Story of a cultural shift from Dharwad to Bangalore

Story of a cultural shift from Dharwad to Bangalore

My story began in 2009 when I joined a reputed MBA Govt. college in Bangalore. Not to boast, but I was the hottest girl in the batch of 2009.

Back then, my English wasn’t very good, but I was good at many other things.  Dirty minds! You’ll get your turn. Have some patience. I was good at studies, especially good at numbers, so I opted for a finance major.

College was dull, and there were not many hot guys around. The ones who were hot were far from interesting. This became difficult for a sexually active girl like me. I masturbate every day while fantasizing about hot city boys.

Coming from a not so developed city like Dharwad, it was difficult for me to cope with the culture shift. Although, I did find a few guys from different cities in Karnataka to satisfy my sexual urges.

The first guy I fucked while I was in Bangalore was Sachin from Mandya. He was fairly good looking. We both were familiar with Kannada, so we hit it off easily. We went out on a date to a weekend party, and I ended up in his rented room. We spoke for about an hour or so.

I started to give him signs. I put my hands on his shoulder. Then faster than a train from Dharwad to Bangalore, he stuck his tongue in my mouth and started groping me. It was a bit of a turn-off, but I really needed some cock that day. So, I went with the flow.

I’m an above-average tall girl with A cups, a nice round ass, and a fair complexion. Not exactly curvy, but I take pride in my physique. This also makes it difficult for me to find a sexually attractive partner because most of my college guys were shorter than me.

Sachin hurriedly took off my clothes and thrust his cock inside me. This was a turn off because I wasn’t completely wet yet. The size of his penis had my love nest flowing with juices instantly. He began to pound me harder with every stroke, and I held his thighs, pulling him closer to me.

I came in 3 minutes and was now ready to get fucked as much as he wanted to fuck me. For the next 5 minutes, he kept pounding me missionary style. I wondered when he was going to spice things up with a different position, but he just kept going.

Finally, he decided to play with my boobs. I know that guys like big boobs, but my A-cups weren’t much, almost like a guy’s nipples. A bit pointy and perky like cones. Although they were the pinnacle of pleasure for me when a guy plays with my nipples. Rough!

I was about to cum for the second time, and suddenly he shuddered. He collapsed on top of me. That was it. He was done. He came inside the condom. I had 10 minutes of sex without foreplay or kissing, and the guy was done.

Was I disappointed? Maybe a little, but he made up for it with the size of his cock. It literally tore into me for the first few seconds.

It was about 9 pm, and I was sure as hell not going back to my aunt’s place that late. So I called my aunt and told her that I was staying at a female friend’s house. I was still naked and ready to go for another round.

Sachin needed some time to recuperate. So I excused myself, went to his restroom, and masturbated. I imagined Sachin to be an interesting person with excellent English and swag. Now, his penis’s size made sense to me.

You see, for a woman, the size of the package is important. But it has to come with pretty good English, a sense of humor, confidence, and a tiny amount of chivalry. This was my idea of a good guy to fuck.

Anyway, I came out of the restroom after another orgasm to see Sachin wanking off. The moment he saw me, he was so ashamed that he put a pillow on his penis. I laughed and said in Kannada

Me – Don’t be shy. It’s alright if you want to fuck me again.

He hesitated and hugged me. I started to passionately kiss him, and he reciprocated quite well. I worked my way down to his neck, licked his nipples a bit, and moved further down to his crotch.

I held his penis and licked the tip of it. It was salty and a bit sticky. To my shock, he pushed me away and asked in Kannada.

Sachin – What are you doing? That is dirty.

This was an instant turn off, and I asked him.

Me – What’s wrong? Nobody ever gave you a blowjob before?

He was shocked and looked at me like I had violated him. He then said, “Don’t do all these dirty things. How will I kiss you if you do that?” This was a bit confusing for me, and I didn’t know how to respond. So, I just apologized, picked up my bra and panties, and started to get dressed.

He stopped me and pushed me down. He started groping me again and stuck his tongue in my mouth. Before I knew it, his big cock was already inside me. He was pounding hard again in missionary style. I enjoyed the length and girth of his penis.

But the whole experience was lacking… how do I say it? Almost everything. In a sense, it felt forced, but I was wet enough and enjoyed it to some extent. I came once more and was about to have another orgasm. I encouraged him in Kannada

Me – Go faster and pound me harder.

He covered my mouth with his hand and told me not to speak. It kinda felt good. I like being dominated, but I don’t think this guy knows the meaning of domination.

Another disappointment. 10 seconds before I could cum again, he was done and collapsed over me. We lay there in his tiny bed, and I was looking at the ceiling fan and thinking to myself. I really hope this guy doesn’t ask me to be his girlfriend when he wakes up in the morning.

I feel asleep partially sated, a bit disappointed and tired. Only to wake up to Sachin on top of me again in missionary style, hard as a rock trying to penetrate me. I refused and pushed him away. I told him that I need to use the restroom first.

He obliged. I freshened up, had a bath while playing with myself, rubbing my clit. I imagined Sachin as the man I would want to fuck every day, maybe even a boyfriend.

Well, I might as well get fucked again before I leave. ‘Missionary style’ because that’s all he knew. I stepped out naked ready for another round with my pussy wet, which I had to work up.

To my surprise, he was fully dressed and had breakfast served. It was Chitrana, a vegetarian rice dish. It was a kind gesture. So we had a good breakfast, and I told him that I need to leave. He pulled me towards him and kissed me deeply. I didn’t feel a thing.

He asked in Kannada, “Shall we meet again?” I replied, saying, maybe. In my mind, it was a definite maybe only for the size of his cock.

I then took a cab to my aunt’s place. I was thinking to myself, “Let’s hope he doesn’t ask me out when I reach college on Monday.”

My name is Poojita, and this is where my story begins. As the years passed by, I had many sexual encounters, which I will narrate in parts. I’ve done threesomes and even foursomes, among many other things. Stay tuned for my next episode. Thank you for reading.

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