Adjusting to the cultural shift in the city – Hot sex story

Adjusting to the cultural shift in the city – Hot sex story

Previous Part: From Dharward To Bangalore – A Cultural Shift

Thank you all for your comments. I really appreciate them. Remember, I am now a married woman with a kid, and I’m quite happy with my life. Not that it matters to most of the men out there who would like to fuck a married woman. Well, it’s not that hard if you are not that desperate.

Let me explain, we women are horny, and we like to fuck a lot. But it’s not like how men look at sex. To my female readers out there, you go, babe, be a bitch to the guys who are assholes to you. If you want it, then take it but don’t let the men decide what your career should be.

My second episode is called – Adjusting to the shift. It’s about me trying to find a dream fuck buddy who would sexually satisfy me, and hmmm… maybe I’ll ask him out if he’s not that desperate.

So, let’s continue from the previous episode.

About 3 months into college, we had the rich kids come in – the ones who got through the PGCET exam but faired more than rank 1000. See, I was one of those middle-class girls with ambition.

My blood boils when I hear about people paying for management seats with their father’s money. I scored 235 out of 5 Lack in the PGCET exam, which means I studied all my life and hard. Back then, I had my hair always tied in a jada (criss-cross ponytail like the villagers do). I was a villager, and I was god damn proud of it.

Anyway, the rich kids came in, and oh, there were a lot of hot guys and girls. As a woman from a village in 2009, I was horny as hell looking at them. But I also kept my guard up. A few people I kept a close watch on were Afreen, Kavita, Jagadeesh, Kunal, Deepak, and Jennifer. They were the hottest in the batch.

The class went on as usual, and I paid attention like a good girl. But at the end of each day, I just felt this urge to fuck a city boy or a girl. Yes, I had started watching lesbian porn. And to my female readers, I say this – we are all bisexual in one way or another. We, women, want to experiment.

Moving on, a week had passed since I met Sachin, and as any guy would do. For the entire week that had passed, he kept on looking at me and smiling in class. It sometimes turned me on (Thinking about the size of his cock) and gave me creepy vibes sometimes.

Guys, listen up – we women are complicated. One day we want to fuck you, and the next day we want to fuck your best friend. It is how we are mentally built.

Of course, at that age and time, all I wanted to do is fuck a city boy. It was the influence that porn has on ‘village’ women as hot as me. So, I went ahead and tried my luck. As the guys would say, I mustered up the balls to talk to a city kid.

I went up to Afreen and asked her if she would like to go shopping after class. I was in my MBA blazer, white shirt, tie, and pants while she was in jeans and a fancy red top.

Understand this, the management quota kids got special privileges. They could wear whatever they wanted until they got their official uniforms.

Afreen said no. As far as I can remember it, here’s how the conversation went.

Me: Hi, can we go to buy some junk jewelry that you are wearing? (In Kannada)

Afreen: Lol, this is not junk jewelry, and where are your tits? (In English)

I almost had tears in my eyes, and I said the dumbest thing ever!

Me: I’m sorry, I don’t understand that much English. (In Kannada)

Afreen: Then go get fucked by one of those dark, desperate guys staring at you. (She was pointing at a few guys looking at this whole drama and laughing.)

Man, that was hard for me. I ran to the women’s restroom and cried. I was thinking about her perfect boobs, curvy ass, beautiful lips, and amazing flowing hair. I thought about why I turned out this horrible.

To my female readers, listen up: You are perfect in whatever shape or size you are in. Just don’t be a bitch about it. Understand that some guys like big tits and a curvy body. You are lucky to be one of those women, but some guys like intellect, charm, and a tall woman (Ahem, like me).

The important thing that I learned so far is that we need to make the first move. Even if you like a guy who doesn’t just want to fuck you. Sister, you are not getting that cock if you will not talk about what your body wants.

Anyway, I washed my face and walked out to see a guy with hair up to his shoulders, rolling a joint outside the restroom area. (I didn’t know what a joint was at that time). My face was still dull, and he knew that I had been crying. He quickly put the joint in his pocket.

The guy: Hey, are you okay? (stammering in Kannada as if I was going to report him to the principal)

Me: I’m fine, I need to leave (still crying voice)

The guy: I’m not doing anything wrong (Still in Kannada, now literally begging me to not say anything to the authorities)

I ran out of the ladies’ restroom, wondering why that guy was there, after class rolling a joint? (I was still wondering what he was doing putting tobacco into a paper. I didn’t know what he was doing there.)

