18 yo cousin enjoyed in bed at mama’s place – Vacation sex story

18 yo cousin enjoyed in bed at mama’s place – Vacation sex story

Hello, I am Shirish, a Maharashtrian boy from Mumbai. This is a true incident that happened to me when I was in the first year of my college degree (FY B.com).

During my vacations, I used to go stay in my mama’s house for the entire duration of the vacations.

My mama lives in Solapur where this incident happened with my cousin sister Juhi, who is 18 years old. She’s too cute with a developed body figure. Whenever we meet, we used to share our school and college memories.

Recently, I was dumped by my girlfriend in Mumbai. So I was a bit depressed. Juhi sensed that I was behaving differently, so she asked me, “Is anything bothering you? I am observing that since you came here, you look sad and lonely. You can express what’s in your mind which is making you sad. I’ll help you out in this situation.”

I told her that there is nothing and I will talk about it later.

After my exams, I went to Solapur for the vacations. Juhi was also there. She’s a scholar student, always 1st ranker. She also lives in Solapur, but when she heard that I will be spending my vacation in Solapur, she asked her mom Roshni aunty if she could go to her mama’s place. Of course, she didn’t tell the reason that I too would be there.

It was a sunny day and we were roaming in the garden with a group of relatives. Juhi and I are in the same age group and so we were enjoying each other’s company.

After some days, her mom Roshni aunty came to mama’s house. Roshni aunty loves my nature and the way I interact with relatives. She always keeps telling her daughter, “Look how Shirish give respect to elders and how maturely he behaves, he is so humble and a kind person.”

I used to blush hearing her statements. That night about 11.30 pm in the bedroom, my Mami, Roshni aunty, and mami’s little kid were going to sleep.

Mami told me to sleep on the bed and the rest of them will sleep on the floor. I agreed and was just scrolling through my insta feed. Juhi came on the bed and said to me, “I’m feeling bored. What are you doing on your phone? Let’s hear some songs together.”

I took out my earphone from the pocket and we shared it, listening to the songs. After a few songs, 20 minutes had passed, everyone was sleeping carelessly without blankets.

It was summer days so everyone was feeling hot and uncomfortable. I know Roshni aunty snores in her sleep, so Juhi and I chatting in whispers about our school days.

Juhi was talking about all her teachers. I wasn’t paying attention at all, I was thinking to myself, “Kya badbad kar rahi hai,” after some time I told her let’s sleep.

Everyone was sleeping, Roshni aunty was snoring loudly. I told Juhi let’s sleep now and we’ll talk tomorrow. She just nodded her head and didn’t go to sleep on the floor.

My cousin sister was now lying beside me and I was thinking it’s ok, “Cousin sister to hai,” and after minutes she shifted near me and her leg was touching my leg.

A few moments later, she put her head near my shoulder and her breathing aroma was too different. I was feeling a bit uneasy as it’s like we were doing something different.

I was lost in my thought about my girlfriend and how we used to share these kinds of moments together cuddling and spooning. I don’t know what came into my mind, I rotated my head toward her head like we were watching each other.

I lost my control and planted my lips on my cousin sister’s soft pinkish lips (I don’t know what was that feeling but I was feeling relaxed), for one sec.

I was scared that Roshni aunty who was sleeping on the floor, may be able to see us. But the bed has some good height so no one from the floor can see what’s happening on the bed. I waited for a few seconds to proceed and after that, I was kissing her slowly.

I knew my cousin was awake but she wasn’t responding nor was she rejecting my kissing. After a few lip-locks, I sensed her lips were responding very gently. Aaaahhhhh, man what a feeling it was!

I confirmed that she was awake and enjoying the session of what was happening in between us. I slowly opened my eyes and was watching her cute face.

My cousin sister looked so cute and so beautiful. After a few hesitant lip-locks, I stopped and stayed in that lip-locked position. She might have been feeling horny as she started kissing so gently and slowly.

Inside my pants, my monster was getting bigger and bigger. I thought to myself she was my cousin sister and I was having fun with her. This taboo thought made my dick very hard.

One thing led to another as I picked her hand and placed it on my chest. She was now feeling my body in a circular motion. I pushed my body towards her and within seconds, we were cuddling each other. She was enjoying this scene.

After that, my evil mind told me to go ahead and do more. Juhi was wearing a zipper-type t-shirt. I placed my hand on her boobs and began gently squeezing them. My cousin sister’s nipples got instantly harder so I got the clue that she was enjoying my action.

I also loved the way she kissed me and was breathing heavily. I assumed that young Juhi was in that state of mind where anything I would do she wouldn’t object to my actions.

I pulled her zipper of the t-shirt’s chain fully down. Ooh, my cousin was not wearing anything under her t-shirt! I lost my mind completely and placed my palm over her soft boobies. Her body was getting warmer and warmer. I pinched her nipple quite a few times and felt her nipples were dry. I thought that I should make them a bit moist.

I parted my lips and started sucking and licking her neck which made her totally uncontrollable. Juhi then pulled me towards her and her boobs were completely trapped in my hand her. Her left nipple was getting a massive erection.

For the first time in my life, I saw boobs without an areola (black/brown spot). This was due to her young age and her boobs had just started to grow and blossom. I was delighted to see those amazing breasts, with her peanut like pinkish nipples.

Without wasting more time, I grabbed Juhi’s right boob and placed my tongue on her nipple. My cousin was so horny that instantly she grabbed my head and pushed it hard towards her boobs.

Now Juhi was enjoying every moment. Her body aroma was making me hornier and those small size boobs and a flexy fit figure was so amazing. I licked her nipples slowly and she’s now making a moaning sound like, “Ahhhhhhhh..”

Juhi said, “Please dada, slowly kara.” I was feeling her complete body and placed my hand all over her hips and boobs. But when I tried to place my hand on her pussy, she grabbed my hand and stopped me.

I knew that my cousin sister was not ready for further sexy moments so I dropped the idea of pussy fingering and went towards her boobs again as I sucked her boobs so gently.

In between all this action, I forgot that Roshni aunty had stopped snoring!

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