Affair with new hot team member girl for benefits – Sex story

Affair with new hot team member girl for benefits – Sex story

Hello, I am Sire and was 31 years old when this happened. Interviewee Damm was a beautiful girl who happened to work along in my team for a well known IT firm. I was married and had a child when this started.

Long working hours and reduced time spent at home meant ogling at beautiful young girls working in IT. Working on this huge campus meant a young, pretty girl was never far away. The crowded lifts, the crowded cafeterias meant the aroma of juicy girls was just arms reach away.

There have been times when I have relieved myself in the toilets imagining one of those gorgeous girls. Not huge boobs, but those juicy, just ripe sized boobs, waiting to be sucked and pressed always felt attractive. Being in India meant either your hand was your friend with benefits or a lucky few had friends/GFs with benefits.

In my case, I could go home and hump my wife to my heart’s content, but the joy and fun waned after passing some years of marriage. Having a kid also meant the pussy never felt tight and left me high and dry on enjoyment.

Anal was something that we eventually resorted to but the pleasure of a tight pussy quickly vanished. Love towards the wife never diminished, but that partner with benefits was missing. The situation did not change over a period of time and desperation increased.

Work-wise, I was making gradual progress up the corporate ladder and an opportunity presented itself – well hold your horses not so soon. I was tasked to interview a bunch of graduates for off campus selection and those selected few were to be tagged to a few teams in the organization over the next 1 year.

Just fresh out of college the girls were just outstanding in attitude, dressing sense, and were more modern, outgoing, and did not have any resemblance of our graduate streams in the early 2000s. From the list of grads to be interviewed, I had 5 to be interviewed, 3 of them girls and 2 boys.

The most beautiful-looking girl did not make it on my list of interviewees which was a bit of a disappointment. But the boss had his own plans which I shall narrate some day.

Eliminating the boring boys from the story, the 3 girls were curvy, had well-toned bodies and most importantly 2 of the girls met my boobs criteria. They had one of the most well-rounded boobies that I was desperate to maul in my hands and passionately desired to play with those nipples.

Back to reality, the interview was done and I opted to have 2 girls and 2 boys for my team. One of the girls had tiny little boobs and so was out of my interest. The girl in the story was on my team and I was mentoring all 4 of them.

I had drafted a plan to help them excel in work and each was tasked with some specific work. I had an eye on my new hot team member Damm and wanted to make love to her. When a man makes up his mind, he does everything to succeed. So, with that goal in mind, I kept getting her in our discussions.

A couple of months passed and there was nothing substantive that happened between us other than the customary handshake with handshakes being longer than normal. Conversations were casual within the limits of family, her place where she lives, etc.

I was getting desperate to rip this hot office girl’s clothes and get between those legs but had no means of doing it. While the trips to toilets for masturbation increased, action at home reduced.

In the meeting rooms which are obscured, the weekly reviews were done and in one of those meetings our legs touched (a deliberate act on my part). She quickly retracted and said sorry, while I kept acting ignorantly.

The shirt my hot team member was wearing was not too tight or loose, just right to show the outline of her luscious boobs. (I did not know, but a man can always imagine). I casually passed a remark.

Me (Sire): You seem to be enjoying your work and time spent away from family. The newfound financial freedom must be encouraging.

Damm (with a smile): I come from a conservative family and have been looking for this freedom since the 2nd year of college.

Me: Oh, haven’t we all been looking forward to it. What have you done to celebrate it? Anything crazy outside the norms.

Damm: Nothing in particular, but have somethings in mind – a secret for now.

Me: Well, I am all ears to hear the secret and help you do that.

Damm (there were a smile and a soft giggle on her face): Well, time will tell. I will keep that in mind.

Me: What’s that giggle for? I think I know your secret. That giggle has a meaning and I think I know it.

Damm: Alright, go on tell me.

Me: Now is not the right space and time, but I will one day.

Damm: No please, what’s wrong here? No one is here and no one will come here. Admit, you do not.

Me: Let’s play that now, assume I don’t know. But remember I know it.

Damm: You are killing me, please tell me. I am curious now and want to see if you have guessed it right. Don’t do this to me, I will keep thinking about it all the time, please… please.

Me: Curiosity is good, I have been curious for the last 3 months, but haven’t I managed to wait and sit on the curiosity?

Damm: What are you curious about? Nonetheless, I am not you and I can’t handle curiosity, can you please tell me?

Me: Well, what do I get to tell you now?

Damm: Coffee, chocolate, lunch, dinner, you say.