I was too emotional. And as any girl would at that time and age, I didn’t want to go back to my aunt’s house. So, this time I decided to call Sachin. Not because I wanted to fuck him, but because I needed emotional support. Sachin answered, and he was very kind to me.

Me: Hi, can you come to pick me up from college? (In Kannada, still sobbing a bit)

Sachin: Sure, give me 10 minutes. (In Kannada, hesitating voice)

Me: Please come soon. I’ll be waiting at the gate (In Kannada)

I knew that Sachin and his friends drink, and that day I really wanted to drink.

To all the guys and girls out there – body shaming and personality shaming to a woman is something you should never do. It damages us, women, for years. Not that I was damaged. I’m one of those emotionally strong women who can throw it back to you.

Sachin picked me up on his friend’s borrowed RX 100 bike, I loved the sound, and I loved holding on to him. I could smell alcohol in his breath. I knew that he was going to fuck me missionary style again. I was not going to let that happen again. So, I asked him to stop at a bar.

Sachin: Ladies shouldn’t drink. (In Kannada)

Me: Drop me at my aunt’s place if you are not buying me alcohol today. (In Kannada)

Sachin: Okay, what do you want to drink? Rum, Whisky, Beer, Vodka?

Me: I don’t care. Get me something to drink.

I did drink before in Dharwad. I must confess that I wasn’t a saint. I just wanted to make sure this guy knows how to use his big cock. And I was pretty emotional after what Afreen said to me.

Message to my male readers – we women are complicated.

We got to his room, and I poured myself a big glass of Vodka. As all guys would, he poured himself a glass too. And me another, and I forced him to drink some more.

He was drunk, and I was tipsy. He started to play some Kannada romantic songs on his phone. I danced for some time, poured myself another few drinks. I started to draw an image of Sachin as a guy how could speak great English, talk charmingly, and fuck me like an animal.

Message to my female readers – If you get a guy too drunk, his penis won’t work no matter how much you suck on it. Trust me, I’ve been there over the years. I was pretty drunk too, so I stripped and decided to take control. I pulled off his T-shirt and worked my way down to his penis.

By this time, he stopped dancing, and the horrible music faded from my mind. All I could feel was a big shaft between my hands. He tried to push me away, but I pushed his hands away and stuffed his cock all the way down my throat. I could say today that he loved it. He was ADJUSTING TO THE SHIFT.

I held him by his cock and dragged him to his small bedroom. I threw him on the mattress on the floor and sucked the life out of him. He didn’t cum because he was too drunk.

I mentioned that I am a tall woman with perky pointy A Cups and a round ass in my previous story. I could lift a guy shorter than me. That night I was going to have my way with a man (or should I say, boy)

He started to kiss me violently, and I loved every moment of it. After all these years, I can still remember that experience. He was on top of me, and I pushed his head down in between my thighs. My right hand was choking his head against my cunt, getting maximum pleasure of pussy licking.

My left hand was on my tits, alternating between each of them, pinching and feeling up.

Message to my female readers – I’m not insecure. But if you have big tits that you can suck on, DO IT during sex. I’ve only read about it, but I am deprived of it. So please yourself. Men like it when you do it too.

I pulled his head towards my face. I started kissing him while stroking his already hard big cock against my already wet pussy. I glided his big cock inside me, and in a moment, I almost came.

I let him fuck me missionary style for a while and then pushed him away. I turned, kicked him away, and got on my fours. I turned and looked at him and told him.

Me: I want you to fuck me like this

He didn’t hesitate. He shoved his long, big cock into me. It almost hurt, but after a few strokes, it felt really good. He fucked me on my fours for about 15 minutes, and boy, I came really hard on his cock.

Message to my female readers – If you want something in bed, ask for it. Sometimes your man does not know what to do.

He started to pound me really hard while I was on my fours. I came once more before he collapsed on top of me. I can’t say I could feel the condom and his penis inside me, filling me up. But it felt absolutely amazing.

I wasn’t fully satiated, but I could say that I got my way with a man for the first time in my life. I fell asleep beside him, cuddling and kissing. While still thinking about how he could be that perfect man I masturbate to every day – that man who could satiate me emotionally and sexually.

The next morning, I woke up sore in my cunt. I was still cursing Afreen to the depths of my heart for body and personality shaming me. I was still angry with her.

I WAS ADJUSTING TO THE SHIFT, just like Sachin was.

My name is Poojita, and this is my second episode. As the years passed by, I had many sexual encounters. Even one with the creepy guy rolling a joint you read about in this episode, my next episode is about him. I will narrate it in parts.

I’ve been married, divorced, and married again with a kid now and happy life (Maybe not). Thank you for reading.

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