Aftermath – Story of sex with father-in-law

Aftermath – Story of sex with father-in-law

Previous Part: Father In Law Became My Man

Hi all, I am Sunitha. I hope you remember me. I am back with the continuation of Pushpa’s story. She is very happy about the feedback and your love. She has expressed her feeling to share the aftermath with you. Let us listen to her in her own words.

This is the continuation of my episodes with my Mavayya. My father in law became my man. Here is a quick recap of the previous part. In the heat of the moment, we lost control, and we ended up in bed.

The next day when I woke up, I was completely nude. My FIL was still asleep. I found our clothes lying here and there. I cleaned the room, prepared food, and left the office early as I couldn’t face my father in law.

I went to my office but couldn’t concentrate on my work. I started thinking about how eventful it was last night. The images of me being banged by my father in law flashed. I felt so bad and guilty, but my pussy felt so good. It was quite a mixed feeling.

I went to the washroom and checked for others’ experiences, whether someone slept with their FIL. To my surprise, I saw many women share their FIL experiences and how they are being satisfied. My guilt was reduced. My pussy was a bit painful due to yesterday’s bang.

I placed my finger, and it became very wet. I could feel my pussy’s urge to get drilled and my body’s. Urge to get laid. I went back to my desk, and again I was lost in those thoughts. Frankly speaking, he was much better than my husband. I was completely confused about what to do next.

How will I face him again? How can I stay with him for the next months? What will my husband, FIL, and others think? I called my FIL hesitatingly, “Hello, Mavayya.” He replied completely normal, “Hello Pushpa, say, you left early today? Is everything normal at the office?”

I replied, “Hi, Mavayya, I had a meeting a bit early. I have placed the food on the dining table. Please have it.” He replied, “Sure, Pushpa.” Sometime later, again, I felt horny. As I had seen manhood after months, this feeling was driving me crazy.

I convinced myself that whatever happened has happened and nobody can change it. I couldn’t work, so I left the office by taking leave for the rest of the day. I reached home and went in with the spare key.

My FIL came from his room and said, “Pushpa, you came early. Is everything alright?” My heart skipped a beat as soon as I saw him. Words were not coming from my mouth. I didn’t face him, but I replied, “Ha, Mavayya, I had no work, so I came home.”

He smiled and said, “That’s good. Let me know if you need anything.” There was a smile on his face. I silently went inside. I changed myself into a t-shirt and slept on my bed. Again I started feeling horny. I saw what Mavayya was doing silently from my room.

He was watching TV. My eyes fell on his lungi, and it reminded me of last night again. I decided that I wanted to be laid down by my father in law. I was feeling shy about how to ask my FIL to bang my wet dripping pussy. I couldn’t gather enough courage.

I went to the kitchen, I took the whiskey bottle. I gulped 2 pegs quickly. I felt the buzz, gathered courage, and stood before my father in law. I told him, “Mavayya, I have something to talk to you. Please don’t misunderstand me.” he looked at me and said, “Sure. Pushpa, what happened?”

I replied, “Mavayya, I don’t know how to say, but can you do what you did to me again?” He asked. “What, Pushpa? What do you want me to do?” I was ashamed of myself. I immediately turned around and said, “Sorry, Mavayya, I was just confused. I am sorry.”

I was about to go back to my room, and he caught my hand and pulled me over him. He placed his arms around me and said, “I can understand your situation, hope you understand mine as well. Don’t worry, what happened and happens between us will stay in these 4 walls. Nobody will come to know about this.”

He kissed me on my forehead. I laid my head on his chest. I kept my arm around his waist, and I raised my head and kissed his lips. He was so warm. He sucked my lower lip into his mouth. He kept his hand on my t-shirt and rubbed my back. With my tongue I pushed his lips and I sucked his upper lip.

I broke the kiss and sat on him. I have a sleek body, so it must not be a problem for him. I looked into his eyes. They were completely filled with lust, which I liked. I held his hair in my fist and kissed him hard. The lust animal inside me woke up. I pushed my tongue deep into his mouth. He rubbed all over my back.

