A story of lustful desires – Losing virginity when in love

A story of lustful desires – Losing virginity when in love

I have written this story about lustful desires as it was narrated to me.

It was a cold Saturday night, and the New Year Eve was still a few weeks away. But Swati and her three friends, one female, and 2 boys, didn’t have the patience to wait to party. They decided to hit the dance floor in a famous pub on the outer ring road in J P Nagar, Bangalore.

Swati was new to Bangalore, and it’s cosmopolitan culture. She was from Sangli, a small city in Maharashtra. She had been selected through a campus drive by one of the leading MNCs in Bangalore. It was her dream to work at a leading corporate house and live the dream that every young girl yearned for.

She had befriended Divya, her PG roommate, and two of her close friends Kartik and Charan. The association had clicked off instantly. All of them good, young professionals from good families worked hard from Monday to Friday. On Saturday, they unleashed their hidden talent of dancing at a random pub.

Swati always despised alcohol and smoking but nonetheless accompanied her friends to the pubs. Her friends were also moderate boozers. They always took care to see that they never got into trouble either with law or family. They entered the pub as couples and settled down at a couch close to the dance floor.

Music was in full blaze. Many youngsters like them had already settled down with mugs and pictures and mocktails. Swati, as always, ordered a mocktail while the rest settled down for mugs of beer. Three of them excluding Swati got up to shake a leg or two after Swati declined to come on stage.

They got busy dancing and enjoying the music. Swati was slowly sipping her mocktail and looking at the three friends dancing. Swati’s eyes fell on a table at the far end of the dance floor. There was a small group of friends just like hers who were preparing to hit the dance floor.

One of them, a boy, looked hesitant to get up. He was not very tall but was fair and slim. He was in a nice red T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans which went well with his fair skin. He wore a pair of glasses, and his hair was combed well, indicating that he could be one of Swati’s own clan, shy and studious.

He finally got up and hit the floor. But he proved to be pathetic with his steps. When his friends laughed, he felt hurt and got off the stage. He exited the stage near the table where Swati was seated and looked dull because of all the fun poked at him. His friends dissuaded him from getting off, but he was adamant.

He stood near Swati’s table and beckoned the waiter to get him a mug of beer. The waiter brought a mug and handed it over to him. He sipped on his beer, watching his friends shake their bodies. Swati, who was a spectator, suddenly burst out laughing.

She said, “That’s why I don’t go there.” After having said this she realized, she should not have. When the boy turned towards her, she lifted her hand and said, “Sorry.” The boy didn’t mind. He walked towards her and asked her politely if he could sit at the table.

He extended his hand and said, “Hello, I am Vijay.” Swati shook her hand and introduced herself. The two seemed to hit off well. As they were chatting found many things in common except the language. He spoke Kannada while she spoke Marathi. The only other two languages common were Hindi and English.

They kept talking, and the topic shifted to astrology. Vijay mentioned that he knew palmistry and held Swati’s hand and began reading her palm. He kept hovering his thumb on her right palm. He started telling her that she would rise to a great position, marry, and have two lovely kids.

He went on, and Swati kept listening. When she saw a smile on Vijay’s face, she realized she had been conned. She hit him on his arm and said, “Everybody will marry and have children.” Vijay could not control, and he started laughing loudly. Swati felt embarrassed about being fooled.

Later the other friends also joined, and the two groups sat together. Swati was now sitting very close to Vijay on the couch. When Vijay kept his left hand on the couch, he could feel the softness of Swati’s ass on his fingers. Swati had not felt it.

But when she got up to pick up a wafer and sat again, she landed her ass on Vijay’s hands. That’s when she realized it. She felt a shiver run through her. After spending half an hour more, both the groups got up and came out of the pub. Each one was engaged in booking their cabs.

Vijay and Swati, by now, had developed a strong sense of bonding. Vijay offered to drop Swati at her PG, and surprisingly, Swati agreed. Thirty minutes later, the Ola cab stopped in front of Swati’s PG, and both of them got down. Vijay hugged Swati and bid goodbye to her.

Before going to sleep, Swati, who had saved Vijay’s number, sent a message on WhatsApp. Both of them chatted for a while. As the chat was progressing, Swati asked Vijay what he liked about her and promptly came a reply. Vijay answered that he liked her innocence and stopped.

