The Story Of Losing Virginity Sex On Our Wedding Night

The Story Of Losing Virginity Sex On Our Wedding Night

This is the continuation of losing virginity sex with Ankit, the love of my life.

I was thirsty, so I asked Ankit for water. He brought a glass of water. I was drinking, and some water droplets spread over my lower lips and neck. He saw my lips with full lust. I can feel the warmth in his eyes. He came close to me planted a kiss on lips to drink that water droplet. I was in 7th heaven.

My eyes were closed. He saw me keeping my eyes closed. He came close to me and held my neck with one hand and my hair with one hand. And again planted a deep kiss on lips. We had kissed each other before, but it felt like our 1st kiss. In starting, our lips were not moving.

They were in the same position. But later, we started moving our lips and started taking each other’s lips in our mouth and sucking them and licking them with our lips and tongue.

It was getting passionate time to time we were kissing and licking each other’s lips one by one. Sometimes the lower lip the upper lips. We had a tongue fight too. While kissing, his hands were rubbing my hair, which slowly came down on my back.

She pulled me towards him now my braless boobs were rubbing his chest, and my hands were hugging him passionately. We broke our kiss around after 5-7 minutes. We looked at each other we both became horny and erotic after the kiss. He made me lay down on the bed. He was on half laid position.

He kept his one hand on my waist and started rubbing it 1st slowly, and then with full force. I can feel the heat of his hand from my gown. He then kissed my cheeks, my eyes, and planted a kiss on my neck. It gave me goosebumps. He then kissed and licked my neck passionately.

I held his head tightly, and one hand was grabbing the bedsheet. Our legs were fondling each other. My gown had strips on the shoulder. So, while kissing, he moved my shoulder strips down and kissed passionately. His hand then moved upwards on my boobs. My breathing increased.

I held my hand from his head to his hand on my left boob. He was grabbing it and rubbing them in full force I was getting wet down, and I think I had an orgasm too. I was moaning slightly. He pulled both my strips down and was kissing left to right and right to left in full force.

I kept closing my eyes in pleasure and was moaning. He then opened his kurta. He was not wearing his vest inside. For the 1st time, I have seen his bare body. I was getting horny seeing him like this. He moved my hand on his chest when he was in a sitting position after opening his kurta.

I tickled his nipples with my nailed. He felt some pain and reacted with an ‘Ouch.’ I laughed. And he said let me take revenge. Suddenly I felt warmth on my feet. And as soon as I can understand something, I felt his hand on my feet. He planted a kiss on my feet. It was a great feeling.

He slowly moved upwards, kissing my legs from behind and was tickling again and again. As soon as he came on my thighs, I turned my self in front. I was not able to resist the tickle. He slowly moved upwards by smelling me all over my body and planted a kiss on my left boob. I was knocked out with his move.

He saw my face, which was having a slight smile with lots of nervousness and closed eyes. My erect nipples were visible from my satin gown. He laid half on me. And kissed my neck, he entered his hand inside the gown and grabbed the left boob through the neck.

I felt his warm hand on my boob. He pinched my erect nipples with his fingers. I was in pleasure-pain and moaned in pain with pleasure. He gave me a love bite on my neck, which was visible after getting dressed too. I was moaning in pain and loved that part.

He then pulled my gown and brought it to my waist. Then he rubbed my waist, and then it was suddenly brought up to my neck and then removed. I covered my boobs with my hand. Now I was in front of him in my panty only. He can’t resist himself and came entirely on me.

He started fondling my boobs one by one and kissing me on my lips passionately. I can feel his erection. He was rubbing his hips again and again towards me. I was feeling more erotic. He came down and took both the boobs in each hand and started sucking them one by one like a small baby.

I was now moaning heavily and had a 2nd orgasm. He continued for 10-15 minutes. He was forcing his head towards my boobs with my hand. He was biting my nipples in between, which gave me pleasure with pain. I was moaning heavily. He released my boobs, which became red because of his lovemaking.

He then came upwards and kissed my lips like anything. His one hand was hugging me from back, and one was rubbing my waist. His hand from waist went down to my pussy. “Ah, what a feeling.” I tried to moan while kissing, and he bit my lower lips.

He was rubbing my pussy from my black panty, which was already wet because of previous orgasms. He was kissing me and rubbing my pussy with full force. I think I had another orgasm. He then went down slowly by kissing and licking every inch of my body. He kissed and licked between my boobs.

As soon as he planted a kiss in my navel, I got a jerk in my body. I moaned loudly. He moved down after giving a good lick on the navel. He kissed on the panty line with full force. I got a jerk again. He was kissing and licking my navel and with one hand rubbing my thighs and pussy in between.

I was moaning loudly in pleasure. He then went down and kissed the lips of pussy from the panty, “Fuck, what a feeling. I was on the 9th cloud.” I was not able to resist that feeling and had another orgasm. I was breathing very heavily and got sweat all over my body due to the lust and our erotic body.

