Story of how Rekha experirnced passionate orgasm

Story of how Rekha experirnced passionate orgasm

This is once again Mohan Reddy 54 M with an experience of passionate orgasm during the lockdown  This is about a neighbor who is around 27 years with a son of 1.5 years. Daily when I go out in my yard to water the plants or for some fresh air, Rekha also is out with her son sweeping her yard.

She is a 34B-28-32 figure person. She generally moves around in a full nightdress. But when she is sweeping, her boobs cleavage are visible, and you can get a glimpse of her nipples. The son has got fond of me and started coming to me.

But mostly, he comes when he is in his mother’s arms. Once I took him, I accidentally grazed my hands on her boobs and did not respond. Daily on seeing me, she gives a broad smile. Taking this as a positive sign, I have started feeling the back of my hand on her tits every time I hand the child.

She does not seem to mind it. So now I do it every time I get a chance. One day while giving the child back, her 2nd and 3rd buttons were open. So I inserted my hand inside and felt her tits and nipples. She reacted like she got an electric shock. But said thank you to me and that she liked the touch.

So it then became a habit where she would keep her dress buttons open so that my hand went in. While sweeping, she would see if I was looking. She would open the buttons if no one was around to give me a glimpse.

One morning my wife had work in her office, so she said it would take till evening. So when I went out, and Rekha saw me, I gave her an indication to come over. She went and brought the child with her to me. She came into the house and put the child down.

I gave the child some toys to play with, and she sat on the sofa. I sat beside her, and she asked me if I could teach her to kiss. Her husband has never given her a lip lock, and her friends told her that it was a lovely experience. She asked her husband at the beginning of her marriage, but he refused.

Her sex life was just in the night if she wanted it or her husband felt like it. He would pull her dress up to the stomach in the dark. He would put it in and in 3-5 minutes spill, and then he would go to sleep. So Rekha had never experienced an orgasm.

So that day, she took advantage of asking me to give her a kiss. I told her to demonstrate what she thought of a kiss. She started kissing me all over my face, and then she gave a light kiss on my lips. I then held her head and gave her a lip lock kissing the lips, sucking the lower lip, and then the upper one.

Then I put my tongue on her teeth and parted them. I inserted my tongue and tasted her saliva. She then gave me her tongue to suck and held my head tight. We continued for 15 minutes, taking turns in sucking each other’s tongues and lips. She enjoyed.

I then took her earlobe in my mouth and sucked it. It gave her a tingling feeling, and Rekha started rubbing my dick over my pant. I then went lower and licked her neck till her cleavage. Since the nighty came in the way, she opened the buttons and removed her dress.

I was surprised to see that she had nothing on below, and her full splendor came to my view. She had a pussy with puffy lips, but the hair was a full bunch. I took her left tit in my mouth and played with the nipple while my hands held her bum.

I now made her sit across me and held her thighs while sucking the nipples and pinching her bum. I was surprised when I got a taste of her milk. It was lovely. She used to still breastfeed her son 2 times a day. We enjoyed for almost half-hour – the kissing, nipple and tit sucking.

I was playing with her bum fingering the hole once in a while. She was enjoying and came 2 times in that period wetting my pants. My dick slowly started rising, and it started poking her pussy. But it was not fully erect, so I asked her to go down on me and suck my dick and make it hard.

She sat on the floor, watched, and played with my dick after pulling the pants off. Then she licked the balls and went up to the tip. Now she got the taste of the precum which she liked. I played with her tits pressing them and pinching the nipples, and with my toes, I was playing with her pussy.

She then started sucking my dick. At first, her teeth hurt. But when I explained, she started a lovely massage of my dick with her lips. She learned the art beautifully and gave me an orgasm in 20 minutes, manipulating the dick so that I did not spill fast. She enjoyed the play.

I spilled in her mouth, and she tasted sperm for the 1st time and loved it. She told me that she would come whenever possible to have some more. Then the child started getting hungry. So she put on her dress and took the child home after giving me a kiss.

It was a lovely experience for her. She tried it with her husband, but he would push her away and looked at her with doubt. After experiencing foreplay with me and kissing me, she thought she would try it on her husband. She started by telling him about the experiences of her friend and how they are getting satisfactory sex.

Rekha tried kissing him and playing with his dick in the night. But the husband did not respond except that after he became hard, he got on her and in 2-3 minutes of fucking spilled in her and went to sleep.

She tried by kissing him on his body and was almost to his dick. But he pulled her up and immediately fucked her and slept. She got sad and dissatisfied.

The next day while walking outside, the child came to me. When I was handing him over to her, she told me that her husband was not responding to her, making love, and her pussy was itching. But since there was no time to be together, she said she would wait for a while.

After 2 days, my wife again had to go out on some work. Seeing her go, Rekha came to me as her son had just gone to sleep. Upon entering the house, she immediately started kissing me and dropped down her nighty, standing nude in front of me.

I made her sit on my lap on the sofa, and we smooched for a while. Slowly my dick started rising. Rekha could feel it as she was sitting with her legs on both sides of me. Rekha then went down and removed my boxer, taking out my semi-hard dick and started licking it.

She licked all over and started sucking my dick, which had now reached the full mast of 6 inches. She kept playing with my balls while doing that. Occasionally she would go down and take both my balls in her mouth and played with them and her tongue.