Swati edged him on to say more. Vijay, then said that he liked her lips and also her eyes. Swati didn’t want to stop there and pestered him to say more. Vijay then mustered courage and said, “I love your bosoms. Even though they are not huge. They are soft, and your bottom is like a cushion.”

Swati was shocked for a while. She didn’t expect him to be so bold and simply said, “Chal hat, badmash.” and ended the chat.

The following weekend, Swati and Vijay made a plan to meet. Her friends pulled her leg for ditching them. But Swati explained that she wanted to spend some time with Vijay. Vijay picked her up from her PG in his car, and they started driving.

Swati was dressed in a nice salwar suit and applied a light make up. Vijay was looking cool in a black T-Shirt and dark blue jeans. Both of them looked very elegant. Swati did not know where he was taking her, nor did she ask. She was indulged in discussing what happened at the office and at PG.

They reached the toll plaza on the Nice road, and Vijay didn’t know where to exit. So he looked at the board and bought a ticket to exit near the electronic city. As they kept driving, Vijay held her right hand and gently squeezed it. He kept holding her hand and driving.

After some time, he pulled over and looking at Swati, asked, “What else?”  Swati just smiled and said, “What ?” Vijay didn’t reply, but he asked her, “Can I kiss you?”  Swati freaked out and said, “No.” Vijay made a sad face. Looking at him, she felt pity and said, “Only once.”

Vijay, like a child who had been handed chocolate, was smiling from end to end. He was holding her face. He gently put his lips on her lips and made a smooching sound and kissed her. It was Swati’s first kiss on the lips, and her face turned red. She put her hand on his chest and tried pushing him away.

But Vijay’s hold on her was tight. He continued to kiss and moved his hand to her right breast squeezing it lightly. It made Swati moan a little. She was wearing a salwar suit that had hooks at the front. What Vijay did next made Swati sweat.

He inserted his finger in the gap created between two hooks, and it landed on her cleavage. He moved his finger in the valley, which was slightly wet due to the sweat. He then managed to unhook two hooks, and now the gap was enough to insert his entire hand in.

He placed his palm on the bra covered boob and started pressing it to his heart’s content. Swati meanwhile kept trying to push his hand away but was a futile attempt. Vijay’s hand had now reached the inner part of her bra, and he was touching her erect nipples.

He gently pinched one nipple, and by now, he realized that Swati’s resistance had reduced. He started moving his left hand from her left shoulder towards her bottom. He reached her ass cheek, he gave it a gentle squeeze. Swati asked him to stop and, in a husky voice, said, “ Please stop, it’s becoming too much.”

Vijay wanted more. So he put, he removed all the hooks, and her entire chest region was at his disposal. He pulled the boob out of her bra and started sucking them one after the other. Swati’s resistance had become non-existence. She started moving her fingers through his hair.

It was getting dark. Vijay did not want to take any chance on the secluded road. So he left her and restarted the car and started driving. It was now completely dark. Vijay did not want to be on the isolated road for long.  They exited the electronic city, and on the way they had dinner.

When he stopped at the gate of her PG, Swati looked at him and said, “Why did you do this?” Vijay held her hand and said, “I love you.” Swati didn’t answer. She got down from the car and went inside her PG.

Even though both had determined not to involve in any kind of erotic chat, they ended up having one. By the time both of them surrendered to sleep, both of them were wet down there, and hugging a pillow both slept. The next week passed off with the usual messages and erotic chats.

When the weekend arrived, they were ready to meet. Swati had clearly told him that he had to keep his hands away from her. But Vijay did not promise. All he said was, “Let’s see.”

Vijay’s grandparents lived in Mysore but were now in Bangalore in Vijay’s house. They had come to attend a wedding and had stayed there for some days. Vijay had managed to get the keys of the house from his grandmother. Vijay was delighted, and with a grin on his face, he drove towards Swati’s PG.

He had not told her about his plan. But when she got in, he started driving towards Mysore road and only when they had passed a good 40 Kms, did he tell her that they were going to Mysore. Swati was aghast. She asked him to stop, but Vijay turned a deaf ear to her pleas.

Swati gave up and resigned to her fate. When they reached Mysore, it was past 9 PM. When he opened the gate, Swati realized he had planned this all along. They had eaten on the way, so there was no need to cook. Once inside, Vijay made Swati comfortable.

Holding her hand, he sat next to her on the couch. He held her shoulder and pulled her towards him. She put her head on his chest and hugged him. Vijay had given her a pair of shorts and a t-shirt to wear. He had changed to one. He always kept a stock of clothes in his grandparents’ house for an emergency.

