A Night Of Sex In The Hotel Taj – It’s A Dream Come True

A Night Of Sex In The Hotel Taj – It’s A Dream Come True

“One double suite?”


“Okay. Checkout is at 11 am tomorrow. Enjoy your stay!”

“Thank you,” he said as he pulled out his card.

“I’ll pay you later,” I said.

“Rachel, shut up. I know you will.”

I smiled. The long-awaited day was finally here. Our parents thought we were going on a trek. Well, we were gonna be doing some exercise.

“So, Rachel. What do you wanna do first?”

“I wanna check out our room first,” I said excitedly.

He laughed. “So eager. I like that.”

“Only for you, babe.”

“Of course. Who else is there?”

“Brad Pitt,” I teased.

“That’s all. Leave me for him,” he said while fake pouting.

I laughed and kissed his cheek as we stepped onto the elevator. There was another woman on the elevator. She got off on the 3rd floor. We needed to get off on the 9th.

As soon as the woman got off, he slammed me against the back wall of the elevator and pinned my hands above me.

“I’ve always wanted to do this,” he said as he kissed me like there was no tomorrow. He moved down to kiss my neck, knowing that it drove me crazy.
“Mmm…Mike,” I moaned.

The loud ding of the elevator on the 7th floor made us stop. An old man got the elevator, giving us a double-take but thankfully said nothing.

We got off the elevator on our floor and entered our suite.

“Damn, this is amazing,” I exclaimed.

“Only the best for you,” he said.

“Only the best for us.”


The room really was the best I’d ever seen. It had everything from mood lighting to a balcony overlooking the city.

“Rachel, come check out the bathroom!”

I walked into the spacious bathroom to find Anantha sitting on the ledge beside the sink.

“Ah, it has a sitting area. Nice.” I said as I went to sit on his lap.

“You look so beautiful,” he said.

I’d dressed up for today. I was wearing one of my nicest dresses. A short, black figure hugging dress coupled with black boots did make me look sexier than usual. His hand slid up my thigh as he kissed me.

“Oh, getting frisky already are we?” I asked with a smirk.

“I just can’t resist,” he said as his fingers brushed over my panty making me gasp.

“Save some for tonight,” I said even though I was loosening his tie.

“Hmmm, consider this early foreplay,” he whispered as his fingers pushed my panty aside to sensually rub my coochie.

“Hmm, okay,” I whispered back as I unbuttoned his sexy white shirt.

“My god you’re so wet!” He exclaimed.

“Well, what did you expect after what you did in the lift?”

“True. But damn girl. You’re this wet for me?” He said as he slowly inserted a finger in.

“I…fuck that feels good,” I said.

“A lot more than this is coming tonight,” he said as he inserted another finger, caressing my titties with his other hand.

“I’ll be coming a lot more tonight too.”

He grinned. “Well of course. It’s me honey. I don’t disappoint,” he said as he slowly picked up the pace, pausing only to take off his shirt which I’d unbuttoned. He kissed my neck as he inserted a third finger.

“How does that feel?” He whispered into my ear.

“Faster…” I moaned. He obliged, driving me to an intense orgasm.

“Mike,”I moaned loudly as I came, throwing my head back in pleasure. He took his fingers out carefully. They were dripping in cum. He kissed me softly before moving towards to the sink to wash up.

“Your turn,” I said as I started to unbuckle his belt. I kneeled down and swiftly unzipped his pant and pulled it down along with his boxers. I took a moment to appreciate his dick.

It was huge by any standard and me being smaller only enhanced its largeness. I grabbed it with both hands and began pumping.

“Ahh, Rachel,” he said as grabbed my loose hair and held it in a ponytail. I bent my head towards his head. I licked once. Twice. “Rachel, you’re driving me crazy,” he sighed.

I slowly took in his head and started to suck him off. Slowly I started taking in more. His hand guided my head, showing me what pace he liked. And before I knew it I was deep throating him. All 7.5 inches of that pornstar quality dick.

“Ahh, Rachel, I’m coming,” he exclaimed as he shot the largest load I’d ever encountered. I swallow it all up, a few drops sliding down my chin onto my boobs. I looked up at him, admiring the sexiness of his orgasm face.

“You look like a hot mess,” he said after he’d calmed down a bit.

“So do you,” I said as I washed the few drops of cum off me.

“Oh honey we’re not done yet,” he said as he led me to the bed. He pinned me down and bent to kiss my neck.

“Enough foreplay,” he said as he grabbed a condom.

He ripped off the cover and slid it onto his huge cock. I moaned in pleasure as his large cock expanded my tight pussy. Slowly he began to thrust, entering more and more of his cock each time till he was in balls deep.

“Harder,” I screamed as he pounded my pussy. He grabbed my ass and fucked me in missionary. Just as I was about to orgasm he pulled out. “What are you doing? I was just about to cum!”

“Exactly,” he said as he flipped me over. “You’re not allowed to cum so soon.”

“But…but,” I protested.

“Shhh,” he said. “Keep your head down, lift your ass up.”

I did as I was told. He grabbed my hips and entered me from behind. My pussy was already stretched so he entered me completely in one go. He grabbed my hair into a ponytail and fucked me to orgasm.

“Mike,” I screamed.

“I’m coming too,” he exclaimed.

Both of us orgasmed together and flopped onto the bed, panting and gasping for air after our ‘workout’. And it was only 5 pm. Who knew what pleasures the night would bring in with sex in the hotel Taj?

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