Aastha’s First Time Ever Sex After The College Party

Aastha’s First Time Ever Sex After The College Party

I grew in a conservative family with a younger sister and a younger brother. It was the time when the internet was not a thing. We all know how big a taboo sex talk in Indian families is.

Ever since the first time I hit my puberty, I had this great urge to experience sex. I wanted to feel it, enjoy it, savor it. But doing it is not that easy in our country’s society. As I grew up in my teenage, my urges grew with me. But, due to my family and fear of getting found out, I kept them under control.

It was when I got into college, I fulfilled my desire. The city in which my college was located was far away from my hometown. My father had an urgent work. Hence, I was accompanied by my mother on my journey to college.

She was an uneducated woman, and tricking her was easy. I made up a few lies and tricked her into getting me into a paid guest accommodation rather than a college hostel.

As the college began, we all tried to get to know each other, and I was lucky to land a group of like-minded friends. The one in particular in that group was a girl named Alyssa Keith, who also became my best friend. Alyssa was Caucasian in ethnicity.

She was a white-skinned girl with blonde hair. Her parents came to India as refugees before her birth and settled here later. She was born and raised in India. She was an open-minded, fun-loving girl, and provided great help in fulfilling my desires.

It was our fresher party. The atmosphere was energetic. The music, the food, the crown, drinks, all were there, and it was mind-blowing. I was standing in one corner, with a glass of whiskey in my hand. Alyssa came, took me by my arm, and pulled me through the crowd.

She took me to the other side. A couple of boys were waiting for us there with similar glasses in their hands, but they didn’t look drunk at all.

“This is my friend Aastha,” Alyssa introduced me to the boys.

“Hi Aastha, I am Ravi,” the boy in the check shirt replied.

“Hi, I am Jason,” said the boy with curly blonde hair.

“Hi,” I said, shaking their hands one by one.

Jason was Alyssa’s elder brother, and Ravi was his friend. Just like her sister, Jason also had white skin and looked like European but spoke fluent Hindi, which was no surprise to me by this time. Both Jason and Ravi studied in the same college as we did but were 2 years senior to us.

They were wearing shorts and jeans. Their shirts were skin-tight, and the sleeves looked like they would tear apart if they just flexed their muscle.

“It’s wonderful to meet you, Aastha,” Jason said curtly. “My sister has talked a lot about you.”

“It’s nice to meet you too,” I replied, “Alyssa is a wonderful friend. Within just a month, we have become inseparable.”

“You look good in this denim suspender shorts,” Jason appreciated.

“Thank you,” I replied, smiling.

“So, what are your interests?” he came close to me and moved his finger over my bare thigh.

I felt a strange sensation in my body. I looked over to Alyssa for some clues. But she was busy snogging Ravi. His right hand was grabbing her butt, and the other held onto her white face. I tapped on her arm, and they broke off their kissing. She turned to me, and I looked at her cluelessly.

“Come with me,” Alyssa grabbed my arm and pulled me through the ocean of people, with the two boys on our tail. We got out of the tent set up, where the party was organized, across the deserted road, down the steep sandy slope and onto the bank of the river.

Our venue for the party was close to our college campus but was not inside it. The college building was a few paces away and would have been visible in broad daylight. But it was night time now. There were no other structures, and all the people who were there were inside the tent that we had just left.

We came to a halt once we reached the vicinity of a tall tree with reasonably tall bushes behind it. The two boys came close to us and stood in front of us. Ravi stood before Alyssa, and Jason stood before me. Jason put his arms on my waist and pulled me close. I turned to Alyssa with a puzzled look.

“You wanted to have your first time, so I got you a boy,” Alyssa said, Ravi’s hands were way done my friend’s jeans, moving up and down her butt cheeks.

“What do you say, Aastha?” Jason said, smiling. A strange chill went down my spine as Jason moved his hands all over my bareback.

I stood in one spot, completely frozen, with my eyes wide open and staring at the white face in front of me. Several thoughts passed through my head as he pulled me close. I was excited and nervous at the same time. I wanted to do everything right on my first time and was stressed about messing everything up.

My eyes closed on their own when Jason’s lips pressed against mine. I wrapped my arms around his head and replied to his kissing. He pushed his one hand down my back and inside my suspender denim shorts and other up my tube top with black and white stripes.

He pushed my panty down (inside my shorts) and moved his hand all over my butt cheeks. His thumb moved inside my butt cheek partition as he squeezed them one by one. “Want to explore further?” Jason asked once we broke off our kissing.

My eyes looked down at his feet, and I noticed a bulge in his jeans. He was as turned on as I was, but I had a worry in my mind. His friend, Ravi, was there, and I found it a bit awkward to strip naked before him. I turned to my left, hoping that Alyssa would take my cue and move to a different place.

But I was presented with an astonishingly different picture. My friend was stark naked and on her knees, with Ravi’s big and fat brown dick in her mouth. I was dumbstruck, not by the fact that my friend was sucking a dick, but by the fact that she was completely naked before her brother.

“What!” said Jason, smiling, turning my face towards himself, “this is quite normal for us,” he pointed at his white, blonde, naked sister.

“Don’t be shy. Just take your clothes off and get on with it. You will love it, trust me,” Alyssa said and once again put Ravi’s dick in her mouth.

