20 Interesting Things Worth Knowing About Girls!!

20 Interesting Things Worth Knowing About Girls!!

1. Even if a girl likes a guy, she wont ever be the first one to say it, it always be the boy who needs to start the talking.

2.A girl will always be soft at heart and can determine the depth of a relationship by the first kiss, so when u are into her ,make it happen.

3.Boys, if a girl asks you who she likes and she says “oh nobody” ,1% are telling the truth, 5% are lying and 94% are saying nobody because that somebody is YOU.

4.Girls love confidence in guys so be confident and tell her about your feelings for her.

5.If she kept you smiling since day one, keep her.

6.Girls love guys praising about them, so praise about their looks , appearance and choice of clothing, chicks dig it!

7.If a girl has a wall up it’s because it was built,Brick by brick, lie after lie, heartbreak after heartbreak.

8.When a woman isn’t happy and she yells at you, she still cares�If she stays silent you already lost her.

9.The hardest thing for a girl to do is to let go of the one guy she would do anything for.

10.If she gives you a second chance ,she’s a real keeper , now be a man and show her why she should be with you.
11.For a girl one romantic song is all it takes to bring back thousands of memories for her.

12.”K BYE” thats how you know you pissed off a girl.

13.When a girl sees you, she immediately thinks about what you’ll look like with your shirt off, She is just too shy to say it.

14.Girls think it’s sweet when you do the household chores like making dinner etc. they usually take care of, even if you screw it up.

15.Girls look at gift receipts, which include the date and time of purchase, as a way to find out how far in advance you planned.!

16.When you break a girl’s heart, she still feels it when you run into her few years later

17.When your girl cries, just let her cry. Don not act freaked out by it either. Give her a tight hug, and just be there for her.

18.If a girl and her friend are having a good conversation, it’s not a good time to interrupt them.

19.When you play with your girl’s hair, you’re actually making her fall for you more and more, they just love it.

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