Me: Great choices, but I need what you have in mind.

Damm: You can’t be serious. I can’t do that with you, you are married.

A moment later my sexy team member girl realized what she said. It was an awkward moment for her. I had a smile on my face and did not want to let go of this opportunity and I quickly bounced back.

Me: I am married, I am not hiding it and I am wanting this one time. I won’t force you into anything and we will stop at the first thought you want to stop.

Damm: It is still cheating and I am not prepared to break a marriage to get what I want.

Me: I get your point, at no point in this relation will there be “US” for a lifetime – we try it, if it works, it works as long as you want it. The day you decide it is over, it is over and there will be no BF dramas, no blackmails, no harassment, nothing.

Again, I am not saying this to lure you into it, but it is a gentleman’s promise and I will stand by it no matter what.

Damm: I am still hesitant, no for me.

I was disappointed but was in no mood to force her. We walked away from the meeting room and resumed our work. I did not want to look desperate and look around for her, knowing she is disturbed and will constantly be looking at my desk.

When it was time for us to pack up, my beautiful team member walked up to my desk and said she was leaving. I nodded my head with a smile. All-day after the meeting it was dead silence from me and a smile at the end of the day confused Damm.

She looked at me with a question on her face.

Me: Go on, is something disturbing you?

Damm: Yes, how can you be so cool.

Just then another colleague came up and heard “Cool” and he said, “What’s cool here? Did I miss anything?”

I casually said, “Everything is cool here and you were the one who was missed here. Glad you could come by the desk.”

He excused himself and Damm was still there and she softly said.

Damm: You remember the gentleman’s promise – don’t you? I need you to remember that all the while.

Me: Is that a yes?

Damm: It’s not a yes, but we will see where we end up.

Me: Your call.

Damm: My call, if you are finished work, do you want to get a coffee?

Me: Why not? Give me 5 minutes and I will meet you downstairs.

I met my hot office team member downstairs. We walked towards the coffee shop and then sipped coffee for 30 minutes with each of us sitting on opposite chairs and none wanting to talk about it. After 30 minutes of confusion, she finally said, “Let’s go, the Paying Guesthouse I live in closes at 9 pm, and its 7.30 already.

I offered to drop her rather than wait for a bus or ride-share and drove her to her PG. She wanted me to park the car a few houses away which I did.

She said, “Gentleman’s promise, do not forget,” and I smiled.

Just as she was getting down, she bent over towards me and kissed me on the cheek first hesitatingly and then the second one with more authority.

I said, “It’s only 8 pm, do you wanna go on a drive close by and I can drop you by 9 pm?”

Damm sat back in the car. She was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I started driving slowly and asked if she wanted to hold hands and we did.

Then I turned towards her. She was a bit afraid and tense. I touched her face and then touched her hair. All this while, we were looking into each other’s eyes.

Then I went near her, hugged her, and kissed her cheeks. I looked at her again. She seemed to be very happy. Then I leaned towards her and pouted my lips and went to hers. She quickly kissed and said you are driving and it is not safe.

She then said, “Let’s go back, I am scared here.”

I was disappointed yet did not see the point of forcing myself on her.

On the next available turn, as we reached closer to the PG, I realized that the street is not well-lit and there were hardly any vehicular movements.

I asked her, “Is it okay if we sit here for some time?” and she nodded.

I put my left hand in my hot team member’s hair and leaned towards her for a kiss on her lips. This time, she was more than willing and we were exploring each other’s newfound taste.

I was holding her hair in one hand and one hand was kept on her waist. We never let go of each other’s lips like it was a delicacy. I moved my right hand on her left boob and pressed it gently. There was a soft moan while we continued kissing.

Her hands were around my neck pulling me ever closer, while my hands continued exploring her unknown territories as we continued kissing each other passionately.

Damm’s left boob felt like a smooth sponge, round and firm while the nipple was a lighthouse on a mountain, excited!

I was trying to hold one of her hands and take it towards my excited member who was eagerly waiting to come out. There was a flash of light behind us and we broke the rhythm to see it was a 2 wheeler driving across.

Damm was conscious now and quickly looked at the time and was 8.45 pm and she said,

“Sorry I need to go…Bye!! I hope it’s taken care of tonight.”

While my hot team member swayed her rounded ass, her tight jeans were doing their job well holding her ass in.

I quickly adjusted my excited member and drove home. My wife and I had some steaming sex before calling it day. My wife was surprised at the load of cum I had presented her with.

What happened next? I will write that soon. Until then, girls take care, and boys help ourselves!

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