A Girl’s Perspective Of Sex – Romantic First Time Sex Story

A Girl’s Perspective Of Sex – Romantic First Time Sex Story

Hello, guys Ratnadeep back again. I will be posting the second part of my own story very soon. But this story is a bit important. This is an odd story because this story is from the perspective of a girl. Let me thank you guys for the support you have shown me in my first story.

The first story I posted on the site reached a lot of readers, and one of them happened to be my friend. She is a girl of 24, two years older than me. For this story-writing business, I’ve been using a pen name. My real name is not Ratnadeep, to be honest. So let’s begin the story.

The main character of the story is a friend of mine as I already mentioned. She came across my first story, ‘The Purification Of A Friend’ and she liked it. But she was not aware of the fact that the writer of the story or rather say the guy with whom the incident happened was me.

Impressed by the story, she decided to mail me and appreciate my work. But deep down she was hoping something else. So, as usual, I opened my mails and went through the messages. Till then we were not aware of our real identities. Both of our email addresses had different names.

So we both started the chit chat like a stranger. We were talking about things like our life, love, affairs and that’s kind of stuff. Slowly she gained confidence in me as I was being nice to her. So one day she asked for my Facebook ID. I gave her the ID I use to hang out anonymously with other people who knew me.

She also sent a friend request from a fake ID. Then we started chatting on Facebook. But then I noticed that many of her photos have been liked by my friend named Aisha (Her real name is not being used as per her instructions). So one day I asked her if she knows Aisha.

She replied with a yes. And she also said that she was a good friend of hers. So she was liking her own pictures with her second and the fake ID. Then I decided to say that was my fake ID and I told her my real name. The second massage that I received came via WhatsApp.

It said: Kukur eitu toi nki? (Rascal, is that you?)

I was a bit confused. It was from Aisha. I asked her what was the matter. She said that the girl I’ve been talking with was herself. For a moment I was thunderstruck. My heart popped out of my mouth. I didn’t give her a reply. Just imagine yourself in my position guys. It’s really tough!

Your friend ending up reading a sex story you wrote and appreciates your work. For a moment I was like WTF? Then she came straight to the point and expressed her desire. Ranjana’s Romantic But Sad Past – Romantic Sex Story

She messaged: Listen, fool. I liked your story. I also want to write a story but I can’t. But you’ve got some skills in writing. I want to upload a story depicting my first sex experience with my boyfriend. Can you write the story for me?

I asked her, “Why don’t you write it yourself, dumbass? How am I supposed to portray a story I’ve never been into?” She replied, “Oh, come on, you are the writer you know how to do it. Just imagine it will be a feat for you.” I thought, “Yes she is right. This is a nice opportunity to hone my skills in writing.”

I said yes. She invited me to her house so that she can describe the whole story to me to put into the writing. So I went to her home in the evening. It is the corona thing going on so I had to wear a mask and all that stuff. When I reached her according to her invitation, there was no one in her home.

I asked why she called me at that time. She said, “So what do you expect me to do? Cry out my fucking experience in front of my parents?” This was the most reasonable argument I ever heard of a woman. I thought yes she is right. They are gone to market to get emergency things.

They will be back in and around 7 pm. Till then we have enough time to finish our story. Then she went to the kitchen and fetched me a cup of hot coffee. The weather was a bit cold and that coffee was perfect as per the surrounding. She started her story. I listened intently, sipping the coffee in between now and then.

So this happened last year. It was already three years of our relationship. But we never had any physical contact other than those long smooches that you probably know about. Arun (her boyfriend) is a good guy. He never asked for sex other than really loving me.

I knew he was the guy that’s gonna make happy for my entire life. So I was being honest with him. I fantasized many times about him but never dared to ask him for a night. And you know as it normally happens that we girls never make the first move. So it went on.

But this happened on his last birthday. I decided to give him a treat for his birthday and we went to a restaurant. There I wished him a happy birthday and we had snacks and tea. Then we were having a conversation when suddenly he said, “Honey, let’s try something adventurous today. This is getting all boring.”

I asked, “What adventurous?”
He said, “Let’s go to a bar today.”

I was a bit shocked as I never thought that he used to drink. So I asked him with an angry look, “ Honey, you drink?”

Arun: Oh no but I want to taste this alcoholic thing at least once. So I thought let’s experience it together.
Me: No, it doesn’t sound like a good idea.
Arun: Please. Please. Honey. Once and only once.

