Story of hot sex with girlfriend on the college bus

Story of hot sex with girlfriend on the college bus

Hey horny ladies and pervert guys. Today I am going to narrate a true experience about my sex with girlfriend. We got so horny that we end up fucking in the back seat of our college bus.

So my girlfriend and I were in the 2nd year of our engineering and in a relationship now. So we both had lost our virginities to each other. The world of sexual pleasure was quite new and irresistible to us. We had sex a couple of times, once I fucked the college girl in the classroom itself. So we were always horny.

Our college had buses operating on various routes to pick up and drop students and staff from different parts of Kolkata. Moreover, due to the heavy traffic during our college timings. It was more comfortable to travel by the college bus than any other public transport or driving their own private vehicle.

Our bus was air-conditioned and similar to Volvo tourist buses, so we preferred it as an added advantage. My girlfriend and I were on the same route, so we traveled using the same bus. Let’s not waste any more time and come to the d-day.

Usually, we are so horny that we find ourselves in a secluded place on the campus and enjoy caressing each other at lunchtime. This day something more was in the air, which made us too horny while kissing at lunchtime. Since it was time for our classes to start, we broke ourselves and attended the classes.

While in the class:

She: Hey! Today, I am feeling too horny.

Me: I am also horny, babe.

She: I cannot control this today and go home doing nothing.

Me: What can we do? Today we have to all the classes.

She: I don’t know. I need you right now. I cannot control it today.

Me: Babes! We cannot bunk the lectures, and my parents are at home.

She: I want you on the bus today.

I was awestruck. I froze for a couple of minutes.

Me: I did not get you.

She: I want your dick in the bus today.

Me: Seriously?

She: Yes, I cannot control it.

Me: Baby, what if someone catches us?

She: I don’t care. I want to fuck you on the bus today itself.

I was silent.

She: Will you not fuck me, babe?

She whispered in the most intoxicating voice, which I can never resist. I said, “Okay, let’s try today.”

As soon as the lectures got over, we rushed to our bus to grab the last seat on the back. Since our bus was a kind of tourist bus with curtains on the windows. The last seat was the safest, and not many students sat on the last seat. Luckily few students who usually sat on the rear seats were absent that day.

Only another couple was there in the rear side, who took the second-last seat. We got the last seat, and no one else was there. It was time, and the bus departed. Most of the students got busy playing antakshari on the front side of the bus.

The driver dimmed the lights of the bus since everyone was playing antakshari and it was evening time. This was the perfect ambiance to enjoy ourselves. Due to the heavy traffic and too many traffic signals in Kolkata, it took more than 45-50 minutes to reach our destination. So we had a lot of time.

We noticed that the couple in the seat in front of us had already got busy in themselves. So we decided to not waste any more time and started smooching. Oh! What a kisser my girl is. She just eats away my lips. We both were kissing passionately.

Slowly our tongues met, and we started exploring each other’s mouths. Occasionally she would bite my lower lips, which feels heavenly and tickles my senses. I was sucking her tongue and saliva out of her mouth. We were getting hornier.

I took my right hand on the rear side of her neck. I grabbed her hair with my fist and slightly pulled her hair backward. I knew this was the soft spot of her, and she let out a soft moan. I inserted my tongue deeper into her mouth, which she sucked happily.

While playing with her hair and still kissing, she took my left hand and placed it on her right boob. I was thrilled with this act of her and started caressing her soft petite right boob from over her top. Her boobs are of the perfect size and fit perfectly in my hands.

Soft and juicy, and I just love to grab those pair of boobs. I was lightly pressing and playing with her boobs. This made me so horny that I pulled her on top of my lap and grabbed my girl’s pair of boobs from the back underneath her arms. I started pressing them.

I could sense this was making her crazy as her eyes were already closed by now. Now, while both hands were busy pressing both her boobs. I slowly started kissing and licking her neck from the right side. This made her mad, and she let out another loud moan. It made me go crazy, and I started sucking her neck.

She then whispered: Hold my boobs under my top.

And she pulled up her bra. I then slid my hands from under her top and grabbed her boobs. Oh my god. What a feeling it was. The warm and soft touch of her breasts on my hands. I lightly started playing with them and pressing them.

They were feeling heaven to me, and her nipples were already erect like beads, which I was occasionally pinching. Now it was getting difficult for me to resist.

I whispered in her ears: I want to suck those.

I sucked her whole left ear inside my mouth.

She: I am all yours, suck them.

I tried getting a glimpse of the front side. I saw everyone was busy playing antakshari, and the couple in front of us were busy. My girl got beside me, and I pulled up her top to expose my feast. I then took one boob in my mouth while playing with the other one with my hands.

I started with the nipple and sucked the nipple hard, slowly sucking the whole boob. The nipples were hard, and so sometimes, I would give a soft bite on the nipples. I kept switching between the boobs while sucking on one and playing with the other.

