Seducing and banging an Indian wife during trekking trip – Story

Seducing and banging an Indian wife during trekking trip – Story

Howdy folks, I am Michael. I am a fellow author here, been loving some of the exotic experiences in the site. This story happened during one of my trips and will be your worthwhile.

A little about me, I am a bit of a vagabond, a good photographer from Bangalore, 6ft tall, and fit body. Well, you could say I like to work with passion.

It happened 2 years back when I was in Mysore at home. I and my friend had planned a trip to Talakona waterfalls, a beautiful place with a mesmerising view and forts. But my friend ditched me in the last minute, so I decided to go by myself and set out to Talakona waterfalls.

Once I got there, I set afoot on to the trekking camp by walk. As I walked by, I did ogle at girls. That was when I heard a lady calling out ‘Mickey’ (which is my nickname too other than Mike).

I suddenly looked back. I saw a gorgeous woman, with a delightful smile. She had a light curved rectangular figured body with big boobs. Those boobs did show their size through the sweatshirt quite easily, yet the zip was open at the top, showing a drop of her cleavage and her grey top underneath.

Her fair oblong face, was in confusion as I turned around when she called and my stares didn’t help. I then continued walking.

She was wearing tight black leggings, wrapped tight around her and black sweatshirt; her hair tied as a ponytail came out of black color tennis hat. She then met with a hot girl and walked ahead. She gave me a confused look as she walked by.

Then after a while, she went off sight. When I was resting on a rock, I saw her again. She and the girl was discussing something. Then she saw me and came up to me with a smile and asked me the way to go trekking camp. I said, “I am also heading there.” She smiled.

We continued the journey together. We introduced ourselves. Then, on the way, we slowly started to talk.

Her name was Aditi, she was in her early 30s, married to a Mumbai businessman who had planned this trip, yet apparently, he too ditched her at the last minute. So she came with her friend and friend’s husband.

The longer we talked, the more we got acquainted. She was happy to know we both had the same hometown. She also said she was happy, she could make a friend, as she felt, she had been a third wheel between the couple.

We talked all the way up to camp. Once we reached, we rested. Then the guide gave out a few instructions on how to handle the trekking. Then he asked us to form groups of 4, for safety and not to get lost. Most of everyone formed groups. I was standing there not knowing what to do when Aditi called me and told me to join her group.

I smiled at her, she smiled back. The group had the couple and me and Aditi. She introduced me to them. Then after that, we started trekking. I and Aditi were conversing. I kept ogling at her ass because of the way it swayed in that tight legging, all the way.

Then I asked whether we could take a break. They all agreed as others were going ahead of us. The couples were taking photos and selfies while Aditi came and looked at me.

“Is that it? Boys these days, even with your physique, I thought you would have better stamina” she teased me with words and smirked at me.

I then gathered my breath and looked at her and told, “I have pretty good stamina and I can be relentless too. But it gets drained when I am around pretty girls”.

She gave me a devilish grin and said, “That’s not good, right? What is the point of being relentless if you are drained of it and finishes so quickly?” she gave me a naughty grin and added, “Making the pretty girl wait”.

I knew where this was going. My mind wandered around for a perfect reply. I said, “I never make my girl wait”. The chat did add fuel to fire and slowly, my dick rose to hard form. And so I stood up before her, slowly started to walk, and we both kept smiling.

We continued our trekking. That conversation had broken the ice barrier we had and made us a bit more closely. We had again started talking about her life back home, what I worked on, etc.

Then we came across a steep slope. To climb, she was trying hard. I was behind her, I pushed her forward by grabbing her ass. I pushed her forward, helping her to climb. Whenever a slope came, I would help her climb or drop down and help her move forward.

I had more opportunities to touch her body on her ass, thighs, and waist. Then came a big rock. I somehow climbed on top of it and I was helping others. I picked up, her friend and her husband. The last to go was Aditi, but as soon as she climbed on the rock, she slipped! I had to grab onto her to prevent her fall.

During the ruckus, I grabbed on her waist and on her boobs. I apologized to her as any gentleman would.

I thought, she would scold me for it but she thanked me with a smile. Then as we were walking, she asked and giggled at me, “Do you grope all the ladies who are about to fall in front you?”

I laughed and told, “Sorry, I was trying to grab on to help you, but I don’t know why I did that.”

Then she looked at me with doubt. I replied, “I did save you from falling from the rock, I think you should see the richness of my doing instead of where I grabbed you.”