He lifted my t-shirt up, and I offered no resistance. I lifted my hands and took it over. I felt his erect dick under me. I unhooked my bra, my boobs jumped out of that as if they were waiting to be sucked. I took them near to his face and pushed his face in between them. He pressed my left boob hard.

I gave out a cry, “Mavaya, slowly, they are not going to run away.” He kissed the upper part of my right boob and said, “This is the best one I ever saw. Perfectly round and enough for a man to go crazy.” I giggled.

He said, “Your nipples look like dark chocolate. I swear, the day I saw you in jeans I went crazy about you.” I replied, “I know, I could make that from your eyes.” He kissed me on my shoulder and said, “Who can move an eye away from you?”

I laughed and said, “Hmm, Mavaya, I didn’t know that you are good at flirting. I am flattered.” He rolled his fingers on my spine and said, “I am good at many other things,” and smiled. I couldn’t resist. I kissed him again, deeply on his lips. I couldn’t believe that I became so slutty.

I opened his shirt. I keenly observed this body, placed my hand over his chest, and was hairy and rough. There were grey hairs there, though I felt some loose skin and wrinkles, I liked it. I kissed him on his upper chest, slowly down to his nipple. I encircled my tongue around it.

He gave out the sound, “Abbaa Pushpaa…” I kept kissing his shoulders and lower chest. He untied his lungi and finally I saw his dick. It was a monster. I am not exaggerating, but my husband’s dick is much smaller than this. The dick head was heavy as if it was a huge crown resting on a snake.

He took my hand and kept on it. I was like, omg, it was like an iron rod. I felt my mother in law must have been very lucky to get a man like this. I stroked it up and down. He held my hair and pushed my face on his chest. I took out my tongue, licked it and kissed it.

Slowly he increased the pressure and pushed me down. I was at his stomach, I kept kissing. He further pushed me down. My face was a few centimeters away from his dick. He pushed me further. I said, “Cheee, Mavayya, no.”

He laughed and said, “You kid, looks like I have to teach you a lot, trust me, you will love it. Just love my body the way I loved your body.” I obliged. His dick touched my lips. This was the first time I have touched the dick with my mouth. I smelt it. It had a bit of an awkward smell.

Unknowingly I kissed it and began to kiss the whole dick. He had hairs around his dick. It looks it was not cleaned since ages. I kissed the lower part of his dick. I moved his skin a bit back and touched my tongue. It was a marvelous feeling.

I slowly opened my mouth completely and pushed it completely inside and looked at my father in law. He closed his eyes in pleasure. He kept his hand on the back of my head. He kept pushing in and out. I kept moving my tongue initially. Later, I started liking the feel of a dick in my mouth and started sucking the dick like a lollipop.

He was like, “Ahhh, Pushpa. This is the pleasure I missed for ages. You are an angel sent for my prayers. Oh yeah. Keep doing it. It feels great.” I got much more energetic due to his words. Kept sucking at more pace. I felt this pre-cum juices in my mouth.

He took his dick out. It was shining like a star due go saliva. He made me stand and pulled my pants. I removed my panty as well and stood before him. It felt bit shy. I covered my pussy with my palm and looked down. He turned me around and placed his hand over my ass cheeks.

He pressed them and said, “Pushpa, your beauty is at its best when you are naked.” He kissed my ass cheeks and began to bite them. My husband never did suck kinky things to me. I liked this erotic lovemaking. He licked, kissed, and bit there and suddenly slapped my bum.

I shouted, “Ahh, Mavayya, what are you doing?” He replied, “I am punishing my daughter in law.” I replied, “Yeah, the daughter in law likes the punishment. She is waiting for it.” He pulled me over him, I fell on his lap. My ass crack rested on his dick. He hugged me from behind.

I adjusted my hair forward so that he could have full access to my bareback. He kissed my neck and slowly on my spine. With one hand he cupped my boobs and other hand he held my hand tightly. He kept kissing down. He lifted my ass and then erected his dick and slowly made me sit on his dick.

I gave out a moan. He held my waist and raised me slightly and began to push inside. I felt like heaven. With one hand, I pressed my nipple and other hand I held my hair. I gently increased his pace, and I reciprocated his shots by pushing my ass up and down.

