A Full Body Massage Led To A Hot And Erotic Foursome

A Full Body Massage Led To A Hot And Erotic Foursome

In the previous part, ‘Sensuous Massage To A Couple By 2 Guys’, I told you about the full body massage that my boyfriend, Jay, and I enjoyed.

After we finished lunch, Jay lay down in the bed. I chatted with them for a little. Then Bikash said, “Let him (Jay) take rest here, and we’ll continue the massage in the other room.” Jay told me he will come a little later.

Then we 3 went to the other room. I lay on the bed. This time Vikram sat near my legs, and Bikash sat near my head. They took the towel off of me and started rubbing my body. I closed my eyes. They massaged my back for 15 minutes and then told me to turn.

I opened my eyes and saw that they both were watching my body with lustful eyes. Vikram said, “Riya if you don’t mind, can we take off our clothes? It might get oily, and we don’t have AC in this room. So we are feeling hot here.”
I said, “Yes, sure, no issue at all.”

I didn’t even finish my sentence, and they removed their clothes in a minute. I glanced through their body and felt itching in my pussy. They were wearing V-shaped underwear.

Vikram poured oil on my stomach, naval, and abdomen while Bikash applied oil on my chest and boobs. They both started massaging again.

Without any hesitation, Bikash held my boobs firmly with both hands and started rubbing it from bottom to top, pressed both nipples, and then pinched it. Vikram rubbed my belly and abdomen. While doing so, his fingers were touching my pussy.

After a few minutes, he poured more oil on my pussy and pushed 2 fingers inside. He put his other hand on my belly for support and then started fingering very fast. Bikash then put his lips on mine and started kissing me. I guess I lost control. My hands reached Bikash’s head and held it.

I started kissing him too. Bikash kept pinching my nipples, and Vikram kept increasing his speed of fingering. It continued for a few minutes, and my pussy juices started flowing. All of a sudden, we heard the sound of opening the door of another room.

Vikram pulled out his fingers and started rubbing my thighs. Bikash drew his tongue out of my mouth. He covered my boobs and pussy with the towel and started rubbing my neck. Jay entered the room.

“How are you enjoying, babe?” Jay said. I looked at him and said, “They are good, I feel relaxed.” Jay sat on the bed in a corner and looked through his phone. Both of them kept massaging me.

After a few minutes, Jay’s phone ranged. He told us it’s from work. He received the call, left the room, and started talking. He was speaking very loud and loitering in the dining area. We all could hear his voice.

Vikram then took off the towel from my body and pushed his fingers in my pussy in a rush. Bikash started pressing my boobs and pinching my nipples. Then Vikram pulled out his fingers and shoved his tongue in my pussy.

Bikash took one boob in his mouth and started sucking while he kept mauling my other boob. Vikram then chewed my pussy lips, and Bikash took my other boob in his mouth. I was moaning, loud, and fast.

A few minutes later, they told me to rotate 90 degrees and lie again and turn. Vikram sat on my back and pushed 2 fingers in my pussy from behind. Bikash started rubbing my neck. I felt Vikram’s dick pressing on my ass crack. While massaging my neck, Bikash’s dick was brushing my face.

I could smell his dick. I closed my eyes again. I felt Bikash is deliberately thumping my face with his dick. Vikram kept hitting my pussy entrance with his dick inside the underwear. Suddenly Vikram pulled my waist up and put a pillow underneath. I opened my eyes.

To my surprise, I saw Bikash’s erected dick hanging out from his underwear. I opened my mouth in a shock and looked at him. He smiled at me, held his dick, and shoved it inside my mouth. He then held my head started fucking my mouth gently.

Vikram poured more oil on my ass, which flowed till my pussy. I felt his big dick entered my hole. He held me by the waist and started fucking my pussy. This is the first time I am getting fucked by another man who is not my boyfriend.

