Banged hot aunty in office on the floor during lockdown – Real sexy story

Banged hot aunty in office on the floor during lockdown – Real sexy story

Hi readers, I am Manu, 26 years old, six feet tall, and a 6.3-inch dick size. I work as an accountant in a private company in Kerala. This real story is about my relationship with our office staff, Radha.

About Radha: she is 42 years old, with a very sexy but somewhat bulky figure. She has a fair complexion and huge boobs. Her husband passed away two years ago and she has two kids.

The following incident happened three months ago, during the start of the Corona related lockdown. Our boss was stuck in his hometown and most of the staff couldn’t make it to the office due to lockdown either. But because I stayed in a rented room near the office, the boss called me and told me to open the office every day.

So, by 9.45 in the morning, I took the keys and opened the office. By 10 am, Radha came in as usual. Her house was only 15 minutes walking distance from the office.

That day, she was wearing a light brown saree with a brown blouse. Since there was not much work, we started to chitchat. We got very friendly and started talking about my marriage plans, and she also opened up about her personal life.

After some time, she asked if I could help her out by lending her some money. She said she needed around 10k for some household emergency.

I thought for a moment and then said ok but I have a condition. I told her I needed a kiss from her. She got angry when she heard my demand and said it was not going to happen.

So, I started to tell her how beautiful she was and how a kiss was not going to make any problems. I literally started to beg Radha. Finally, she agreed for just one kiss.

When I stood up, she also stood up and walked towards me. She came close to my face and started to kiss me on my cheeks. I told her the deal was to kiss me on my lips. She slowly came close to my lips and gave me a quick, soft kiss.

When she was going to move away, I suddenly held back her head and pressed. She tried to pull her face away, but I was kissing her so hard that she couldn’t move her head. After a few minutes, she also started to enjoy it and opened her mouth to me. I put my tongue inside her mouth and sucked her lips.

I moved my hands towards her ass and started to press them hard, over her saree. Her ass was very soft. She started to lick my lips. I pressed her boobs through the open side of her saree. They were huge!

She stopped kissing me and told me that the door was open and someone could walk in and see us. So, I went and locked the door, and came back. By the time I had returned, she had started to remove her saree.

Now, she was standing in front of me in a brown blouse and black petticoat. I saw that she had tied her petticoat above her navel. I hungrily pulled her towards me and started to press both her boobs.

My dick was rock hard and noticing this, she pulled down my pants’ zip and put her hand inside. She held my dick and started to squeeze it. I told her to take it out and put it in her mouth.

She kneeled in front of me, between my legs and took my dick outside and started to suck on it. Oh my god! She was a pro at sucking. After some time, I unhooked her blouse. She was wearing a white bra.

Next, I unhooked her bra and her huge boobs came out. I took both of them in my hand and started to press. Then I took one in my mouth and sucked on her nipple. When I gently bit one of her nipples and she moaned “Aahhaa…” So, I took the other nipple in between my fingers and pressed. She kept making noises like Aahaa, Oooooo, etc.

I pulled down her petticoat a little so that I could see her navel. It was round with a big hole. I put my tongue inside that hole and started to lick. I licked her whole stomach and she was enjoying it.

Then, I untied her petticoat and pulled it down completely. She was wearing brown panties. I couldn’t believe that Radha was standing in front of me only in her panties, showing me her huge bare boobs.

She lay down on our office floor and I slowly removed her panties. Her pussy was clean shaved. I couldn’t believe she maintained her pussy even two years after her husband had died.

I saw that she was already wet so I slowly spread her legs and started to lick her pussy with my tongue. After I had licked her wet pussy for some time, she was moaning without any control. So, I put my middle finger inside her pussy and started to stroke. She was enjoying it.

I took off my clothes and lay down on top of her. When I told her I was going in she said it was ok, and that she already had birth control surgery. I put my dick on top of her pussy and slowly pushed it in. Half of my dick went inside. I suddenly pushed hard and my whole dick went inside.

She shouted, “Aahaa… slowly.” I fucked her for around five minutes and then I increased my speed. After some time, I was about to cum so I took my dick out and came on her navel. Again, I put my dick inside her and started to stroke.

Then, I lay back and told her to sit on top of me. She slowly took my dick in her hand and sat on it. As soon as it got in, she was pounding on my dick and her boobs were bouncing. I took her boobs in my hand and started pressing them. She was moaning. We continued like that for some time.

Then, she stood up and bent over. I inserted my dick into her pussy from behind and started fucking this hot aunty. After some time, I asked her if I could cum inside her and she said ok. So, I increased my speed and came inside her. Slowly I took my dick out and my cum was dripping from her pussy.

She was so tired she just lay back on the floor. I also lay back beside her and asked her how it was. She replied that she had really enjoyed it after a long time.

After a few minutes, she stood up, cleaned her pussy with a tissue, and wore her panties and her bra. Then she wore her saree and went to the office kitchen to make some tea. I also cleaned my dick and put my pants and shirt back on.

I realized it was around four in the evening, so we drank our tea, closed the office, and went to our own homes. The next day, lockdown became stringent and our office was closed but it has reopened a few weeks ago. But other than some quick kisses and a BJ, we were not able to enjoy ourselves after reopening.

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