He pulled her face up, holding her chin and lip-locked with her. His hands gradually moved to her ample bosoms and began kneading them. Swati had also become bold now. Hesitantly, she had moved her hand to his thighs. Vijay moved her hand on his crotch and pressed it once.

Swati was touching a male organ for the first time. She didn’t exactly know how to handle it but soon learned the art by trial and error. Vijay stood up, taking her along with him and lifted her up in his arms. He started moving towards the room. Swati was both fear-ridden and excited.

She buried her head in his chest as he entered the room, and he gently put her on the bed. He slept beside her and kissed her on the right cheek. He hugged her and slept like that for some time. Then he slowly moved his hands on her bosom and started making small circular motions on her right breast.

He moved the hand down, and when he reached the hem of the T-shirt, he lifted it up. The moment his finger reached the naval, he started inserting his hand inside it. This sent Swati into a tizzy. She let a small moan and pulled her right knee up in excitement.

She only managed to say, “Leave me, please,” but did not resist him. Vijay had put his mouth on her neck region and was necking her. Once, he even licked the area just below her right ear. Swati now was uncontrollably high on lust. She held his back and started pulling him towards her.

Vijay then pulled up the T-shirt till her neck. He now had access to her boobs covered in a silky netted blue bra. He put his mouth on it and started biting. His right hand moved down and unbuttoned the shorts. He got up and removed his t-shirt and shorts and was now only in his white jockey.

He slept beside her and then removed her T-shirt completely. He pulled her right boob out of the bra and started sucking the nipples. He made circular movements on the nipple. While doing it, he inserted his right hand into the panty and started fingering her vagina.

He put his hand behind and unclasped the bra and eased it a bit and left it dangling on her left shoulder. Swati’s boobs were not very big. But they were cute, and the nipples surrounded by dark circular areola made Vijay restless. He started devouring it with his mouth leaving it covered with his saliva.

He then sat on his knees and helped her out of the shorts. He could see her pubic mound covered in a matching panty. He could clearly see the wetness created by all the acts that he had unleashed on her. He removed his shorts and then searched for something in his jeans’ front pocket.

He pulled out a khaki cover, and from it came out a packet of KS condoms. He wore one on his throbbing member and removed the last two pieces of cloth from Swati. He went down on her and made circular motions on her gate to heaven.

When he looked up at Swati, he saw that she had closed her eyes and was making slight moaning sounds. He went up to her ears and whispered, “I want to make love to you.” Swati had no answer but consented with a nod. Vijay held his condom covered member and gave a gentle push. It did not go in.

He knew she was a virgin, and so was he. But he was aware of the action thanks to the exposure to porn sites that he frequented. He made a final attempt and plunged into her making her shout, “Tu mala marasila,” (‘You will kill me’ in Marathi.)

He had imagined this situation a lot. He had determined that if it ever happened, he would make it memorable for both him and her. He started to make love to her with passion. He gently played with her breasts and then also tried to hold her bottom. But the inexperience was evident.

He realized that there was no point in proving his expertise when he had none. He decided to take it slow and enjoy the moment rather than try to prove he was a stud. He loved Swati a lot. It was just not lust but also the love that had led to this.

Swati was experiencing guilt, lust, fear, and excitement all at once. She was not sure which was stronger. She had resigned to the fact that she was no longer a virgin. She remembered promising her mother that she would never do anything that would bring disrepute to the family. But now she felt guilty.

Meanwhile, Vijay was close to his orgasm. He was pushing hard. At the back of his mind, he was conscious of his performance. He tried his best to delay his orgasm. He was quite strong and did well. He began thrusting fast and finally reached the zenith and, with a grunt, unloaded himself.

Swati also had experienced sex for the first time. Despite all the things running in her mind, she felt satisfied with the first experience. She had held on to the sides, holding the bedsheet in a fist and intermittently beating the fist in pain and pleasure.

Vijay slept on her for some time and then rolled over. He hugged her and kept his head on her heaving chest. He could feel the tears from her eyes flowing down her cheeks. He wiped the tears and kissed her on her cheek. He then asked her, “ Will you love me forever?”

Swati answered by bursting out in a sob. She hid her face in his chest and managed to say in between sobs, “I love you.”

Swati and Vijay have been married for 2 years now and are happy with each other. There were some differences, but they overcame it. The story was narrated to me by both of them together.


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