He placed his hands around my love handles and pressed them. Slowly pressed my boobs while giving shots to my pussy. He gave vigorous shots and paused for a while, and removed his dick. Then he pulled me towards him. My nipples were completely erect. He pinched them hard and bit them.

I gave out a cry. He said, “Such a beautiful pair, Pushpa. It looks like chocolate.” I blushed a bit. His dick got completely erect again. He lifted me, and I adjusted myself over his dick. Each stoke he gave made me go wild.

I placed my hands on his chest and shoulder and moved up and down to match his shots’ rhythm. My boobs were also swinging. He removed his hand from my hip and placed on my swinging boob. He pressed it immensely hard while his dick was exploring my pussy. I was in seventh heaven.

As his pace completely increased, I cried, “Mavaya, I am already done, can’t bear this longer. Please, it’s enough.” As I spoke, he became violent. The room was filled with my moans and the sound of his dick hitting my pussy.

I cried again, “You are a monster. My pussy never experienced such pleasure. You are better than your son.” As soon as I said this, he released inside my pussy. I fell on his chest. He hugged me. He kissed on my shoulder and asked, “Do you scream like this always?”

I pulled his cheek and said, “More the pleasure, more the moans.” He then slapped my ass laughing and asked, “So you say that I am better than my son?” I laughed out, pulled him near my lips, and said, “Obviously, yes, Mavaya,” and gave him a wild kiss.

We decided to have drinks. I got up and brought the whiskey bottle and glasses. I stood with two glasses in one hand and a whiskey bottle near my waist with another hand. He suddenly laughed out loud. I asked him the reason, he pointed out my pussy.

I looked down and found that our juices dripped out of my hole and flowing through my thigh. I winked and said, “See what you did to your daughter in law!” I kept my leg on his thigh, took his lungi, and cleaned with it. I threw it on him. His eyes were glued at my pussy.

I asked him, “What is left more to look at, Mavaya? You have seen and felt every inch of my body.” He said, “There are few wonders which we feel like seeing always. We don’t ever get bored seeing them. You are one among them.” I was surprised at his poetic and flirting skills.

I said, “Mavaya! You are poetic. You know how to impress girls very well. I am flattered.” I made a peg and gave him a glass. We started drinking and watched TV. More than that we were completely naked. After two pegs, I got dizzy and placed my legs over my father in law. With my toes, I rubbed his chest.

He took them and kissed my foot completely. I rubbed his dick with my foot, and he massaged my legs. I could feel his dick getting a bit harder. I kept massaging while sipping whiskey. I asked, “I enjoyed it a lot. When are we going to do it again?”

He jumped over me and said, “Now!” I was shocked at his stamina. He held my hand hard, and my whiskey glass slipped down and fell on the ground. He divided my legs and pushed his manhood deep inside. It was a quick but violent round of shots. He cummed again. I rested a while hugging each other.

We had a light dinner, and a few pegs post our fuck. The room and floor were messy again. I was hardly able to walk. I went to my room, he was about to go to his room. I came out holding the curtain and said, “Mavaya, you can sleep in this room if you want.”

I went to bed and covered myself in a blanket. Soon he came inside and came under the same blanket. We slept hugging each other.   Since then, I am being fucked by my FIL (Mavayya). My life has changed a lot after that. We are more like a husband and wife in that house.

My husband returned to India after a few months. Still, I and my FIL are fucking each other behind my husband’s back. I have an option to avail work from home, and I utilized it fully. Once my husband leaves for his office, we get into action.

While my husband is at home, I am my husband’s wife. The moment he steps out, my FIL becomes my man. I used to wear crop tops, shorts at home from then on. While working from home, I put my legs in his lap, and he showered with kisses.

We are still continuing this. He is satisfied now, physically and mentally, and we fuck each other now. I fuck my husband too. I enjoy both the dicks. My FIL fucks me in the kitchen, bathroom and we have covered every corner of the house.

Please drop me your comments and thoughts on my experience at [email protected] I hope you guys enjoyed reading about a real-life experience.

I am getting many emails both from male and female readers, requesting to write their experiences. Let me know if I should write about their experiences or publish my episodes with my father in law.

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