skipping while her breasts bounced. That gives me a hard-on. Her breasts were not so big, but hand full and firm.

Every time I watch her made her more desirable and arousing. Life went well. but to makes things even better, things started to fall for my favor.

One day my parents had to visit the hometown to check on my grandpa and grandma as they were ill. I had my semester exams, so I couldn’t go along with them. On the very next day, the lockdown was taken into action. It was critical and serious between Bangalore and Tamil Nadu.

So my parents couldn’t reach back, neither I could go to them. But at the same time, Sudha was also stuck here. Her friend Sharmila went to her hometown.

I was the only one to give Sudha company, and the same goes for me. So once the lockdown was implemented, that evening, I spoke to my parents. They asked for Sudha’s number. I gave them her number. A few minutes later, Sudha called me from her balcony.

My parents called her and asked her to give the company to me. With a cute smile, she also said, “Well, it goes both ways, right?” I was so excited to spend a week with my neighbor crush Sudha. So around 8:30 PM, she called and asked me to come to her home for dinner.

I was at her home within the next few minutes. She welcomed me in with a warm smile on her face. She was wearing a light blue sleeveless T-shirt with a very thin strap.  Her t-shirt was so tight that I could see breast size, with her bra layer.

She was a sex bomb in that dress, for bottom she was wearing denim shorts. She mostly wears shorts around her house. But I never got a full view of it. This is the 1st time I saw her in shorts, so close. Oh god! Her thighs were so plumpy soft and sexy.

Later, when I got into her house, I sat on the couch and was watching TV. Meanwhile, she was getting the dishes ready for us to eat. I sat for dinner, and we had a little chat about our life in Bangalore, college, etc. I was also cracking some lame jokes and for which she laughed and placed her hands on my thighs.

Her hands were so soft, and I was sitting so close to her. Her smell and her soft palms gave me a hard-on. I was puzzled on how to cover my bulge in my night pants. At the same time, while having dinner, she brought her hands towards me, frequently touching my thighs.

I didn’t mind much because I loved and enjoyed her every touch. Later I asked her to pass the curry. I tried to pour it on my plate. But by seeing her hot smile, I got distracted and spilled it on my pants. It was so hot that I was jumping with the irritation.

Then Sudha stood up, held my hands, and pulled me to the restroom washbasin. She filled water in her hand and tried pouring on my pants. She then asked me to remove my pants so that she can see if it is too much burned. I was very hesitant to do that.

But she insisted, saying, “It’s okay, Shiva, you don’t have to feel shy. I’m like your sister.” I didn’t have much choice and removed my pant till my knees. I stood there with my shorts, which had a bulge on it due to my erection. I felt totally embarrassed.

She then took a close look at my burn on my upper thigh so close to my cock. It was reddish in that area. Seeing that, she asked me to remove my pant completely and asked me to wait there. Meanwhile, she went to fetch some ointment.

A few minutes later, she came with a gel and started applying on the burn with her bare soft hands. It gave me a tickling sensation, it also aroused me bit by bit. A few seconds later, she grabbed a towel and handed it over to me, asking me to remove my underwear and tie the towel.

I hesitated, but I did what I was asked to do. She moved the towel a bit sideways to apply the gel. Clearly, my nut sack was visible to her. As she applied it so gently, I felt it more erotic and arousing. I couldn’t control it and had a full strong erection. My dick was peeping out of the towel.

Sudha saw that. My hand was on her head for my support. I noticed her head bending down and saw my full erection. I tried to cover it with my towel and turned to the other side. With embarrassment, I said in a low innocent tone, “Sorry. I didn’t mean too, but your touch was so sensitive.”

I asked for the gel so I could apply for myself. She said it’s okay. She placed her hands on my shoulder and turned me to her. She said, “It’s okay, I will apply.” She started applying and said, “By the way, it’s common for guys like you to have an erection like this, especially after touching sensitive areas.”

Slowly her hands started touching my hard cock. She said, “My ears and thighs are sensitive parts for me. I get turned on when someone touches me there too.” Her left hand held my cock and pushed to the other side so she could finish applying the ointment in the burned areas.

After applying, she stood up. I couldn’t bear the heat of the moment anymore. My eyes were locked with her eyes. She was staring me back, slowly I leaned forward towards her. She also came forward. My lips were slightly touching her lips.

In that hot moment, I whispered near her mouth with still my lips touching hers, “Our lips are touching, isn’t it wrong?” She pressed her lips towards mine slowly and whispered with our lips touched, “What?”

I slowly sucked her lower lips and placed my lips again in touching position and said, “Like this, our lips are touching.” She then kissed my upper lips, and our tongue started playing. A few minutes later, she broke our kiss and whispered near my lips, “Isn’t it nice?”

