Story of making my armpit fetish fantasy into reality

Story of making my armpit fetish fantasy into reality

Hi Everyone, this is Yogesh. I’m a 44-year-old from Bangalore. I had a sexual encounter about my armpit fetish last year. I would like to share it with you all.

I work as a consultant with startups and help them with the setup. In one of the companies, there was a lady named Suma, who was the head. She was in her early 40s and is a mother of two kids. I also realized that she got separated from her husband and stayed with her kids and mom.

Suma is quite a bomb. She stands 5.5 inches and has a fab body with good assets that were unused for a long time. I lusted for her body from the day I met her. I have a fetish for clean-shaven armpits, and it only grew after viewing Suma’s smooth and juicy pits.

She wore sleeveless tops most of the days, forcing me to masturbate on her a million times. My lust for her only increased as the days passed. I always fantasized fucking this sexy Milf in lingerie. She, too, was fond of me and used to like my company.

Somewhere in my mind, I doubted she, too, had the same feelings as me. Also, she is living alone for so long and would be craving for a man.

One day, I got a call from Suma saying that there is a business opportunity in Pune. She wanted to meet the client and requested me to accompany her for the presentation and discussion. I would be a fool to deny. So, I readily agreed.

We decided to fly to Pune the following week, and she had made all the arrangements. I was very excited and started imagining my fantasies come true. I went to the airport at 2 pm, and after a brief wait, she arrived.

Voila! Suma was dressed in a low-cut sleeveless tank top and jeans. I got a boner instantly seeing her cleavage and sexy armpits. I stared at her cleavage and pits whenever I got a chance. The journey was awesome with her in my next seat. I couldn’t help but jerk off on the flight.

We arrived in Pune in the evening and went to the hotel. She had booked two separate rooms for both of us. We reached the hotel and checked into our rooms. We decided to meet for dinner at 9. So, I quickly ran into the washroom and shagged on her.

At 9, we had dinner and finalized the presentations. During the presentation preparation, I got the opportunity to scan her cleavage from a close angle. I got a glimpse of her left boob, and it was quite big.

I waited to get back to the room so that I can fap on her again. While she was talking to me, Suma noticed my lecherous looks and understood what was going on in my mind. So, she said goodbye and asked me to get ready by 9 am tomorrow to meet the client.

I quickly changed my dress and went to sleep. But the only thing running in my mind was to enjoy her. I masturbated again and slept.

In the morning, we both went to meet the client and finished the presentation and discussion. The client was pleased and decided to work with Suma’s company. I could feel that she is super excited as it was a pretty good deal.

After the discussion, we left. To my utter surprise, she hugged me in the lift with excitement for helping her clinch the deal. I was awestruck and got an instant erection. While hugging, I happen to put my hand on her ass, and she didn’t mind. I took that as a signal from her.

The only thing running in my mind was how to fuck her as I might not get this type of opportunity again. So, while having lunch, I requested Suma if we could stay in Pune that night and fly to Bangalore the following day.

I convinced her that both of us came here for the first time. So, we should explore the place before leaving. Since she was grateful for my help in closing the deal, she agreed after giving a thought. She canceled the flight tickets and booked them for the following day.

Suma asked me what my plan was. I suggested we hop the malls around. I made this plan to have fun with her and get physical as much as I can. As Suma was on cloud nine, I dared to ask her about her personal life, and she didn’t mind sharing.

In our conversations in the mall, sex too popped up. I checked how she could stay alone without a man in her life. She jokingly said as long as men like me are around, she wouldn’t feel lonely. I, too, confessed that I feel horny to be around a sexy lady like her. She playfully said she knew about it.

With this talk, I started getting the vibes from her and dared to make my move. Sensing she is in awe of me and won’t deny anything I ask, I decided to gift one lingerie that night and request her to wear it. I browsed through various lingerie and quickly placed an express order on Amazon.

I got the feeling that she guessed that I’m up for something that night as women are very intuitive. We quickly finished rounding up the mall and headed to the hotel.

After freshening up, we decided to meet again for dinner. As ordered, the Amazon order arrived at the hotel on time. I made sure I picked it up without her notice. We met for dinner.

Suma wore a legging with a sleeveless top giving a very good view of her armpits. I was feeling super horny seeing her and was losing control. We had a very relaxed dinner and decided to wind up. So, we walked to our rooms and parted ways.

I went inside my room, picked up the present, and knocked on her door. She welcomed me inside with a surprise. I stepped inside, gave her the present and told her to wear it and tell me how she felt. I also told her that it would be payback for my help.

Suma was reluctant and clueless. I quickly convinced her to open it and wear it as I was sitting on the bed. Suma obliged and went inside the washroom to wear the lingerie. I didn’t hear any sound or reaction from inside. Although I was very nervous, my prick was bulging from my pant.