I knew Bikash will take his turn also, but who knew it’s the start of a lot more. Both of them were gradually increasing their speed. Bikash’s dick is 6.5’ and thick. I loved sucking it. He choked me a few times, but I liked it.

Suddenly Vikram slapped on my ass. He pulled my hands behind and held it pressed on my back and increased his speed. He pushed his thumb in my asshole, which made me more excited. I was moving my ass to his rhythm of fucking. And then Jay entered the room.

I guess we 3 lost our control and totally forgot that my boyfriend was just outside of the room. Jay entered the room and shouted, “What is going on?”

Vikram kept on fucking and said, “I  guess you both wanted a good fuck session after the massage. And she didn’t even stop us. She is enjoying it. Why don’t you join and have fun too?”

Bikash said, “Yes, after all, she is your girlfriend. Let’s have some fun together; it will be memorable for all of us.”

I tried to open my mouth and say something, but Bikash was fucking my mouth pretty fast. Only a few weird sounds came out of my mouth. Jay was shocked but excited too as I noticed a bulge in his underwear. He came to us. Vikram pulled his dick out and told Jay to take a position.

Jay removed his underwear and sat behind me. Pour some oil in his dick and pushed it in one go. I felt the jerk in my inner pussy walls. He started fucking me with deep thrusts while spanking my ass from both sides. Vikram came near my face.

I looked at his dick. It was huge, 8.5’ in length, and thick enough to ram my pussy. Bikash pulled his dick out of my mouth, and Vikram pushed his dick in. He then held my head and started fucking my mouth. After a few moments, Jay pulled his dick out and made me lie on the bed against my back.

He took my legs up in his shoulder and pushed his dick in my pussy and started fucking me faster than before. Vikram held my boobs and kept sucking them one after another. Bikash put his dick in my face. I held it and started sucking it. After 5 minutes, Jay pulled out his dick and came near my face.

I left Bikash’s dick and took Jay’s dick in my mouth. He shot his cum in my mouth. I swallowed it. In the meantime, Bikash lifted one leg and put his dick in my pussy and started fucking me. He held one boob and pressed it very hard. If I had milk in my boobs, I am sure it would have spray-painted the ceiling.

I felt immense pain in my boob. As soon as Jay pulled his dick out of my mouth, I told him not to be that rough. He apologized but kept on fucking. I took Jay’s dick again in my mouth and kept sucking it.

After a few minutes, Bikash pulled out, and Vikram took his position. He lifted my legs but folded it and pressed it against my stomach. Jay took his dick out. Then Vikram held me by the neck and entered my pussy and made long and powerful thrusts. I was moaning.

Every time his dick touched my inner wall, I felt a jolt in my whole body. A few minutes later, he left my legs and hugged me properly and then pulled me up. I was hanging while holding him by the neck. He held my ass and moved me up and down as his dick was fucking me from the below.

He kept on fucking me like that for 2 minutes non-stop. Then he lay down on the bed. His dick was inside my pussy all the time, and I was on top of him. He pulled my neck and kept his teeth on my earlobe.

With one hand, he held my hands and pressed against my back. And with the other hand, he lifted my ass and started fucking my pussy from below. Bikash then sat beside my ass. He poured more oil, and then he pushed his finger in my asshole.

He started fingering me while Vikram kept on fucking. A few minutes later, Bikash pushed another finger in my asshole and increased his speed. Jay came near my face. I lifted my head and took his dick in mouth and sucked it.
Suddenly Vikram tightened his hold and decreased his speed.

Without even realizing at first, I felt hot fluid overflowed my pussy. Vikram moaned in pleasure, and I understood he just released his thick cum inside me. I tried to get off, but his hold was too strong for me.

After a few minutes, his dick became normal, and it slipped out of my pussy. And his hold became weaker by each second. Without wasting any moment, Bikash pushed his dick in my pussy from behind while Vikram’s cum was still oozing out.

