Almost-virgin housewife enjoyed by bhabhi’s brother – Hot story

Almost-virgin housewife enjoyed by bhabhi’s brother – Hot story

Hi, this is Mohan Reddy, a 54 male writing a story for one of my readers who have asked me to pen down and post it for her. So, I will be writing this in a story for her.

This is a true story of a young Indian girl Rekha, 21 years old, who got married in January 2020 after completing her graduation.

Rekha had a lot of expectations from the marriage. She got to learn a lot about sex from talking with her friends. But all this knowledge was virtual and theoretical for her.

In preparation for the wedding, Rekha had her friend put mehndi on her 36D-26-32 figure body – that is, on her hands, legs, tits, stomach and even on her pussy! The Indian bride looked good with all the designs and it looked like she had a tight body-suit on.

On the wedding night, both Rekha and her husband were tired and so they just kissed, undressed each other, and went to sleep nude. There was no sex on their first night.

During the sleep, her hubby held her and kept playing with her nipples till he slept. Soon, Rekha fell asleep too. Later when Rekha woke up, she looked at her sleeping husband.

Rekha was disappointed seeing her husband’s small penis but then she remembered her friends telling her that when the penis is erect, it becomes bigger. So she waited for her husband’s penis to become erect.

Rekha touched her husband’s small penis to see what it was all about. It felt soft but it started growing so she felt that it was how it would grow. So she played with the dick for a while and it became hard soon. However, it stopped growing at around 3.5-4 inches.

Rekha was amazed and kissed it. Her hubby had also woke up in the process and even though slightly surprised initially, he started playing along with his wife’s beautiful mehendi-decorated body.

There were designs of flowers around Rekha’s nipples and then a snake-form from the valley of her tits down to her navel.

However, her suhagraat was a disaster with only 2-inches of husband’s dick penetrating her pussy before he had premature ejaculation. Hence, Rekha couldn’t achieve an orgasm or enjoy sex. The only thing she enjoyed was the feeling of coming close to an orgasm.

Rekha tried her best in the first couple of months but found out that her husband was depressed due to the small size of his penis and so he was getting premature ejaculations.

Rekha discussed this with her friends who suggested oral sex as foreplay sessions but as soon as Rekha starts sucking her husband’s small penis, he would get a hard-on and immediately, he would spill his semen and then go to sleep. Rekha was getting sexually unsatisfied by each passing day.

On Raksha Bandhan day, Rekha visited her brother’s house. He had a big 3 bedroom place in which he and his wife and his brother-in-law Rahul who was 18 were staying. Her brother used the master bedroom with an attached toilet and the brother-in-law used the other bedroom.

Rekha got the guest bedroom. Both the bedrooms had toilet attached from inside but there were 2 doors so was shared by both.

Rekha’s bhabhi’s brother Rahul was tall and muscular as he worked out daily. The family enjoyed the festival but due to the pandemic, Rekha’s husband told her to stay with her brother for 15–20 days as her brother had requested.

During the day, she would help her bhabhi with cooking. At night, before sleeping, she would take a bath.

On the third day, it got late to clear up everything, and hence, by the time she was ready for bed, it was 11 pm. Rahul had finished watching TV and before sleeping, he would daily masturbate.

That day, around 11 pm, he went to the toilet as usual. Thinking that Rekha was asleep, he didn’t bother to lock the door before masturbating.

Rekha had just finished her chores and in the dim light of her bedroom, she started removing her clothes to have her daily bath. Thinking that her bhabhi’s brother was already asleep, she went inside the bathroom nude. She got the shock of her life when she saw Rahul nude and masturbating, sitting on the pot with his eyes closed!

His dick was in full mast of 7 inches. Looking at it, Rekha froze and unconsciously, one of her hands went to her nipple and started pinching it. She put the middle finger of her other hand into her cunt. She stood there for a minute and then came back to her senses and turned around to go.

Just then Rahul opened his eyes and saw Rekha naked in front of him. He was seeing a naked girl for the first time. He immediately apologized to her for what he was doing and asked her if he could see her as he had never seen a female anatomy in real life.

Rekha turned around but she covered her boobs and pussy with her hands. It was the first time a man other than her hubby was seeing naked. Rahul requested her to remove her hands to which she agreed reluctantly.

Rahul came close and looked closely at her boobs and even felt them and played with her nipples. Rekha started getting aroused.

Then he went down and touched her pussy. It was wet. He put his finger and played with her pussy lips and then inserted his finger. Since she was almost a virgin (her hubby had partially inserted his dick only 8-10 times in her pussy), it was tight and she felt some pain.

Rekha told Rahul to stop fingering her and asked him to lick her pussy for some time till she felt better. He was new at this so he licked Rekha’s outer pussy lips right from the top to her bum hole. She then asked him to insert his tongue into the hole.

Rahul started tongue fucking the sex-starved housewife and soon, tasted the juices coming out from Rekha’s wet pussy. He liked it and started sucking on Rekha’s pussy lips more vigorously. Soon, it brought Rekha to a minor orgasm.

As Rekha’s bladder was full at that time, she could not control and so she pulled Rahul’s head up and next moment, her pussy juices along with a bit of urine came out! She apologized to him and they bathed together.

Rekha rubbed his body with soap and also cleaned Rahul’s dick nicely.

After the bath, they decided to continue in her bed. They remained nude and went to her room. Now it was her turn to return what she received. So Rekha went down on him and started licking the tip of his cock. She was playing with his balls at the same time.

Then Rekha licked right from the tip of Rahul’s cock to his balls and then to his bum. Then she came back to the cock tip and took the dick slowly into her mouth and started sucking. Rahul’s dick started growing inside Rekha’s mouth and came to its full mast.

By that time, Rekha had his full dick in her mouth and the tip was touching her throat. During this time, Rahul was playing with her tits and pressing them and pinching the nipples.

Rekha felt so horny and wanted her tits sucked. So she came and lay down and asked Rahul to suck her tits.

Rahul now started by licking her full body from her neck to her navel. She squirmed and enjoyed the feeling. She was also pinching her nipples which were hard and big.

Rekha then took his head and brought her nipples to his mouth and made him suck. Rahul first licked the areolas around the nipples and then nibbled at the hard nipples. She was oozing precum and pulling him towards her breasts. Rahul sucked on the nipples for around 15 minutes making her cum at least 2 times.

Then Rekha went into a 69 and Rahul sucked out all the juices from her pussy as she sucked him till he spilled in her mouth. Rekha then drank all the cum.

That night, they both slept like that. They did not want to rush to love-making so they kept the sex for later.

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