Then we started kissing hard, our lips were locked for moments, then our tongues started rolling into each other’s mouths. After 5 minutes of deep passionate kisses, I broke the lip lock and started kissing her forehead, neck, and ears.

Meanwhile, my hand crawled up and started groping and squeezing her sweet, firm, juicy boobs. While I was kissing her ears, I whispered, “What about your breasts, don’t they turn you on?” My hands crawled under her t-shirt, and pulled her bra and found her nipple and started playing with them.

She was so turned on and suddenly unhooked her bra. I immediately removed her t-shirt and bra. Then she removed my t-shirt. I slowly started licking her neck, ear lobes, and eventually came to her boobs and started sucking them. She then removed my towel and went down and started sucking hard rock cock.

She sucked for a few seconds, and later she tried to pull the foreskin of my cock a bit backward. She slowly came near the bud of my dick. Her warm breath was blowing through bud, making it harder. At the same time, the harder I get, the more pain it caused me.

She came up, kissed my navel, my chest, my nipples, my neck, and finally to my lips. While kissing hard, she came near my ears. She whispered erotically, “Are you still a lucky virgin?” Hearing her words in a naughty tone made me hornier.

My hands crawled into her shorts, her panties, and reached her pussy. It was already wet with still a few drops of her juices oozing out. The wetness made my middle finger got into her pussy, followed by my index finger. She started moaning.

I kissed her and said, “You are also a lucky virgin, aren’t you?” Her moaning was hot, her pussy wetness was arousing. Every strand of her hair and every inch of her skin and her smell were arousing. Then her hand reached my cock and grabbed hold of them.

She started stroking them gently with my foreskin on. I removed her shorts, her panties and lifted her made her sit on a slab near the washbasin. I tried to let my 5.5-inch cock explore her pussy, but I couldn’t. Her pussy was so tight. So we started kissing each other with tongues intermingling.

My left hand was pressing her naked soft boobs and playing with her nipples. Meanwhile, I let me 2 fingers find their way into her pussy. Slowly, my 3rd finger went in too. She screamed, and I started finger fucking her. Later her scream turned into cloud 9 pleasure moans.

After a few minutes of finger fucking, she let out a big moan. She made my hand wet until the juices were flowing through my hand to the ground. Hence showing she reached her orgasm. I then again tried to let my dick into her pussy.

This time she stopped me and fetched an oil bottle from a nearby shelf and poured on my dick. She gave a few gentle to and fro strokes, making my dick and nut sack completely oily. Now that I was ready, I started slowly, and my virgin dick successfully penetrated her virgin pussy.

I started increasing the pace, and the position was a bit uncomfortable. So I took her on my waist and walked into the bedroom. There I made her lie on the bed and tried to fuck her in the missionary position. After 3 minutes, I was about to cum.

So I broke the moment and noticed her pussy was covered in blood with the fragrance of her juice. But we continued. I took a few seconds to change the position, and she decided to go on top of me. So we made intimate sex in cowgirl position.

Meanwhile, both my hands were playing with her melon-like hot firm boobs. Then like 5 minutes later, I wanted to go down on her completely. So I placed my head near her pussy, started smelling her juice, and kissed her thighs. I finally went near her pussy and started licking them.

My tongue started playing the magic and made her moan in undesirable pleasure. Meanwhile, she was on me sucking the pre-cum on my dick and my nutsack. We were in the 69 position for like 5 minutes. Her tongue was playing with my dick.

I was finger fucking and tongue licking her clean-shaved wet pussy, making her attain her 2nd orgasm. She wasn’t satisfied yet. We got back to my favorite missionary position because that’s what gives you the most pleasure in intercourse. I fucked her in missionary position.

She was moaning with unbearable pleasure. I was kissing her neck, and we locked her lips for a while. Finally, I was about to cum. I cum in her pussy, and she had her 3rd orgasm. Then we lay there naked for 20 minutes. My eyes were closed.

I realized she was ready again. Her hands reached up to my dick, and she was stroking it gently. As soon as I sensed her soft hands stroking my dick, it got a full hard-on. So I rolled onto her and kissed all over her body, and my fingers started playing around her pussy

Then I finger fucked her for 10 minutes straight filled with deep passionate tongue kisses. Then I fucked her in a doggy style. In the middle, she had her 4th orgasm. When I was about to cum, I again took a few seconds. I sat on the edge of the bed and made her sit on my thighs and fucked her in the face-off position.

Meanwhile, my face was buried between her 2 juicy, soft boobs. She then held my head tight between her boobs and whispered in a moaning tone, “This is where you belong.” Her naughty romantic words are special somehow, and I cum.

Even she moaned out loud and long, making my dick wet. Her juice mixed with my cum was flowing from her pussy through my dick and nutsack. We laid on the bed for the next 30 minutes. Then we took a shower together. We came back slept next to each other naked cuddling each other.

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