Sadaf Fuck in Karachi

Dear listener or reader i am shehar yar. i had sent a story to desi papa which is read by sadaf and she contect with me by emil and give me her contect number on which i contect with her. First we do sexy chating on phone after that we meat on a hotel. When we see each other that is vary sensitive time with us but when we gather in a park and went to hotel we both were afraid but when we drink tea togather and live chat eachother we become a confidential friend and leav away for the next program and i become so happy when one day she call me at 10 o clock morning and call me at her home and she was alone at her home and she want some sex at that time. I reach in her home with out loosing time. When i reach her home i was vary afraid but when i ring her bel and she came on he door and take me in her house with a dirty smile. We went to directly in her sleeping room. She is wearing a vary good cloths and she is looking vary butiful. She is vary smart her body is so good with great ball having on her chest and good buttocks. now i start in urdue.

jab hum doono uss kay kamray main pohenchay uss nay mujahay bed per betha diya aur wo uss say pehlay nungy movy decktey rahee thee aur poory girm thee uss nay appna moon(lips) meray hoontoon per rackh diya us dooran us key aik doost be aghay jis nay hamary pictures uttar kar mujahay deen jo baad main hum nay internet per aik site walay ko be deen aur uss say copy kar kay tum ko be bhiegh raha hoon pehlay uss nay mary hoont choosay aur mary lund 7 inch walay ko pakar kar hath say mussaltey rahee aur main uss kay mumoon say khelta raha aur wo mary lund say pher uss nay aur main nay aik doosary kay kapray uthoray aur wo mera lund choosnay lagh ghaye ummmmmmmmmmuffffffffffffffff itna maza a raha tha phir wo late ghaie ur main uss ke phuddy jo ghelee ho chocky thee chosnay lagha aur wo mara lund choos rahee thee phir uss nay panny choora aur ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhha kartay huuay shoot ghai aur mujhay kahnay laghy ka sara pany pee jao aur main bee itna mazadar pany zaye naheen karna chahta tha aur pee ghaiay phir ussnay mujhay khara kar kay khoob zoor zoor say choosa to main be choot ghiaya aur ussnay meree sary munny muzay muzay say pee lee phir mujhay lita ker phir mera lund choosany laghy aur main uss ki sahaily jo khary apney phody ko cher rahee thee ki phudy choosnay lagha jab mera lund khara ho ghiya to uss nay kaha pehlay mery phudy ko tum thanda kar lo main utney deir iss ki phudy ko choosaty hoon. 

To main nay uss ko lita ker uppnay lund ka mota topa uss key phudy kay upper raghra aur phir uss key phudy kay moon per rackh ker jatka mara to mera lund uss ki gheely phudy kay under dakhal ho ghiyaa aur uss ke chekheen nickel ghieen ufffffffffffffffffff marrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ghaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiieeeeeeeeee aista ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhha phuttttttttt ghaaiiiiiiiiieee aur main nay zoor say aik aur jataka mara aur maira aur lund uss key phudy main dakhal ho ghieya aur aub uss ko dard kay sath maza bee arrah thaa aur wo keh rahee thee hiiiiiiiiii itnaaaaaaaaaa motttttaaaaaaaaaaaa lund pata nain kahan say lay aiy ho aaaaaaaaa ufffffffffffffffffff aur taiz sayyyyyyyyyyy pooraaaaaaaaaaaa under karrrrrrrrrrrrrrr doooooooooooo hi pharrrrrrrrrrrrr do uppney doostttttttttttt ki hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii muzzaaaaaaaaaaa arhha hay aur main taiz taiz jatkay marnay lagha aur uss kay mummay pakar kar aur zoor say kar raha tha phir main nay uss ko ghoree bana liyia aur uss ko chodnay lagha aur uss kay under karr kay zoor zoor say uss ki phudy marnay lagha key mera lund muny chorrnay kay liaya tiyyar ho ghiea auar sadaf bee maza lay rahee thee kehnay laghy under hi chordo kiyun kay uss waqat woo bee pany pany horrahiy thee aur main under hee choot gheia aur phir dobara tiyar honay kay baad main uss ki gand kay under be choota aur uss key sahaily ki phudy and gand bee marry aur sham tak hum nay khoob mazay liya aur aus kay baad abb jab time milay kaby wo mery room main aur kaby main auss kay ghar ja kar muza latey hain aub aghar koi pakistani larkey aur aurat muza laina chahtey ho to contect on emil

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