A Fresh ‘Point Of View’ (POV) Story – Part 2 – Indian Sex Stories

A Fresh ‘Point Of View’ (POV) Story – Part 2 – Indian Sex Stories

Previous Part: A Fresh ‘Point Of View’ Story – Part 1

Hey lady. I’ve missed you so much. I miss your body. I miss the sound you make. I miss the look that you give me every time I fuck you, I miss your soft skin on my bare hands. Your hair. Your smell. You make me go crazy all the time. And now I’m here again to eat you out!

Let’s get into the story. Check part 1 of the POV story before proceeding further.

I whisper into your ear, “Now, it’s time for your punishment.” You hear my buckle sound. You feel me very close to your body, and suddenly you feel a hard tap on your nipple. I tap your boobs with my belt. I keep tapping your boobs, making it red.

I then rub your body at the end of my belt. It slides throughout your body. You feel the movement and sudden taps on your neck, back, navel, and lips. I then bring the belt to your pussy and tap it hard. You let a huge moan. I slowly slide it around and tap it again. You moan and shiver.

I keep tapping it on your pussy lips and clit. I then move the belt through your ass crack. I turn you around and make you bend. I widen your legs so that your butt hole is visible clearly. I give a hard tap onto your asshole with my belt. You feel goosebumps all over your body.

I then throw away the belt. I then bring a handcuff. You hear sounds of it. I lock your hands at your back. I then bring a candle and shove it in your butthole. I lit it. You literally feel the tension. You feel the heat in your butt. The molten wax drips over the candle and touches your butthole. You start shivering.

I pull out the candle from your butthole and move it across your back. The liquid wax drips all over your back as I move the candle.  For every single drop, you moan and shiver. I remove your handcuff and then bring a cold, wet cloth. I start wiping the wax off your body using the cold, wet cloth.

You feel relieved. I open your ass crack and slide the cold, wet cloth in the gap rubbing your asshole. You feel the cold in your butthole, and you let a moan. You smile like a baby. I make you kneel on the floor with pillows under the knees for support. I open the honey bottle and apply it on my hard rock cock.

I bring my cock near your face. You start smelling the honey. So you lean forward, and my cock rubs over your chin. I position your head with my hands and rub my honey-dipped cock on your lips. You then hold my cock with your hand and start giving me a blowjob.

The honey tastes so good that you suck it like bitch. You see the honey dripping over the balls, and you take the balls into your mouth in one go. You give it a really good blow until all the honey is sucked up. I lift you and push on to the bed facing upwards. I sit on your pussy with the honey bottle in my hand.

I take the spoon out of the bottle and drip the honey on your body. I first drip in on your lips. You lick it immediately. I then drip in on your neck, and it goes all the way down on your boobs, navel, and pussy. I keep the honey bottle aside and start licking your tasty lips.

I slide my tongue through your throat and lick all the honey. I start licking the honey and your boobs and chew it like anything. I tickle your nipple with my tongue. My tongue goes down to your navel, licking all the honey segmented in your belly button.

I then go down and dig my face in between your legs and start sucking your tasty honey pussy like anything. I suck it like an animal until all the sweetness in it is sucked away. I then pull your legs and place it on my shoulder. I rub my cock on your pussy lips. I rub it on your clit.

I then tap my hard cock on your pussy.  I slowly insert my cock into your juice fleshy pussy, sliding against your pussy walls. The head of the cock gets in pushing the fleshy walls, and you start moaning. You say, “Mama ulla vidu, da.” (Please put it in master.)

I then push my whole cock into your pussy like a rock tearing the flesh, making its way. You moan loud, and you get a new kind of feel inside your stomach as my cock reaches really deep. I push my cock deep into your pussy in and out. My thighs hit your fleshy ass, and it starts jiggling for every single push.

I fuck you really hard for few minutes. The room is filled with your moaning sounds.

I then turn you around to doggy position, and your ass smiles at me. I give it a hard slap, and it jiggles. It turns red.  My hands firmly hold your ass cheeks, and I push my firm cock into your pussy. I do it in and out that makes “Phat phat” sounds. We both moan loudly.

I say, “Thevdiya munda (you fucking horny slut),” and slap your ass really hard. I then remove my cock and pour some oil into your asshole. I apply some oil on my cock. I slowly push my cock into your asshole. You feel little pain due to the tightness of your butthole, and you moan loudly.

You tell me, “Maama vena vitru, daa (please leave me, master).” I push it deep into your ass, and you let out a loud moan. My whole cock gets into your butthole, and I feel the heat in it. Now I start fucking your ass in and out in doggy style. I start really slow, and I increase the pace.

I fuck your asshole really fast while the whole bed shakes with our movements making quirky sounds. I then turn you sideways and insert my rock damn hard cock into your pussy. I rub your clit using my left thumb and insert my right thumb into your butthole.

Your clit, pussy, butthole all three feel the tension at the same time. I fuck your pussy really hard while my right thumb making in and out motion into your butthole and left thumb rubbing your clit. This continues for a few minutes, and your pussy starts leaking.

I increase the pace of all three motions. You start screaming like a bitch. Unbearably you shout and release your cum. My cock feels your pussy juice, and it feels so good. I then turn you upside down, and we are in 69 position.

You start sucking my cock like a bitch while I lick your clit with my tongue. I push my fingers into your pussy and butthole at the same time. We do it for a while, and I feel like cumming. I sit on your stomach with my hard cock that is about to cum.

You start giving me strokes, and my cum splashes from my cock all over your boobs and face. We both feel exhausted. I take the cold, wet cloth and wipe your face and your boobs. I clean it completely. I also clean all the cum in our bodies.

We then lie on the bed together while I spoon you.  In a cold ac room, into the blanket, we spoon,  feeling the warmth of our bodies in the cold atmosphere and sleep together happily.

Did you like it bitch? I am gonna meet you again. Soon.

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