Beautiful married Muslim neighbour fucked – Lockdown story

Beautiful married Muslim neighbour fucked – Lockdown story

Hello guys! Thank you for liking my previous story, “Sex story of my wife and her work colleague”.

I am Kabir, a 28-year-old married guy living in Mumbai. I am an IT engineer working in a reputed MNC.

This story happened during the lockdown in Mumbai with my next-door neighbour. I stay in a 20-floor tower where we have multiple flats on a single floor.

The heroine of the story is a 31-year-old married housewife who stays next to my flat.

To describe the heroine of the story, she is Zeenat (name changed), a 31-year-old married housewife with a figure 38-28-32. She is neither fat nor thin, she is perfectly figured with the right amount of flesh at the right places which makes her look so sexy that it gives you a boner right away.

She is 5’8 in height with a very beautiful face and very fair skin which makes her look nonetheless like a model. She is an educated and pretty much broad-minded lady.

The married neighbour is a good friend of my wife because of which I also communicate with her and talk to her in general which made me add her to my Facebook account where I used to send her normal quotes and jokes.

Zeenat just used to respond casually with a smiley on that and nothing went beyond that. Also, I never tried to increase it because she was my wife’s friend. I always had a dream to sleep with her but it was not so easy to do.

As the country went into lockdown, it was somewhere in June when her husband had to go for his office work to some other city leaving her alone in the house. He had just gone for 2 days but due to the existing lockdown, he was away for around 20 days.

My married neighbour started feeling lonely after 5 days of her husband not returning as she used to upload lonely quotes on social media. One fine day, I messaged her asking if everything was fine with her. She responded that she was not feeling good alone and wanted someone’s presence.

Looking at her message, I had made up my mind that then was the right time to approach her for friendliness. I replied that she can come and stay at my place as her friend would also be there. But she denied saying no and I never forced her.

Two days passed by without any message. The third day I messaged her asking about her status and told her not to tell my wife that I messaged her as she might not like it (I had to do this to take her in confidence). Her reply was very stunning. She said, “Yes obviously, I won’t say that at all. In fact, if you can give me some company also, I won’t say.”

That was the right time. I said, “Fine and I will come tomorrow early morning to your house.”

I made some excuses at home with regards to my office. I went to my neighbour’s house early in the morning. Zeenat was asleep. Finally, she opened the door. She was wearing a V-cut sleeveless top and loose pants (translucent pant).

I could see that my married neighbour was not wearing a bra as her bra straps were not visible and her nipples were erected which showed that there was no bra.

I stepped in. She was very happy to see me. She hugged which shocked me and gave me a boner which she might have felt too!

We spoke for 5-10 minutes and I asked her to sleep as I had to do my office work. She went to sleep in her room and I was in the living room working. While my work was done, I had nothing to do so I started reading sex stories and my penis was erected soon. I thought to seduce my sexy neighbour Zeenat.

After some time, I could sense that Zeenat was getting up from sleep. So I pretended to be sleeping in the living room in such a way that the bulge in my jeans was visible and the tip of the penis was out from underwear and jeans (I had adjusted that) with my shirt up till my chest.

As she came out of the room, she saw me sleeping and noticed the bulge and tip of the penis. I could see her reaction as I was just pretending to be sleeping. My married neighbour was just staring at me and then she came a little close to me. She bit her lips with a soft moan.

My sex thirsty married neighbour Zeenat then moved her hands towards her pussy and started rubbing it with soft moans. Then she sat down in squat position and was rubbing her pussy now by putting her hands inside her loose pants.

I then moved a little, to which she got scared and moaned a little louder, “Aaaahhhhh Kabbbiiiirrrrrr..” She removed her hands from her pants quickly. I was sitting in front of her, she was embarrassed and went to her room. I just went behind her to console her.

Zeenat was standing near the window with her back towards me. I went close to her, held her shoulders with both hands, and touched her ass with my bulge as I was so close.

I told her in her ears that it was ok and I can complete what she had left. Listening to it, my horny neighbour wife just rubbed her ass on my bulge which instantly gave me a green signal. I started licking her shoulders.

Zeenat immediately started moaning and turned around to give a great smooch. We were exchanging tongue and saliva as her soft lips were eating my lips. She was moaning as well while we were smooching.