After a few minutes, Suma came out dressed up in the lingerie and stood before me. I waited for her reaction. I was relieved to see she was pretty relaxed. She walked to where I was sitting, stood in front of me, and asked my intention.

Her boobs were popping out from the lingerie. Her armpits were fully exposed, and panty was visible. My heart was pumping, and my member was fully erect and throbbing to come out of my pant.

I quietly stood up and planted a kiss on her lips. I waited a few seconds to gauge her reaction. She was shell-shocked. Before she realized what was happening, I looked deep into her eyes and gave another kiss, for which she too kissed back.

Then I held her head in my hands and started kissing deeply with our tongues playing around. Suma put her hands on my hips. We kissed intensely as I bit her lower lip. She became horny by that move and pressed my hip tightly. I hugged her and continued with the kiss.

I then started to kiss on her face, cheeks, and neck while my member was pressed against her tummy. I pushed her to the wall and kissed all over her arms. It’s time for me to explore my fetish – her armpits. I raised her left arm first and started sniffing and licking it.

She was shocked at my move as it was quite unexpected. Then I slowly did the same to her right. She applied rose-scented deo. The smell of the deo, coupled with the scent of her sweat, made me uncontrollable. I lifted her and threw her on the bed. I quickly undressed with only my underwear on.

I pounced on her and continued licking and kissing her armpits, living my fantasy. Suma enjoyed the act while she commented, “I never knew you’re so crazy about my armpits.” I licked her juicy pits, leaving my saliva all over them.

I then removed the top portion of the lingerie, which exposed her well-shaped breasts. They were exactly as I imagined – big and unused. I groped them with both my hands and started to kiss them passionately. I licked her erect nipples with my tongue, and my horny divorced client went crazy with every lick.

She moaned incessantly as I kissed, licked, and sucked her milky boobs one after another. I put both her tits one after another in my mouth and bit them. She rewarded me with a scream. I slowly moved on to her hips and belly. I kissed her big, round navel and drilled it with my tongue.

I kissed on the sexy folds on her hips to which she jerked her body. I then removed her panty, and I removed my underwear. I kissed all over her thighs, front and back, till her ass. I then turned her over and kissed her back. I smooched every inch of her back and nape.

Seeing me go wild, she asked, It looks like you lusted for my body for a long time.” I said, “Yeah, I fantasized about this every night.”

I then moved to her butt. I took her juicy doubles in my hands and kissed them passionately. I made her stand in the doggy style and licked all over Suma’s ass cheeks. She went crazy with my lovemaking and continued to howl.

Separating her butt, I then licked her asshole like a dog. I plowed my tongue inside her vagina from behind and licked it. Suma went uncontrollable and screamed, “Aah… I can’t wait.” Hearing her sounds, I decided to give her due. I made her lie on her back and spread her legs wide open.

I brought my dick near her pussy and rubbed it playfully for a few seconds. Suma couldn’t control it as she held my willy and guided it towards her vagina. I pushed my dick hard and started stroking, looking into her eyes. For every move, she gave a desperate sound. In the process, she raised her hands and exposed her armpits to me.

On viewing her pits, the animal in me sprung out. I stroked wildly while I kissed and licked her armpits. It was a moment of madness as both of our bodies were lusting for each other. The pull and push, passionate kissing and licking continued while she was scratching my back in pleasure.

My penis was touching the walls inside. Suma was howling like a whore, indicating that she missed fucking all this time. As the intense fucking was on, she cried aloud, indicating her orgasm. I continued screwing her as my dick was full-on.

After a few wild strokes, I released my cum inside her. It was a wonderful feeling to experience your fantasy come true. I felt fully satisfied. We collapsed in each other’s arms. I unmounted her body after a few moments.

A few minutes later, Suma got up from the bed to dress. I couldn’t control myself, and I again pulled her on the bed. Suma was on top of me this time as I got full access to her breasts. I licked them passionately, and she tried to push them inside my mouth.

I quickly inserted my dick inside her cunt. Suma moved rhythmically as I was pumping her. I caressed her breasts and smelled her armpits while she was moaning ecstatically. I went berserk for her moans, and I released my semen.

We later hugged each other tightly on the bed and kissed each other. Both of us slept on her bed for the entire night. Suma fearlessly touched my junior and played with it during the night. I was delighted that there was no guilt in her about what happened, and she enjoyed the encounter.

Both of us thoroughly enjoyed the trip and took our relationship to the next level of master and mistress. We meet the demands of each other whenever we feel like. That morning as planned, we left for Bangalore with utmost satisfaction.

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