I couldn’t deny. He was begging. So I agreed. But I presented a condition that we will drink in a house, his or mine, not in public. He agreed. So on a Saturday night, he called me to his home. I was waiting for that call, cause I was pretty sure that he got all the things we needed.

I reached his home by 7 pm. His parents were gone to attend a wedding. So there was no one in the house except us After all the preparations were finished, we were all set to gulp our first glass of a costly wine. I don’t remember the name but it was fucking costly as he said.

So we pour two glasses of wine in two stylish glasses. Then we turned off the main bulb and switched on the dim bulb. The room filled with a red light. Then we cheered and took a sip of the wine. The wine came out of our mouths faster than it went in. The taste – it was disgusting.

Like I was drinking a mixture of neem juice and thick boiled water. It was just disgusting. Then we looked at each other and laughed our hearts out. Then we tried the second time. Somehow both of us managed to gulp it. I could feel the wine going from mouth to stomach spreading its awkward taste on the way.

Then goes popcorn. Then again a sip. Now the taste was a little bit bearable. We felt like grown-up adults enjoying sips of alcohol together. We kept on talking and drinking. I was wondering why would someone gulp this awful thing anyway. But we kept on talking on different matters.

Finally, the talking came to our point. We started talking about each other. He was explaining why he liked me so much and so on. I could feel that slowly he was getting lost in the drink. The same was for me. My reply was becoming irrelevant. He was asking something and I was answering something.

Suddenly I noticed that he was saying something about me and was staring at my breasts. At another time I would have felt embarrassed maybe. But it was different now. Instead of saying him something I asked him, “Do you like it, honey?”

He asked, “What honey?”

“My boobs?”

I was slowly getting high. He was not at all surprised. Maybe he was also getting high. He smiled and touched my boobs. He felt it for some time and said, “You know, they are excellent. I would like to see them. I have never seen them. Will you show them to me?”

I did something I don’t expect myself to do. I took off my tee. I looked at him, his jaw dropped in awe as he saw me in my bra. Then he came closer to my boobs as he was being attracted by some magic. He took a closer look and said, “Exquisite.”

I noticed a bulge in his pants. It was his cock. He was aroused. I was not my senses and neither was he. I straight away asked him, “You are aroused. Aren’t you?” He gave a naughty smile and noticed where I was looking. He then said, “I will show you if you want to see it.”

I went closer to him and whispered in his ears, “Of course, I want to.” Suddenly he kissed me. A deep kiss. I had kissed him many times before but never felt the way I felt that day. I instantly started responding to him. I took my whole body forward and rubbed it against his body.

I sat on his lap and started moving my hips. I could feel his hard getting harder just exactly below my pussy. I started dripping precum. My panty got wet. I was wearing a skirt. So my wet panty got his pants wet too as it was being rubbed against his bulge. Our kiss became a fight to suck each other’s saliva.

Our tongues met and we licked each other. He slowly put a hand on my left boob and started pressing it gently. His every pressure drew more precum out of my pussy. With each pressure, I was becoming hornier and my hip movement became fast. His pressure became hard on my boobs and it was hurting me.

But there was a joy. The joy of being crushed by a man. I liked it. It was slowly getting out of his control. He couldn’t take it anymore and pulled my boobs out of my bra. He started to suck the right boob while still pressing the left boob as hard as possible. My boob got red.

My hands got to his pants and I was rubbing on his cock above his pants. Then I unzipped his pants and touched his thong. I was surprised to feel the warmth and the hardness of his cock. It was as warm as some kind of high fever and hard as iron.

But there was some slippery liquid in the front of his cock – his precum. I touched the precum licked them. There was no certain taste. But I liked it. I wanted more. I pushed him hard making him leave my boobs and laying him on the floor. Then I came down from his lap and took out his cock.

My god! It was extreme in size. At least too much for a virgin pussy like mine. It was sure that this penetration gonna hurt like hell. But I was keener on sucking his dick then getting fucked by it. I stroked it two-three times making the precum spread all over my hand and then took it on my mouth.

It was big even for my mouth. I could feel it throbbing inside my mouth. The pleasure was out of the world. He was moaning in pleasure. I started blowing him. Slowly at first, feeling every moment of the pleasure, then picking up my pace and blowing him hard and fast.