I started moving my hand on her hips as this was my fantasy with my neighbour as her figure was just so sexy. I held it quite hard to which she was smooching me more tightly, holding my face with both her hands.

From her hips, my hands went to grab my neighbour’s ass which was quite round in shape and fluffy. I just grabbed it from above her pants and massaged her ass. Our smooch was still in progress. In between, she was licking my neck, chin, through my chest, ears and biting them as well.

Her ass was just amazing which I couldn’t control to handle. I just removed her pants and was playing with her naked ass as there was no panty.

I started spanking Zeenat’s ass cheeks and it was just moving up and down. She was getting more mad and removed my shirt and bit my upper body. This all was happening while we both were standing.

I then wanted to feel her ass hole,. I wet my finger and rubbed on her asshole and slowly inserted into her. She screamed in pain and bit me very hard on my nipples making a visible mark on my body. I removed immediately but it was just awesome.

Now I started licking her upper body and removed her top. I started sucking the horny housewife’s white boobs with pink areola and nipples. I was just sucking it like a baby and she was just moaning while she held my penis and massaged it over the pant.

I guided her to remove my pants, and in a fraction of a second, we both were fully naked.

We hugged each other tightly and rubbed each other’s bodies. I started rubbing her pussy with my fingers while I was sucking her upper body. I could feel that it was a clean shaved pussy which was fully wet by now.

Zeenat took my 3 fingers and inserted them in her pussy. She was moving her body in such a way that it was kind of intercourse.

She then went on her knees and while standing and directly grabbed my penis. She started sucking my penis and balls along with licking inner thighs, pee hole, and taking my 6-inch dick inside till her throat and looking at me like a porn star.

She was an amazing sucker of dick. I asked her to stand up. I kept her one leg on the bed and one on the floor, got on my knees and started licking her pussy from behind till her asshole while kissing on her ass cheeks and spanking them until they became red.

She was moaning like anything, “Aaaahhhh uuuuuhhhhh..” and she was now asking to fuck me.

I went in front now and again sucked her pussy by opening her pussy lips. It was the sexiest pussy I have seen in my life, fully pink and cleanly shaved pussy.

She was pressing my face to her pussy as I was sucking it madly and with a loud moan she reached climax and cum on my face oozing liquid.

She was screaming with pleasure and just licking my face and eating her cum. I made her stand and bent her like a doggy and rubbed my penis in between her ass cheeks and at the same time, I was licking her back and she was moaning.

I then bit her ass cheeks as I became a fan of her ass. In the same position, she held my penis and inserted it in her pussy.

Upon asking for a condom, she said she didn’t care now and will manage with pills. I was happy to hear this. I started giving light strokes from the back and still spanking her ass and her loud screams were echoing in the room.

I was fucking my married neighbour in that position for 10-15 minutes and then her back was paining. She made me lie on the bed and came on me like a cowgirl position and got fucked by me. She was just riding on me at her full pace and I was stroking her at the same pace where I was about to come.

I asked her if I can cum inside to which she said, “I am also coming, you cum inside only.” With a loud moan, I came and she also came at the same time. Both of our cum was coming out of her pussy and wetting me, bed, and her.

We both were very tired and slept in that position naked where she was above me.

When we got up, it was again hard as she was naked. I started smooching her to which she responded well. Again we had a lot of foreplay and licking over the body and licking her ass cheeks and back.

We had good oral sex in 69 position which we both enjoyed. Then we had intercourse in the butterfly position for around 8 minutes and then I made her lie on the bed with her stomach down and ass up.

I widened her legs to open the pussy area and I slept on her. I started fucking her in that position for 15 minutes. I could feel the ass and pussy at the same time.

After stroking hard, I was about to cum. I removed my penis and put it between her ass cheeks, rubbed it, and then released my cum which went until her pussy.

We both were breathing heavily and smooched and cuddled as by then I didn’t want to leave her. She was loving me in return and while smooching, we both went to the bathroom to clean.

We both had a shower and in the shower too we had foreplay and doggy style sex.

Till evening we had one more session and we both enjoyed that. She said to me that it was the best sex till date she had.

After that, we again had two more sessions till her husband came and neither my wife nor her husband knows this.

We are now back to normal how we were before. Let me know how the story was and if you want me to write about the next sessions as well.

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