She continued this manipulation for the next 20 minutes before I spilled in her mouth. I was fucking her pussy with my toes throughout the time,  and she had started leaking her juices. She then came and sat on my lap, giving me her tits to suck.

As I was sucking her tits, I became hard once again. The dick started pushing between her legs. It was caressing her bum. She started getting hot and was moving up and down with the dick rubbing her pussy without entering. This foreplay gave her orgasm as the tip was touching the entrance.

Now I asked her to lie down and sucked her tits hard while I put 2 fingers in her pussy and finger fucked her. She was amid a wonderful feeling of having orgasms, which she never had with her husband.

She was now exploring her sexuality and experiencing the wonderful feeling of making love, not just sex. She is left wet between the legs, unsatisfied.

She was not used to shaving her pussy, so there was quite a bunch of hair there. I then showed her pics of some of my friends who did not mind another lady seeing their body. I showed her what a hairless pussy looked like and told her to get it shaved. She then went home satisfied.

The next day she made the excuse of a Gynec check. In the evening, she asked her husband to shave her pussy as the doctor asked her to keep it clean to avoid fungal infection. The husband asked her to get it done at a parlor. The next day she asked her maid if she could help. The maid helped her to shave her pussy.

I asked her how come she asked the maid. Then Rekha told me that she generally has a bath in the mornings. The maid is busy working. So when she comes out of the bath nude to get ready, the maid has seen her. Also, many a time helped her to put cream and powder on her body.

So the maid had felt her tits and massaged her outer pussy lips with oil as the lower hair was coarse. The oil made it soft. This time after the pussy’s shaving, the maid massaged the outer lips with cold cream making the lips feel like a small child’s. Both the maid and she enjoyed the session.

But neither knew about the pussy being licked. So the maid only finger fucked her to an orgasm while she pinched and pressed the maid’s tits. She now told me the next day that it was done and waited for an opportunity. Two days later, Rekha called me over when she saw my wife was not there.

She had just come out of her bath and had just a towel wrapped around. As I entered, she locked the door and kissed me, not bothered that the servant was in the house. We kissed for 5 minutes and did not realize that the servant was standing at the door watching us.

I opened the towel, and it slipped to the floor. Rekha was now nude in front of me. Seeing Rekha nude in front of me, the servant started playing with her own tits after removing them from her blouse. I suddenly noticed this happening. I kept quiet and sat on the sofa.

Rekha sat on my lap as I sucked her tits and played with her bum. With all this happening, the servant removed her saree and the undergarments and played with her pussy. I noticed that she also had a shaved pussy. I now removed my pant, and Rekha sat on my lap with her legs across me.

She noticed that my dick was hard while sitting, and as she sat, the dick entered her pussy in one go. She screamed in pain and pleasure as She had not had sex for a while and her husband had a thin dick. So my dick stretched her pussy. Now Rekha started bouncing on my dick fast.

I motioned to the servant to come close. Now I had 2 nude women beside me. With one hand, I started fingering the servant’s pussy, which was dripping with juices. She was 34 years old 38-30-36. I was pinching her lovely tits while she was fingering her pussy.

Rekha humped me for a full 20 minutes while she had 2 orgasms. She kept moving slow and fast so that she could enjoy to the full. I asked the servant to lick from the back my balls and Rekha’s pussy while she was humping me. This now brought Rekha to yet another massive orgasm.

Rekha now got a bit tired and got off me. Knowing that I had not got an orgasm, Rekha went down and started sucking my dick. Now both the girls took turns in sucking my dick. In 5 minutes, I came in the mouth of the servant. She liked the taste and continued sucking until I was hard again.

She now wanted me to fuck her as she had not had a fuck for the last 2 months. Due to the Covid, the families have been home. The 3 places where she worked, and she would occasionally have a fuck was all spoilt. Her husband had not fucked her in the last 2 months. So she was desperate to enjoy it.

She got a taste of dick for the 1st time. Her husband only lifts her saree, fucks her for 5 minutes, spills in her, and gets off, leaving her unsatisfied. In the 3 places, she works the men are in a hurry. So they just enter her from behind, either in her pussy or bum.

They have somehow managed to get her to orgasms at times, so she enjoyed their play. She wanted to enjoy it, but it was her unsafe period, so she did not want to get pregnant. She got into the reverse cowgirl position. Rekha, in the meantime, came and sat on my face for me to give her orals.

The servant now tried to put my dick into her bum due to the unsafe period. But accidentally, it went into her pussy deep. This was the 1st time she had ever had deep penetration in her desi ass pussy, and she enjoyed the feeling. She started slowly humping me with long strides, making sure that the dick came to the tip.

Then she would push down till it reached the innermost of her pussy. The feeling was great, and she started moaning. In a couple of minutes, she had an orgasm, and with the continuous stimulation, she got multiple orgasms. She slowly started fucking harder for around half an hour.

Realizing I was about to cum, she took out the dick, inserted it in her pussy, and started humping me again. She inserted 2 fingers into her pussy this time, having her bum and pussy both filled and fucked. She enjoyed every 5 minutes, she got an orgasm.

During this period, Rekha enjoyed her pussy being licked. After another 15 minutes of the servant fucking me and they both got off. I then had to rush home before my wife came back. If you liked my story, message me on

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