She said, “Oh really, don’t act so innocent. I know that you were groping my ass and thighs in the name of “helping me.”

I was a bit shocked but I looked her in the eyes.

She was smiling. I thought of playing my card. “I am just an innocent guy (with a wicked grin), who is trying to help out a friend.”

She was like, “Oooh, innocent ah..ok”. Then we both started laughing.

Then bit into our journey, we all started to sweat. So she removed her sweatshirt around her waist.

She was wearing a grey tight t-shirt. It was a little exposing as it exposed little of her top cleavage. Her boobs were barely trapped inside. I wanted to feel her boobs, I would say the size was big as 34D, at least.

Her curvy waistline along with beautifully tattooed navel was visible when she bent. Then she saw me looking and then she nodded. That’s when I told her that tying that sweatshirt, along the waistline does spoil the beauty.

She then gave me a naughty smile and said, “You are a real pervert.” Then she tied her sweatshirt tightly and we continued.

After a few minutes, she removed her sweatshirt and packed it in her bag. I grinned at her and said, “Now, that makes me happy. Why hide that tattoo? It’s really good, let people see it.” She smiled and gave me a tap on my head and said, “Shut up, pervert, and walk.”

We trekked to the top of the mountain and enjoyed the view of the hill fort. There was a waterfall. Some jumped in directly, the others washed their hands and legs. I saw Aditi was getting excited to jump in.

I told her that there was a much more exotic place to see and it’s a bit crowded here. She looked around and agreed. She told her friend and her husband that we would be going some more.

We went ahead a little more and found an exotic waterfall. Not many were around the pool. I then laid down my bag and and and took off my t-shirt and my track pants and jumped in with my trousers.

I asked her to join, but she was standing there on the shore. I went onto her to convince her and then I pulled a prank as I pushed her into the water and jumped in behind her.

The water was freezing. Then she came out of the water and started scolding me. But my eyes were focused on how her dress was laying out her body to be drawn as the picture in my mind. As her dresses became wet, it got stuck to her body.

I splashed water on her face as she was talking. She turned her head and then looked at me with anger in her eyes. Then she splashed water on me.

We played for some time and it was fun. Her t-shirt was wet and stuck to her nipples which were a little visible. She kept splashing it on my eyes. I went near her. I caught her hand and she suddenly slipped as she said, “Aaah..”

I grabbed her by the waist and her thighs and raised her to the top of the water. She smiled at me.

For a few seconds, she became calm and closed her eyes to enjoy the moment, raising her hands on the water. I had an urge to kiss her, but I kept calm. But my boner was building up in the water.

I then dropped her and laughed. She drowned and then came up. She again looked at me angrily as I laughed. Then, after a bit more playing, she was leaving the pool. She started to shiver and tried to get out of the pool.

I then all of a sudden, came out with her, with my half body soaked in water. I pulled her closer to me and hugged her and planted my kiss on her lips.

I conveyed my lust for her throughout the kiss. Within a few moments, she was kissing me back. Slowly, our lips interlocked and I sucked on her lower lips. Our heated passion, steamed up the cold water.

I touched all over her body, groping her navel. Both of our lower bodies were hidden by water. Our kiss was deep and exotic and she was reciprocating. Both our heads turned to the opposite sides in the heated passion of the kiss. Our tongues were in an erotic tug of war. Her hands were raised to my back hugging me and ran through my hair.

After 4-5 minutes, I broke the kiss. She bit her lips and smiled at me.

She came near me and looked around, felt up my crotch and gave me a naughty grin!

We then slowly moved behind a rock. I was going to kiss her again when she put a finger on my lips and told me that this should be a one-time thing as she was married and none should know about this. I agreed.

I kissed her again and she kept on stroking my dick in the water. Our lips again bolted inexplicably and then I started to fondle her ass cheeks. I was reaching for her pussy by diving my hand into the leggings. She whispered in my ear, “Let’s go somewhere before you become a complete pervert in public.” She gave me a naughty smirk.

Then we wore our tracksuits, searched for her friends to inform them that we were leaving. We couldn’t find them anywhere. But then we informed the guide and left.

As we walked back, we saw Adit’s friend and her husband make out behind a rock. The husband pushed her out as soon as he saw us. We then smirked at them and they were embarrassed. We told them we were leaving and they told they are too.

Aditi had booked an adjoining room for the couple, near to hers.

The couple got inside the car, I offered Aditi a bike-ride and gave a wink. She smiled and got in behind me. She hugged me tightly on the bike and the ride was awesome.