Luckily she was wearing a beautiful knee-length skirt that day. While she was almost leaning on the seat, I slid my right hand underneath her skirt near her vagina. I touched her glory hole over her underwear. I was shocked to find that the underwear was already completely wet with her juices.

I looked at her with surprise, and we both giggled. She pulled me, kissed me on my lips. I slid her underwear sideways and slid my middle finger inside her vagina. Believe me, her juices were already flowing like a stream. The bus’s seat must also have got wet.

My girl gets too wet whenever she is horny, but that day she was way too wet. I started fingering her with my middle finger. After about a minute I tried inserting my second finger. Still, her pussy was too tight. We recently lost our virginities, and today would be our 3rd intercourse.

I managed to push both my fingers in her pussy and started finger fucking her. She was now moaning too heavily. So to suppress her moans, I started smooching her also.

After another minute, she said: I want to fuck you now.

I pulled out my fingers from her pussy and started licking her juices from my fingers. She quickly pulled down her underwear and put it in her bag. Licking her remaining juices from my fingers was so intoxicating, I quickly bent down and spread her legs to lick some more of her juices.

She was already too horny by then. As soon as my tongue touched her pussy, I could feel she was shaking. She immediately pulled me up by my hair and said, “I want to fuck you right now.”

I quickly unbuckled my belt. In no time, she slid her hands inside my underwear and pulled out my 7 inch tool outside. She started giving me a blowjob. My dick was already hard and in full length and leaking precum.

She sucked all my precum, and I must say she gives a great blowjob. She sucks my whole penis inside her mouth even though its size is bigger for her mouth.

The bus was going smoothly, but now due to traffic, the bus was jerking a lot. And with each jerk, my dick got pushed inside her throat. The feeling was out of the world. After about a couple of minutes of blowjob, I pulled her up and kissed her lips and said, “Let’s do it.”

Since she was wearing a skirt, she could easily get on top of me, facing me. I was sitting facing the front side, having a look so that no one noticed us. We did not have a condom at that time. Moreover, she was on her safe period of the month.

While facing me and her legs on either side of me on the seat. She slowly pushed herself on my dick. We were too wet, and her pussy was already leaking juices, so lube was not a concern. But my dick was big for her, and her vagina is very tight.

Slowly my whole dick got inside her pussy smoothly due to the juices. But I could feel her tight vagina around my penis. She closed her eyes, and I could figure she was feeling slight pain. So I placed my lips on hers, and we started kissing while she started pumping on my dick.

Oh! I was on cloud nine at that moment. I felt the warm vagina of my girl directly on my dick without any condom. The feeling was heavenly.

She whispered: Your penis is very warm.

Me: I can also feel the warmth of your vagina and the juices directly on my penis.

She wrapped both her arms around my neck and started riding me while we were passionately kissing. We forgot our surroundings and were completely into each other. I grabbed her bare skin ass from under her skirt, giving her support. She kept on riding my dick.

She slowly increased her riding pace and had started moaning loudly. She was suppressing her moans so that others do not hear them. I kissed her harder. Then, I slid my right hand under her top, grabbed her breasts. I wrapped my left hand around her waist.

I was on cloud nine, and we were enjoying our heavenly pleasure. After about 6 to 7 minutes, the pleasure had gone too far for us. I could not control it anymore.

I looked at her, and her eyes were closed, and she was in deep pleasure.

Me: Baby, I cannot control it anymore. I am about to cum.

To my surprise, she also uttered the same at the same time: Baby, I will cum now.

She: Cum inside me. I want to feel it.

I also wanted the same. In another 30 seconds, she increased her pace of fucking me while we were kissing. Then she left the kiss and let out a loud moan, which I am pretty sure others must have heard as well. She had her orgasm now.

At this very moment, I could not control it anymore and released my full load inside her pussy. We both were exhausted now. She rested herself on me fully while my dick was still inside her. I could feel the warm cum of mine mixed with her juices flowing down her vagina along my dick.

After some seconds, we got back to our senses. She got up from my dick. As soon as my dick left her pussy, it was yet another ecstatic feeling. I quickly peeped in front and saw everyone was still busy in antakshari. Then we peeped out of the window and saw we were about to reach our stop.

We quickly cleaned ourselves with my handkerchief. I adjusted my pant properly while she adjusted her bra. She did not have time to wear back her panty as our stop had already arrived. We then got down at the stop. After getting down, we were laughing like crazy, looking at each other.

We had the greatest time of our lives. The tension of getting caught was the best feeling while having public bus sex with a horny girl. I walked her to her home, and then I went towards my home.

I would really appreciate your feedback about this true incident on my mail/hangouts: [email protected] I will also love to hear about your kinky experiences or any fantasies if you have.

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