Within a few seconds he cum. A huge load of cum exploded inside my mouth and I gulped all of them. It was unconsciously done. Maybe because I was too high to notice it. Then we took a pause. I laid beside him. I had seen in porn movies that boys can fuck once even after cumming.

So I asked him, “Can I blow you again?”
He replied, “You had enough fun honey, now it’s my turn.”

Then he got on top of me and started kissing me. First in lips, then in my neck, earlobes and then my boobs. He pinched and pulled my nipples while going down to kiss my belly. My nipples got hard as hell and I could feel it. Then he slowly kissed my inner thighs. This made my whole body shiver.

I opened my legs. He kissed my pussy. For the first time, my pussy was being touched by someone else than me. It tickled. At the same time, it made me aggressive. He slowly pushed his tongue inside my pussy and started tongue fucking me. I was going crazy.

It tickled and my pussy wall contracted and widened. I was ready to be banged. But he wanted me to beg for it. He kept it going. Then he softly slapped my pussy. I moaned loudly. Then he slapped my pussy again, but hardly this time. It made me go crazy. I could hold no more.

I got hold of his hair and buried his mouth in my pussy. I started humping him letting his mouth fuck my pussy. This made him gasp for air. He freed himself from my grip and set on his knees. Then he pulled me towards him and made my hip balance between his thighs.

I got mentally prepared to bear the pain of getting popped. He touched my wet pussy and rubbed my precums on his cock. Then he rubbed his cock in my pussy lips. I was scared now. Scared of the pain I was about to experience. I looked into his eyes. There was no sign of hesitation in his eyes.

It was pure lust and hunger for sex. Then he pushed his cock with a jolt and half of his thick cock went inside me. A sharp and powerful pain formed at my pussy and went all the way to my brain. The pain was enough to make me cry in pain. Then he pushed his whole cock in me with another push.

The pain was inexpressible. It was the worst pain in my life. Maybe he realized it. He paused for a long moment letting my pussy get easy. Till then he kept caressing my boobs and deeply kissing me. Slowly the pain was decreasing and a different joy was taking over me. It can’t be expressed in words.

I felt like tearing myself apart and still fucking him badly. I started moving my hips slowly indicating that I was relaxed enough to be banged. He realized and started humping me slowly. All of my body was burning in desire. I started moaning and it felt so good. My moaning became louder and hornier.

I started using all of the possible slangs I knew. He became aggressive. He got hold of both my boobs and started banging me with all his might. I was on cloud nine. Suddenly he removed his cock and asked me to go into the doggy style. I followed him. He instantly started the action in the doggy style.

Simultaneously he kept spanking my ass. It hurt, but I begged him to spank harder. He spanked my ass until his own hands were in pain. He didn’t mind what was the condition of my booty. His speed kept increasing. The sound of his body crashing in my ass filled the room.

He got hold of my hair and pulled them back. The moment felt never-ending. Then he released my hairs and got hold of my boobs from behind. Then his final moments were about to arrive and were mine too. His speed increased to an extreme level.

His grip on my boobs became harder and my body started squeezing inside. Then with a sudden release, my all stamina was gone. I was unable to retain in the doggy position and trembled on the floor. He turned me over withdrew his cock and ejaculated all his precious drops on my body.

It spread from my face to my belly. He fell on me then, exhausted and satisfied. We were quite for a minute. Then I slowly looked into his eyes. All the lust that was on his eyes some moments ago was gone. What remained was pure love. Something that only can be felt.

His eyes were still but glittering like he found something. Then he sucked my boobs till he was satisfied that all the red marking due to aggressive pressure was gone. He kissed my ass and said, “Sorry honey, I spanked you hard.” I didn’t say anything.

I knew that he knew that I enjoyed every moment of getting fucked and spanked. It was the best moment of my life. Feeling the pure love in someone you want wholeheartedly.

She finished her story. Her eyes were fixed in the empty sky. I took the last sip of coffee from the cup.  Then slowly removing her eyes from emptiness she looked at me. I broke the brief silence, ” So why did you tell me this?”

“It always feels great to share the good things in your life with someone through words. So I decided to tell you about my good moments. Now it’s up to you whether you write it or not? I trust you, dumbass.”

I preferred not to answer directly. So I said, “Thanks for the coffee. It was good. Maybe I will again come someday for a cup. But now I should get going. It’s already late. Bye.” She smiled. Maybe she found the answer.

So that was the story dear readers. All kinds of compliments are welcomed.

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