A Road Trip With Village Girls – Rustic And Raunchy Story

A Road Trip With Village Girls – Rustic And Raunchy Story

Hi, this is Mohan Reddy, once again with a story of around 24 years back about 2 village girls. I am 54 years now, and so am penning down some of my escapades.

I was 30 when it happened. It was the summer holidays for the schools, and my family had gone to my in-laws’ place for their holidays. I had work, so I could not go with them. After a week, I decided to give them a surprise. We did not have phones at home. So informing was difficult other than sending a telegram.

I decided to go on Saturday. But at night I came to know the busses were on strike. So, in the morning I took my Bullet and left at 6 am by road. I wore a loose kurta and pajama without underwear. The morning was cool. So I speeded up and covered 50 km of the journey in an hour.

I had to travel 300 km to their place. I stopped for tea, and at that time, 2 girls were waiting for a bus. I was talking to the tea-seller that the busses were on strike. They heard it and were almost in tears. I asked them where they were going.

They said the same place where I had to go. I said if they did not mind, I could take them. Their faces brightened up.

Now let me tell you about them. They were around 19 or 20 years of age with a good build. One was 38/28/32, and the other was 32/26/34. Let’s call the first one X and the second one, Y.

Both had worn ghagras and short cholies, more like saree blouses, with a chunni. This is common in the south. The girls had their blouses with the back open only 3 tie-ups across the back. You could say the full-backs were almost seen.

As in the villages, they did not wear bras. But the blouses were fitting to their bodies, so upholding and shaping their tits well. Due to chunnis, I could not see much. But the blouses had low cut cleavages showing the valley. I had my shoulder bag on the tank.

We had tied their bag on the back carrier guard, which I had. I asked them to sit, but they were not comfortable sitting sideways for that long a journey. It would take around another 6 hours or so. So they decided to sit cross leg. Due to this, their legs could be seen.

I adjusted the mirror straight to their legs, and so could see that bare skin could be seen till more than halfway up the thigh. They adjusted the Ghagra so that the people passing could not see their legs. We then started our journey, and I took speed since the road was empty.

The girls felt afraid, so they held on. I was driving, and behind me was X and then Y. X had her tits pressed in my back and was holding my legs under my kurta. This was not noticeable to those passing. With those lovely bumpers in my back and X holding to my upper thigh, I started getting an erection.

In a few km, it had grown to half-mast and was touching her hand. As we went along, she started feeling it over my pajamas and was massaging it. It grew full. I kept glancing at their legs, and their ghagras were flying. I was getting a good view of the left leg.

They had the ghagra firm on the outer leg so that it did not fly. I now, from time to time, put my hand back and felt their legs as though to see they were comfortable. After a couple of times, I did it, I heard a moaning kind of a sound from X.

So I kept my hand longer. When I saw in the mirror, she had her head facing up with her eyes closed. It gave me the indication that she was enjoying it. Then I would feel her grab my dick hard and massage it fast. We traveled another 75 km and stopped for rest and tea. Both the girls got down and went to the loo.

While coming back, they were looking at me and giggling. I asked them if they were comfortable while sitting. They said yes but that occasionally the thigh would ache. But when my hand would caress the thigh, the pain would go away.

We again started our journey, and this time Y sat behind me. As soon as we were a bit away, Y put her hand under my kurta and grabbed my dick, which was soft now after the halt. I also put my hand and caressed her leg till her upper thigh below the bum.

I moved my hand to the inner thigh. But as I was driving could not go much. Y was also in a trance, loving the feel. This went on for around 15 minutes. I found that she had untied the nada of my pajamas. She was playing with the bare dick and cupping my balls.

Occasionally when precum would come on the dick, she would wipe it with her fingers. Then remove her hand and suck her fingers. I then asked them if they do this regularly in the village. They said that they had never been with a man. They were enjoying only because they knew that it was just for the day and would never see me after that.

We covered 200 km from my place by around 11 am and had another 100 km to go. But it was getting hot. So they suggested stopping by a river as they knew the place. It had a nice shade during the day, and we could rest and leave at 5 pm. I said, OK.

I bought lunch, and we took them and went to the river. It was around half km from the main road, near a village but not too close. The river had an inlet where the shade was, and as good as no one from the village could see us. The girls brought some leaves to sit on.

I sat on a big rock nearby and had my legs in the water. From there I could see the place where the village women would come for their baths and wash their clothes. Just at that time, a group of 5 women came to wash clothes. I took out my binoculars and was watching them.

The women took off their blouses and were only in the lenghas and were washing clothes. It was a lovely view of women’s tits, some big and some small. The girls asked me what I was seeing, and I showed them. They started laughing. X told Y, “Let us also bathe.”

So they asked me to open the bows at the back. I did it and asked X to turn around so that I could take off the blouse. As she turned around, I removed the cloth from her arms and saw the lovely globes get free. While putting down the cloth, I pulled the lengha string, and it fell to the ground.

I saw she had a bush. I asked her why she kept hair around her cunt. She said every woman in the village has hair there. There was no barber to shave it for them. I took out my hair trimmer and trimmed the hair to around 1 cm long. Then with the very fine trimmer and my razor shaved it in a heart shape.

She liked it and went nude to have a bath. Then Y came, and I undressed her and gave her a clean, smooth, shaved pussy. She liked it and jumped into the water, splashing around. They then came to pull me in, but I said, “No.” They insisted and removed all my clothes and took me in the water.

There while bathing, I took turns and sucked both their tits one by one for at least 5 minutes each. They were near orgasm, so I fingered their pussies and made them cum. Now it was their turn to tease me, and they came from both sides. Y was holding me from back, and X shaking my dick in the front.

I then came to the rock and sat down. I asked them if they would like to taste my dick by sucking it. I said they should use only tongue and lips and take it in till the throat. They turned out to be fast learners. Y started sucking my dick, and I made X suck my balls.

While they were enjoying it, I pinched their nipples, making them hard. They both were enjoying it. They changed positions and continued for half an hour, pleasuring me. Then I told X that I will be spilling in her mouth, and she should drink up and also allow Y to drink some.

They said yes, and both had their mouths ready. As soon as I orgasmed, X drank a bit and gave my dick to Y, who then sucked me dry. I then finger fucked both to their orgasms and said they had never experienced it before. We then had lunch. It was 2 by now.

I said lets sleep, but they said they wanted to enjoy the water some more. They stayed in the water. We chatted, and they asked me all about sex and how babies come. So when I said that if the sperm goes in, it fertilizes the eggs, and then they get pregnant.

They then got scared that they would get pregnant. But I told them only if it goes in their cunts. So they were happy. I asked them if they want me to penetrate them as an experience. They said no but said I could fuck their bums. So I went and one by one fucked each girl in the bum.

They enjoyed it a lot and thanked me. After that, we all got ready and went on our journey, reaching by 7.30 pm. During that time, X sat behind me and played with my dick whole way.


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