A Hug That Lead To Some Incredible Fun – Indian Sex Stories

A Hug That Lead To Some Incredible Fun – Indian Sex Stories

Hello friends, this is yet another of my real-life story. I am a huge fan of this website and decided to pen down a few of my real-life incidents that have taken place long ago. You can search by my id and read my other stories .

A brief about me, I am a good-looking 6 feet tall guy with a decent package located in the western part of the country. The heroine of this story was my student when I started teaching in the nearby classes.

I was a last-minute replacement teacher as the class teacher had fallen ill. The head of the classes asked me to fill in his shoes to complete the syllabus on time for the upcoming exam. I accepted the offer since I was free at that time. I wanted to utilize my time well and this was the perfect opportunity for me.

I entered the class on the first day with the headmaster giving my introduction to the students and leaving them to me. Once the headmaster left the class, I started with a quick round of students’ introduction. It was a small class. I noticed the last student giving her introduction to the class.

I was struck with her beauty and hotness. She said her name and introduced herself and I was lost in my world of imagination. A brief about this girl. She was around 5 feet 2-inch-tall with perfectly nice small boobs for a 20-year-old girl. A tight ass that should be spanked and turned red.

Thanks to her continuous yoga that she maintained herself so nicely (I came to know this later). Her glasses gave her a bit of a hot nerd look. Soon I came to know that she was the eye-candy of the entire class. Let’s call her by the name of Scarlett.

Classes started and all the students started liking me as well. I was appreciated for my teaching skills. Everything was going on well. One day Scarlett sent me a friend request on Facebook and that is how all the events kicked off. I accepted the request after a day.

She pinged me ‘Hi’ as soon as I accepted the request. It started with casual chit-chatting about ‘How are you?’ and ‘How are studies going on?’ She started asking me doubts over Facebook almost every day. After a week or so I was unable to sleep at night and was scrolling online.

I saw Scarlett online and pinged her. Instantly I got a reply back from her and we both started normal chit-chatting. It was past midnight and I asked her if she isn’t sleepy as yet. “As you have class early morning.” She replied that she was enjoying talking to a mature guy.

We both continued chatting for a while and things turned a bit naughty. I started teasing her about she is the eye-candy in the class. She confessed after a while that she does not likes boys of her age and likes to talk to mature guys like me. Post that it became a regular night-time chat routine for both of us.

Chats moved from Facebook to WhatsApp. One night when we both were chatting. She confessed that she has a major crush on me since the day she saw me. I was on cloud 9 for a second but decided to play it cool and win her over. I respected her feelings and asked her out for a lunch date over the weekend.

She readily accepted the date and asked for the plan to come up with a proper excuse at home. On the weekend, once our classes got over at around 1. We both left the classes. I asked her to park her bike in the nearby mall. I would pick her up in the car from the basement itself.

She asked me to pick her up after 15 minutes. I never understood the reason. But later got to know that she wanted to change her class casual dress to something good looking. When I went to pick her up, I was stunned to see her in a black off-shoulder one piece up to her knee and some light make-up on.

I was amazed at her speed of changing and complimented her for her hotness once she sat in the car. I started driving to my favorite restaurant around the town. In between, I was stealing glances of her hotness and noticed her push up bra highlighting her small boobs to the max.

The girl was smart to know how to use her beauty to drive me nuts. She caught me stealing the glances in between but gave a smile every time. We reached the restaurant and had a nice lunchtime. We both enjoyed each other company and spent almost 2 hours at the lunch table.

As we were about to finish our lunch, she came up with a request that she wanted to have a hug from me. Who am I to say no to such hotness for a hug? I asked, “Where would she like to have the hug?” she immediately replied, “In the car.” Once the bill was paid, we proceeded to the car parking.

We both sat inside the car and I leaned into her and gave her a hug that she requested. We broke the hug after 2 minutes. I started the car. I started driving towards the place where her bike was parked. 2 minutes into the drive I noticed that she was very quiet and looked a bit sad.

I asked her, “What happened?” to which she replied, “I wanted a proper hug and was not satisfied with the hug.” I was a bit confused as to what to do to cheer her up and asked her, “Do you have some time to spare or in a hurry to reach home?” She replied, “I do have a couple of hours before I need to reach home.”

I took a u-turn and started driving towards my family flat which was vacant as yet. It could be entered into without much attention. She was happy to go to another place and fulfill her wish. We reached the flat and went inside without anyone noticing us.

The society was empty at that time as we had just received the possession of the flat. The flat had necessities inside like a couple of chairs, a mattress with a couple of cushions and a bedsheet. Once inside the flat, she started having a look at the entire flat.