Her boobs were pressed against my back and making me hard throughout the ride. She didn’t sit idle, she kept on biting my earlobes and licking my neck, massaging my thighs. She teased me like hell by whispering things she wanted to do to me.

I somehow managed to drive safely and check-in at the hotel. We then bid the couple goodbye.

The moment we entered the room, she smiled and walked to windows to move the curtain along. I hugged her from behind and turned her around and gave her a long, passionate, wild kiss.

I put my hand into her leggings and grabbed on her bare soft ass. I lowered her tight leggings. She then felt on and pinched on my muscular biceps.

As her hands hugged me tightly, I then grabbed on her thighs from the bottom and picked her up and carried her to bed. I kissed her ears and bit her earlobes. She curled up her shoulder as I blew a soft breeze into her ear.

I moved my tongue to lick her milky cleavage and then licked her neck and sucked on her neck skin. She held me close. I took hold of her boobs. Oh, my, they felt soft like cotton.

She drove her finger along my spine which sprang my cock out. She grabbed on my cock, slowly rubbing it. My mouth sucked different parts of the neck, as she let out gasps of breaths.

I then slowly kissed from her navel to her belly button, sucking on skin, and then lowering her legging with my teeth. I finally removed her leggings, as I kissed each of the skin that her leggings exposed as it lowered. Finally, I threw it on the floor.

I then freed her boobs from her sports bra and her t-shirt, to see her beautiful yet big 34D boobs crowned with dark brown nipples was a great sight.

I sucked on her neck and cleavage, as I fondled on her boobs. Then put my mouth over her boobs. I sucked on her nipples, circling my tongue around them, as I fondled her boobs. I then bit her neck skin, as my fingers squeezed her nipples, then she gave a slight groan, “Ahhhhh..” She then rolled me around.

Aditi was wild and undressed me in one go. Then she played with my nipples as I did hers, making me moan. She lowered herself and gave my dick a kiss. She slowly stroked its skin up and down.

Then she massaged my foreskin with her thumb. It gave me an electrifying sensation. I was restless. She then slightly raised my dick and gave a lick on the bottom repeatedly, it made my dick throb. I then caught her head and pushed my dick into her mouth.

Now the flames of lust were burning high. She started to suck on my dick nice and slow. She slowly stroked it as she sucked. She had a slutty expression, as she did the blowjob. The woman was pro in blowjob.

I held her head as she swirled her tongue around my dick and licking under the foreskin. My own legs were shaking.

As I neared to cum, she suddenly took it out. I then turned her around, lowered myself. I lip-locked with her pussy lips. We heard moaning and groaning from the adjoining room, it was the couple. It made us more turned on.

Aditi smiled and whispered, “Let’s make some noise too.” I raised her legs one by one kissing her from toe to thighs.

I sucked and bit her inner thighs, squeezing and pinching her plumpy inner thigh, she wiggled in pleasure.

I spread her legs wide and raised her lower body, moving to her pussy and clit. I licked her pussy over and over. I held her clit between my fingers, squeezing it slowly. Her breathing heaved up and slowly started moaning.

I teased around her pussy, biting her pussy lips. My fingers kept on squeezing and rubbing on her clit she became wild as she took hold of my hair with both hands and moaned with a wild expression in her face in heaving sound, “Aaaaaaaaaaah… Ooooooooooo…” Her breathing became shallow.

I then raised myself to fondle her boobs again. I started to finger her pussy slowly with two fingers, with my thumb point finger playing with her clit with full force. It took a bit of time but I got her to moan.

I sucked on her nipples and areolas one after the other, squeezing her nipples with my fingers. I fingered her with more thrust and speed. As I slowly inserted my finger into her asshole, she jumped on the bed and moaned, “Aaaaah..noooo..”

I then kept on fingering her pussy and asshole. I lowered myself to eat her clit and my other hand kept squeezing her nipples one by one. I was rubbing on her g-spot very vigorously as she was panting, “Bbeeeee.. Haaaaaam..Mmaaaaaa.. aaa..”

She caressed her own hair in pleasure. The foreplay went on for a few minutes pushing her to have a shivering orgasm with a squealing sound and moaning,

“Aaaaaaaa..Kr… Issss….Ha.Ha..I..don’t.. I am very.. much enjoying.. this..Mmmmmmm..”

She then smiled. I leaned forward to kiss her. She took and stroked my cock. I then asked whether she wants it. She squealed and answered yes. I was still fingering her.

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