Amateur Masseur Guy Nails Rich Indian Housewife In Hotelroom

Amateur Masseur Guy Nails Rich Indian Housewife In Hotelroom

Hi, my name is Sid (name changed of course) from Chennai. I work in a BPO and earn enough for living a good life. I am in my early thirties and very active in my sex life.

During the past couple of years, I realized that I have become an expert in cunnilingus (sucking cunt). I thought I will try to use this to make some extra money.

So, let’s go to the story now.

I posted an Ad in the local newspaper for a body massage. I got a call from a housewife lady that she was looking for a massage and invited me to a star hotel. She must be from a good and rich family, I thought.

It was my first massage-giving session and I was a little nervous. I reached the hotel and as instructed, I went directly to the room which was mentioned in the message sent by the lady.

She opened the door and to my surprise, she did not look like a lady in thirties. She was almost as she is in her mid-twenties! Her name was Meena. She had a perfect figure, good firm big breasts, fair skin and slim waist and rounds bums. We had a small chat for a minute and then we headed towards her bedroom.

I set up the bed with a sheet and gave her a towel to change into. She came back with the towel. Ohhhh my god, she was looking stunning! She had milky white legs and I could also see the top of her breasts. I somehow controlled myself and asked her to lie down on her stomach. She lied down as instructed.

I started massaging her shoulders. Her shoulders were so smooth and soft. I was rubbing her arms slowly and then I moved to her back. She was very relaxed.

I started from her back and poured some oil there. I was slowly going down on her back. Uff! I thought I will cum in my pants. But I controlled somehow.

Then I asked her, “Can I lower the towel to massage your lower back?” She said yes in a low sexy voice.

I lowered the towel until her butts. Now only her butt was covered. I went to her lower back and started massaging there. It was so smooth like butter. I realized that she had started moaning “hmmm hmm hmm” in low voice. She must be really enjoying my massage.

I moved to her legs. Her legs were soft and silky. Every touch of it was making me horny. Even though I have fucked many girls other than my wife, I was feeling like it was the first time I was touching a lady in my life.

I finished rubbing her legs and asked her to turn around to massage the front part.

She turned and I placed the towel on the boobs which went down till her cunt. So hot she was! I thought of taking my dick and putting it in her mouth. But I controlled my emotions.

I started rubbing her legs from the front this time. Slowly, I moved to her thighs. They were soft and creamy. I kept on massaging Meena’s outer thighs and slowly moved inwards. Now her moans got a little louder. I gathered some courage and asked her, “Do you like it, ma’am??”

She just nodded her head yes with a smile. I understood that she will let me fuck her. As I was massaging her inner thighs, I was getting closer to her cunt. I slowly touched it once. There was no reaction from her. Her eyes were closed and she was enjoying the session.

Now I moved to her shoulders. They were so soft and nice. I was massaging there very slowly and sensually. Then I moved to her upper breasts and started to rub slowly there.

“Oooh ohh aaahh aah”, she was moaning. Without asking her, I moved the towel from her boobs and started massaging her boobs. Her boobs were so soft and her pink nipples were erect. Meena closed her eyes and was moaning badly now, “Ahh aaaahhhh aaah aaah…”

I kept on massaging her tits and put one hand on her cunt. She opened her eyes and gave me a smile.

I started rubbing her cunt slowly. “Aaah aah aaahhhh ahh…rub it, baby.. rub there nicely..” She started moaning.

I moved my fingers between her cunt lips and started rubbing her clitoris. It was heavenly! She was moaning madly,

“Aaah ahaah aaaahhmmm..” and biting her lips.

Now I put one finger in her cunt and started moving it in and out.

“Aaah aaah aaahhhhmm hmm” sounds were coming from her. I put two fingers now and started moving them. After a few minutes, I slowly moved my head between her legs and kissed her pussy. She never thought that I will do that. (later she told me that her husband has never given her oral pleasure).

I slowly licked her vagina.

“Aaah aahhhh ahhhhha aah hah…”

I spread her cunt and put my tongue inside. It was so nice, soft and salty.

“Aah aaah aaah aaaaahhhh hmmm hmmm..”

I licked her cunt for more than 5 minutes and proceeded to her asshole. I put my finger inside, it was too tight. She let out an, “aaaahhhh”.

I applied some oil and put the finger again. It went in smoothly this time. She was still moaning.

“Aah aahhh ahhh hhhmm…fuck me baby.. please fuck me now.. ahh ahhhhh.. I am your slave.. please fuck me now..”

Meena grabbed my dick over my pants and started rubbing it. I was in heaven. She took it out and without wasting any time, she started sucking it.

Even though I have a normal-size dick, I can fuck any lady for more than 10 or 15 minutes. But this time, I thought I was going to cum in her mouth because of the kind bj I was getting. But luckily, that didn’t happen and I managed to ‘survive’ the amazing blowjob session.

Then I went between Meena’s legs and started fucking in missionary position. “Chap chap chap” sounds were being heard due to the oil and juices.

“Ahh ahhh ahhh..” Meena was moaning loudly.

Then I turned her on her fours and started fuckinh her in doggy style.

“Aahhh ahhh fuck be baby…” she was moaning like a bitch.

Ooooh ooooh oooh aaah.. I am coming..” and she had a big orgasm.

I fucked her ass as well that I will tell in the next part.

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  1. I also want to fuck someone, tell me if you are a rich woman

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