Seductive moves made by the curvy hot widow – Hot sex story

Seductive moves made by the curvy hot widow – Hot sex story

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Madhu hooked her blouse and covered her curvy hot self with saree. I asked her what happened. She stood up and replied to me, “What we are doing is wrong. I am a widow, and you are much younger than me. We should stay in our limits.”

I know she is just one penetration away from me. So, I tried to convince her by saying, “It’s ok, there is no problem. You have to take care of your physical needs.” By saying this, I slowly pushed her on to the bed.

Madhu pushed me harder, and I fell on the ground. She sternly said, “I am not ok with this, and please stay from me.” I felt embarrassed, and angrily packed my bag and told her to do the same as we were getting late for the bus. We checked out the hotel and reached the boarding point of the bus.

Our bus came, and we entered it. She was about to say sorry for her behavior, but I ignored her. I did not make any eye contact throughout the journey. We reached Bangalore, and I assured Mr. Gopi that our journey was safe. He thanked me for the help.

Madhu had guilt that she entertained me to get advances with her. She daily comes to the terrace and says sorry to me. But, I ignored her presence and did not utter a single word. One night, when Madhu’s parents and her kid slept, she came to the terrace.

She knocked on the door of my room. It’s 11:00 PM, and I was about to get to bed. I was shocked who would be there at this hour because Mr. and Mrs. Gopi go to bed early. It was Madhu. She was standing with teary eyes. I asked her, “Is there any problem? Is Mr. Gopi alright?”

She said, “He was fine. I want to talk to you.” I did not show any interest and said, “It’s late. I want to sleep as I have an office tomorrow.” She pleaded me just to give five minutes. I gave up and asked her what she wants to talk about. She got inside the room and sat on the bed.

Suddenly, she started to cry loudly, and her face became red. I tried to console her and requested to stop crying. She then rubbed her eyes, which was filled with tears. I asked her what she wants to say.

Madhu: I am very sorry for the incident that happened in Hyderabad.

Me: No, it’s ok, don’t be sorry it’s my fault. I had forgotten to stay in the limits.

Madhu: It’s my fault that I had entertained you for the advances you made.

Me: Sorry to say this, but the first time when I saw you, my mind was…

Madhu: (with an amused look) What happened, what is stopping you from expressing?

Me: (gathered courage) My mind was filled with lust. I decided that I want to make out with you at any cost.

Madhu: (shocked) I thought you were checking me out casually.

Me: (I don’t know how I confessed) No, it was pure lust. I daily made plans on how to get you into my bed. Day by day, my lust towards you increased. What happened in Hyderabad is the result of it.

Madhu: It’s my bad. On that day, I was missing my husband and felt emotional. So, I got involved in the act and entertained you.

Me: I accept your apologies. I assure you that I will take out all the lusty thoughts in my mind and never misbehave with you.

Madhu: Thank you, once again, I am really sorry for hurting you.

Me: It’s ok. Forget what happened, and move on. Please leave now, as I have office tomorrow, I want to take some rest, Good night.

Madhu: Good night, Have a good sleep and take rest.

Another two months passed by, we pretended like nothing happened, and behaved normally. She thought I gave up my lusty thoughts towards her. But no, I was still having the same sexual thoughts and was planning, that this time at any cost, I don’t want to leave her. My lust increased with each passing day.

This time I decided to seduce her emotionally. Whenever she passes by me, I make a face like that I am dull and lost in some thoughts. She observed it and wanted to know what happened. Observing me in that condition for two days, she came to me and enquired what happened.

Madhu: May I know why you were looking so dull these days?

Me: Nothing, I am fine. Thanks for your concern.

Madhu: No, you are hiding something clearly visible through your eyes. Please share your sorrow with me.

Me: (With a low voice) You are my problem, I am not able to come out from your thoughts. The incident happened at Hyderabad, which is really haunting me. After that, my lust has converted into feelings for you.

Madhu: Please, don’t talk like that. I have already told you that it happened in the heat of the moment.

Me: No, you please don’t worry. I decided to vacate your house so that I can live far away from you. I assure you that there won’t be any problem from my side in the future.

I was looking at her reaction and waiting for her words. But, she calmly left from there without uttering a single word. I lost all my hopes and gave up the thoughts about her. Then, I really decided to vacate the house. I strongly made up my mind and went down to intimate Mr. Gopi that I was vacating the house.

Madhu and her parents were in the hall. They were seriously talking about something. I did not want to disturb them, so I decided to talk with him later and was about to leave.

Mr. Gopi stopped me and informed me that he, along with his family, was leaving for their native. It will take at least 20 days for them to return. Until then, he requested me to look after their house. They all got ready to leave.

She was wearing a very light total transparent costly white chiffon saree, with a white backless blouse. The blouse, which was tied on her neck and a transparent string low on her back, was exposing her whole back. It was so low cut that showing more than three fourth of her huge milky cleavage.

By chance, if a string breaks, then everyone will see her pigeons fly. She also wore her saree very tightly over ass and much much below her navel. My heart skipped a second, looking at her. She, too, observed my reaction but did not respond.

I was thinking about why she got ready like this while traveling to a village. Before leaving, Madhu’s phone rang. It was Madhu’s assistant, who works in her boutique. She had informed her that someone rich enough, is showing interest in buying bulk sarees for a function.

So, Madhu had to stay here if she wants to close the deal. She and her family members discussed, and they decided to leave with Madhu’s kid. Madhu had taken out their Verna black car from the garage to drop her parents at the bus stand.

Madhu requested me to join them as she will have to come alone after dropping them. So, I, too, went to the bus stand with them. After the bus had left the stand, we both returned to the house. When we reached home, I went straight away to my room.

After an hour, I received a call from Madhu to come downstairs. By then, the time was 7:00 PM. I went through the main entrance and knocked on the door. She opened the door and asked me to come in and locked the door with keys. I asked why she had locked the door.

She replied, “Our talking will take a lot of time,” that’s why I locked the door. She made me sit on the couch and sat beside me. Her fragrance is driving me mad. I was in shorts, my dick got completely erected and trying to come out.

She noticed the bulge and said, “Do you know, I did not get any bulk order of sarees.” She further added it was just a part of my plan. I was shocked and asked what she had planned and why she had lied. She exclaimed, “Only for you!”

I gave her a confused look, then Madhu held my right hand and stood up from the couch.


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