It was on the 20th floor and had a great view of the township in front of it. She moved to the master bedroom in the corner. It had a bigger balcony and was watching outside towards the garden through the balcony door. I quietly went behind her.

I slowly slid my hands around her waist and hugged her from behind. She was a bit stunned initially and then rested her head on my shoulder and enjoyed the view. I hugged her tightly from behind rubbing my body to her back all the while.

After a couple of minutes of standing in that position, she turned around and wrapped her hands around my waist. She hugged me tightly crushing her boobs onto my chest. After a while, I lifted her face by her chin and we both looked into each other’s eyes.

I slowly bend my head down onto her and started kissing her juicy red lips. She started responding to my kiss very well. We both walked back a bit so that nobody can catch us in society. I pushed her to the wall and started kissing her with all the passion.

Our hands were roaming all around our bodies and we were deeply engrossed in the kiss session. Slowly I broke the kiss and started kissing her cheeks to her ear. Licked her ear and started kissing her nape and the open shoulder and she was lost in a trance.

Once down on her shoulder I slowly unzipped her dress from behind. Let it fall onto the floor. She was standing there almost naked with only a black panty covering her pussy which already had a wet patch. Then I came to know that her dress had push-up bra padding inside itself.

I pushed her to the wall and started sucking her firm melons. I was sucking one boob while pinching. Smashing the other boob with the hand taking an alternate turn on the boobs. In between, I even spanked her lovely boobs to turn them cherry red.

Slowly I slid my other hand into the panty and started fingering her wet pussy with 1 finger. She whispered, “Go slow as this is my first time with a guy.” I was on cloud 9 that I am the lucky one to enjoy such hotness for the first time. I slowly started fingering her pussy and sucking her boobs while kissing her.

Her hands were roaming in my hair all around and pushing me onto her boobs to suck them harder. Slowly I made her lie down on the table placed in the corner. I went on kissing from her boobs through her cleavage down to the navel. Then the thighs and finally a sweet kiss on her wet oozing pussy.

As soon as I placed the kiss on her pussy, she shivered. I dragged her by the hips and pulled her closer and dug my face into her sweet pussy. Rolling my tongue inside her pussy and licking every bit of her virgin pussy. In between licking her from her pussy through her crack till her ass hole.

Within minutes, she had her first orgasm and she came hard with heavy breaths. I, at the receiving end, drank her cum as much as I could. She felt tired to the core. But she got up in a couple of minutes and bend down on her knees. Pulled my denim out, rubbed my cock over underwear and swiftly removed it as well.

Her eyes were glittering by looking at a real cock for the first time in her life. She looked into my eyes and tried to suck the cock as much as she could. Being a novice in the sex she was still sweetly trying to blow me off.  Showing off the blowjob skills she learned online.

Deenu Ki Doosri Chudai – Desi Kahani

I could not control myself longer and I pulled her on top and gave her a nice smooch. Turned her into the doggy style and made her take the support of the table in front of her. I quickly grabbed a condom from my wallet and wore it. Then I slowly rubbed my cock over her pussy for a while.

Then slowly I tried to enter into her pussy. It was very tight and took me a while to push half my cock inside her. She was gasping with pain. At one point she shouted at me to remove my cock. But then I consoled her. I told her to bear a bit with the pain for a while to enjoy the pleasure.

She went silent for a while and I slowly thrust my entire cock into her tight pussy. I hold on to my cock insider her for a while and then started to thrust her pussy slowly and gently. First, she was shouting a bit but then it turned into moans and she started to enjoy the pleasure.

I increased the speed after a while and started banging her pussy nice and hard. She had her second round of orgasm. I allowed her to rest there for a while. After she was able to recover a bit, I lifted her and took her to the kitchen. I made her sit on the kitchen slab and stretched her legs to the maximum possible.

I slowly inserted my cock into her pussy. This time it was a bit easy to penetrate her pussy and I went inside her comfortably. I started ramming her pussy nice and hard from the word go. I was pressing her boobs hard with 1 hand and she was moaning in pleasure.

She could not hold herself longer and neither could I. We both came together after a while of hardcore banging of her pussy. I bend down on her and sucked her boobs for a while. Then I lifted her, took her and made her lie down on the mattress in the other room and I lied down beside her.

I cuddled her up inside me and asked her, “Were you satisfied with the hug now?” She smiled, looked me into the eyes and replied that this is the kind of hug that she wanted from me. “You understood it now sir what a hug means.” We both burst into laughter.

I left her home after a while wherein she could barely walk properly due to the pain. I am sure her family members would have asked her the reason for her walk or would have understood the action behind it. From here our journey of some exciting fun started.

I increased her asset size considerably. She turned into a hotter and sexier lady who is always horny and eager to try something new. But being loyal with only me.

Till then ciao!

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