Alyssa had just begun sucking the dick again when her brother unhooked the straps of my shorts, and the front flap dropped down. My heart began to thump against my chest as he pulled my top off and threw it away. I was not wearing any bra underneath, and my boobs were now exposed.

He pushed my shorts down with such force that it also took my panty down along with it. All I had on me now were my white sneakers. He put his hand on my head and pressed it down. With fear of probably messing things up, I let his take control and worked on his cues.

I went down my knees, held his cock in my hand, and put it into my mouth. I rubbed it with my hands along with moving my mouth around the white stick.

“No one could say that this is the first time you are doing this,” Jason commented.

“I have given a blowjob before. It’s just the penetration that I have never had,” I replied, smiling.

“Then, let us change that tonight,” he pushed his dick into my mouth again.

Back and forth, his dick went into my mouth, each time going deeper than before. He grabbed my hair and started fucking my mouth faster. I grabbed onto his thighs and let him do what he wanted. After a minute, I felt his dick tightening in my mouth.

He tightened his grip on my hair (that caused me a bit of pain) and shot his load down my throat. He held my head still in one place until he emptied all his semen into my mouth and pulled it out. I put my hands on my knees and stared at the sandy floor beneath, coughing, and out of breath.

“Ever had that kind of mouth fuck,” Jason said. I, unable to speak, shook my head. “Now, let me give you some pleasure.”

He helped me to my feet and asked me to bend over by the tree. Bent over, I spread my legs as wide as I could. My face just a few inches away from Alyssa’s, who was also bent over by the tree and was getting drilled by Ravi. Her big, round, white boobs hanging like some fruit from a tree.

Jason knelt down and licked my pussy. I shivered as a jolt of electricity raced across my body. He licked and licked for some time, and I continued to get even more aroused. Suddenly, my eyes rolled up, my mouth wide open, and I gasped. Without any prior notice, he had pushed his dick inside me.

I could feel his stick rubbing against the wet walls of my virgin pussy. A pain shot up my spine that I never experienced before. But the next second, I also felt an unexplainable pleasure.

“Aah,” a long gasp escaped my mouth as Jason started moving his dick inside me.

“How do you feel, Aastha?” said Jason quietly.

“Good, so good,” I moaned.

“Does it pain?”

“A little bit. But it also feels amazing,” I gasped again. I don’t know what cue he took from it and suddenly increased his speed. “Aahh, aahh,” I screamed.

“You like it, Aastha? You like it?”

“Aahh, yes, yes, I like it. I like it.”

Once again, after a few minutes, I felt his dick tightening. He gave a silent groaning, and I felt something wet inside me. It was evident that Jason had cum inside me. He pulled his dick out and slapped it against my butt. I straightened up and stood with my back against the tree.

There was a smile on my face. I had never experienced such pleasure before, and it was awesome. He pressed my boobs as we kissed again.

“I think this much should be enough for your first time,” Jason said quietly. “I hope you had fun.”

“I did. Can’t wait to do it again,” I replied cheerfully.

“Maybe after a couple of days. Give your pussy some rest. It will pain a little tomorrow since this was your first time. After that, we can have as much sex as you want,” he explained.

“Next time, I also want to enjoy you, Aastha,” Ravi exclaimed.

“Sure,” I replied, smiling.

I put on my panty and shorts and looked for my top. I looked around the tree and all around the sandy floor, but it wasn’t to be found. Then, Ravi hailed me and pointed at something at a distance. The thing he pointed at was actually my top, floating in the middle of the river, drifted away with the flow of the water.

I stood there, puzzled, not knowing what to do. I didn’t wear a bra because of my short top, and now, it was gone too.

“Just buckle the straps of your shorts. It will be fine,” said Alyssa in a matter-of-fact manner.

“But I am not wearing any top. It will draw attention,” I objected.

“Please, your shorts have a front flap that is covering your boobs well enough from the front. And your long hairs have already covered your back,” Alyssa explained.

“But my boobs are visible from the side,” I protested.

“See, now your hairs are also covering your side boobs,” Alyssa took a few locks of my hairs and pulled them to the front of my shoulder. “Besides, everyone in there will be too damn drunk to notice,” she added, pointing in the direction of the venue of our fresher’s party.

We bid farewell to the boys and made our way back to our party.

“Hey, you don’t feel uncomfortable being naked in front of your brother?” I inquired.

“It’s normal for me now. I have been fucking his friends for 2 years now. I walk around naked in the apartment all the time,” Alyssa replied.

“Friends?” I said. “How many of his friends have to been involved with?”

“So far, just those who lived in the apartment with us,” she replied casually.

“Are there more boys who share an apartment with you guys?”

“Yes. There is 1 more. Up till last year, there used to be 4 boys, apart from my brother, who lived in the apartment with us. Now, it’s just 2 more. I used to fuck with all of them.”

“Wow,” I exclaimed in astonishment. “I want to live like that.”

“Move in with us, and you can,” Alyssa replied. We both laughed and rejoined our party.

So, fellows, this is the story about my first time.

I will publish more parts in the future. Meanwhile, do tell me what you think about this one on I hope I was able to give you the pleasure you sought with this story. Thanks for reading. Bye.

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