He was kissing my wet pussy from the panty passionately. He smelled my pussy and said, “Baby, your love juice smells to erotic. I want to drink it completely and make it clean with my tongue.” I didn’t reply but moaned heavily, which gave him a green signal.

He pulled my panty down with force and removed it completely. Now I was fully naked in front of him. His hot breath on my pussy made me lustier at that time. He kissed my pussy lips slightly. I was in intense pleasure, and I wanted him to lick my pussy like anything.

I wanted to feel that pleasure for an infinite time. He then parted my pussy lips and, with his tongue, licked it. Oh, it was for the first time in my life someone has even touched my pussy like this. I was keeping my eyes closed tightly and was feeling the pleasure by moving my hips upwards towards his lips.

He licked my pussy lips, and I was moaning loudly now. He parted my pussy lips and rubbed my g-point with his middle finger. He licked my love hole with his tongue together while fingering. His speed increased, and he now came between my legs and pulled me towards him.

He kept my legs on his shoulder and grabbed my buts with his hands, and gave a good tongue fuck. I was moaning like anything with my closed eyes and was forcing his head towards my pussy to lick it more passionately. He licked my pussy for about 15-20 minutes, in which I jerked around 2-3 times.

I was not able to resist and wanted him inside me. He then gave a final kiss on my pussy and came upon me. He kissed my lips and asked, “Did you like it when I licked your pussy with my tongue and lips?” His talks made me hornier.

I replied, “It was the best feeling I have ever got in my life, now its time to give you a reward for this intense pleasure.” I made me lay on his back and came on him. I was damn horny with his pussy licking and tongue fucking. So I kissed his lips and chewed them, he moaned in pain.

He asked me to do slowly, but I was not ready to listen to him now. I went down slowly and kissed and licked his neck passionately. He was loving my lusty side and was moaning a bit. I felt his erection on my pussy from his pajama. I moved down to his chest and sucked his nipples and made them red.

I kissed all over his chest. He had some hair in the middle of his chest. I kissed there also. He was forcing my head towards him with one hand and with one hand scratching my back. I kept kissing and rolling my tongue on his bare chest. I moved down while kissing and licking.

Now I couldn’t resist getting fucked, so I untied his pajama and removed it. I can see his big long penis from his underwear. It was around 7-8 inches long, and the width was 2-3 inches. I got a shiver seeing that and imagining it going inside me. I kissed his penis from his underwear.

He was seeing me kissing his penis, which was in full erection. I kept biting and kissing the penis from his underwear. He was not able to resist now. So he pulled me aside and removed his underwear and became fully naked. I was breathing heavily, seeing his big fat tool.

He asked me to hold it and rub it with my hands. I did it but was afraid to go further. He asked me if I am comfortable taking his tool in my mouth? I denied and said it maybe later. He was not at all upset or angry with my words. He then pulled my hands towards him and made me lay beside him.

We again kissed each other with pleasure. We were not able to resist now. So, he came directly on me and started rubbing my boobs with one hand. He placed his dick on my pussy hole, which was wet. I wanted him inside for a long time. He rubbed his dick on my wet pussy, and I was not able to resist this.

So I asked him to put his dick inside me. He naughtily answered, “I also can’t resist fucking you hard, my love. I wanted to fuck from the moment you entered the room and wanted to lose our virginity. I was waiting for this moment since the day I kissed you for the 1st time in the theatre.”

“But I was afraid to ask you or talk to you about sex before marriage. Today I will fuck you the whole night, my love. I will release all my love juices inside you with full force.” Saying this, he pushed his dick inside me. It went half inside, and I screamed with pain.

He kissed my lips to decrease my pain and started pressing my boobs. I became normal that the pain reduced. He then again gave a stroke inside me, and the full dick was inside my wet pussy. Now his entire dick was inside. It was paining inside, but the pleasure was more than the pain.

I was screaming with pleasure and pain. He increased his stroke and was fucking my pussy passionately. Kissing my lips and biting them again and again, in between. He was fondling my boobs and sucking them, too, which gave an intense feeling.

He fucked me with full force. I was screaming and moaning and saying, “Yes, baby, yes, fuck me, fuck me harder, make love to your baby, fuck her like it is your last fuck.”

And after many great strokes, he cummed inside me and fell on me like a dead log. We both were breathing heavily. Then after a few minutes, we had another great fucking session. Then we slept nude hugging each other. And when we woke up the next morning everything was changed between us.

There was a shine in our eyes, sometimes we were not even able to see each other in public and sometimes couldn’t resist seeing each other. We fucked day and night after our marriage. We had sex on the train even when we were on our way to the honeymoon.

And touching boobs and pussy and grabbing buts in public became common between us. And kissing was done in almost every hour even when we were with our family members. Whenever he gets a chance to come to the kitchen or the hall, he finds a way to come near me and start touching or kissing.

We had many memorable sex sessions, which I will tell you in my next part.

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