Bikash pulled my hair and wrapped his hand on my neck, and started ramming me. He held one boob firmly with one hand, and the other hand was busy choking my neck. Jay came near me and kissed me on the lips. Our tongue touched with each other.

Jay’s hand moved to my boob, and his finger was pinching my nipple. I couldn’t control the pain and pleasure together. I guess I had an orgasm again. Vikram lifted his head and reached to my nipples. He put his teeth on one and started chewing it vigorously.

My body couldn’t bear it more. My juices came out and got mixed with Vikram’s cum. Bikash increased his speed, and he went for my boobs to hold from behind. Then within a minute, he emptied his load in my pussy. He kept on fucking me. With each thrust, he released his load little by little inside me.

For the first time, I got fucked by another man apart from my boyfriend. Not just one man but two, that too, in front of my beloved boyfriend. Above all, they even cummed in my pussy.

Bikash drew his cock out and rushed to the washroom. Their hot thick cum and my juices were dripping out of my pussy. I got up from Vikram and lay in bed. Jay was still up for another round. He lifted my legs and pushed his dick in and started fucking me.

I wrapped his waist by my legs and pulled him closer. He left his weight on me and brought his face near mine. As he hugged me, I put my tongue in his mouth and kept kissing him. I felt the difference between a rough fuck and a passionate love-making. I was overjoyed, and soon he released his cum in my pussy.

He stayed on top of me for a few more minutes. Till then, Bikash came back. Vikram got up and went to the washroom. As I weakened my thighs, Jay pulled his dick out and lay beside me.

Vikram came back after cleaning himself. I wanted to lie in bed for a little longer, so I told Jay to clean himself. He got up and went to the washroom. As soon as he locked the door, Bikash and Vikram lay on each side. Then they each took one boob and started chewing nipples.

I held their heads and told them to stop. Vikram left my boob but slapped on it hard. Bikash did the same. Vikram said, “You are one fucking slut. I will make you my bitch.” I replied, “I will see to that.”

I got up as I heard Jay coming out of the washroom. I took the towel and went towards the washroom. Jay kissed me on my lips, and I entered the washroom. After removing my towel, I opened the shower and took a bath. I cleaned the oil from my body and the cum of 3 guys from my pussy.

In my mind, it was still happening, and juices kept flowing from my pussy. I was daydreaming about what just happened, and it made me more and more excited. My dream lasted for a few more minutes.

Jay knocked on the door and asked if I am done or not. I said I will be out in a moment. I turned off the shower and dry myself with the towel. Wrapped it around my boobs and covering till my knees, I got out of the washroom.

I saw all 3 of them lying naked in the first room where the AC is. I entered, and Jay said, “Let’s take a nap, then we will go in the evening around 8 PM.” I was also tired, so I said it’s fine. Vikram got up, and he said he has some work to do. So he will be in the next room. He went out, closing the door behind.

I was looking for my bra and panty. Then Bikash said, “Come on, don’t wear anything. Lie here naked.” I looked at Jay. He winked at me. I removed my towel and got in the bed naked.

Bikash moved to one side and gave me space between him and Jay. I slipped in. As the AC was on, I took a sheet and covered myself. Both Jay and Bikash also slipped under the sheet. I was not ready for it, but Bikash put his hand on my boob and kissed me in my lips.

I then turned to Jay, and we wrapped each other gently as a normal couple does. I kissed him on the lips, stretched my hand to hold his dick, which was not erected at that moment. I closed my eyes to take a nap.

After some time, I felt something hard touching my ass. I stretched my hands just to find out that Bikash’s dick poking my ass, and it is still hard. I turned my face to him to see if he is asleep. He was not. He smirked at me and then slipped his hands between my hand and waist and reached my boobs.

He held them and pressed them a few times. Then he started moving his finger on my boobs, nipples, and belly. It felt good, and I turned my face to Jay. Within 15 minutes, I guess I fell asleep.


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