Becoming Her Temporary Husband – Cheating Indian Wife Story

Becoming Her Temporary Husband – Cheating Indian Wife Story

The heroine of this somewhat real incident is my neighbor Akshita. She is 2 years elder to me but has a personality to die for. The more I secretly see her more she becomes charming for me. Coming back to the story.

With time I and Isha started meeting Akshita and her husband (Akhil). We used to go on a double date whenever Akhil is in town. Akhil was an auditor in a big firm so he used to visit many countries for audit purposes.

Once Akhil and I were drinking when our wives were at their native places. The topic started with politics, technology, cars then boobs. The following conversation happened. After 4 pegs.

Akhil: Dude, you know when I was a teenager I used to fantasize about big boobs like that of Kendra Lust.

Me: Fantasize? Why are you not happy with whatever is in your bucket?

Akhil looked for a sec in my eyes with anger then he laughed.

Akhil: Chill! I think you haven’t noticed it?

Me: What?

Akhil: Come on! I have checked out your wife. Haven’t you checked out Akshita?

Me: What you perv? Ok. Honestly yes I did check your wife. (inside I was feeling good that finally, we are talking about Akshita)

Peg 5

Akhil: Did you like it what you like?

Me: Yes! She is good. You are lucky. On the contrary, I was dying to say that what a beauty she is Akhil.

Akhil: Why I am lucky. Do you like 32-26-34?

What did he reveal her figure for?

Me: Ya, I mean she is beautiful. And she has a beautiful smile too.

Akhil: What is the matter with you guys. Akshita also appreciates how you exercise and jog in the ground. I like to sleep early morning and she just snuggles out of the bed for a jog. Sheer waste of sleep.

Peg -6:

Me: But jogging and cardio help in improving sexual life. (with a wink)

Akhil: Aah! Is it the secret behind those noises? (he was referring to the moaning of my wife Isha) You know Akshita complained to me one day that she never moaned loudly with me. Isha is the one who is enjoying her sex life with a blast.

Akhil was not able to hold his drink and started talking about whatever was coming in his mind.

Me: Okay! So what else she said about me?

Akhil: Since the day Akshita heard you guys making out she is expecting too much from me. And sometimes she tries to tease me by appreciating you.

That’s it. Bingo! I was on cloud 9. I know that if I can make a way in her desires then I can make my way on her bed.

Few days passed out just like this. Suddenly there was some medical urgency at Isha’s home so she went for a week 2 days before karwachauth. It is a festival celebrated with full zeal by women. They get to dress best and generally in societies all the women sit together and do the pooja.

It’s a feast for the men to watch so many beautiful ladies in one place with heena and traditional dress up. On the day of karwachauth, I was jogging in the park. I saw that all the ladies are looking at the moon while Akshita was video calling Akhil.

She was looking ravishing in a red saree and black backless blouse. Heena and that mangalsutra which was trying to sneak in her deep neck blouse. I was admiring her beauty all the while. After the pooja, all the women greeted each other and I followed Akshita to the lift. We both entered the lift.

Me: Hi! (wow those lips)

Akshita: Hi! I have heard about Isha’s grandma.

Me: Ya! Age factor. Hey, where is Akhil?

Akshita: He had a flight last night to Malaysia. He will be back in 10 days.

Me: Ab fast kaise complete karoge?

Akshita (with a wink): I will get a new husband tonight. Then he will complete my fast.

I was blank for a moment. Is it a signal? We both got off the lift and I followed her as our apartments are on the same side of the tower.

Akshita: Can you come inside? I need a little help.

Akshita and Akhil were living alone for the last 2 months. So I and Akshita were in the apartment. Thoughts were running in my mind about Akshita. Am I going to make love to my dream girl? She sat on the couch and signaled me to sit near her.

Me: Okay! So you were talking about some new husband thing. What is that?

Akshita: You are smart enough to catch hints, I think!

I came close to her and put my hand on her thighs. She looked down like a newlywed girl. I whispered.

Me: Can I be your husband tonight?

Saying this I kissed on her cheek. She blushed. I rub my fingers around her neck outlining her mangalsutra.

She: What are you doing? (smiling and blushing)

I inserted my fingers in her cleavage and pulled the diamond part of mangalsutra. I whispered, “Nothing. Just seeing the deepness in your eyes.”

She: Naughty!

She stood up and walked toward her bedroom and signaled me to follow her. When I entered the room I saw only two yellow light side lamps are on. She was standing holding the bedpost and facing back towards the door. I entered and kissed her shoulder. She started breathing heavily.

I rubbed my fingers on her back and her breathing became heavier. She turned and her face was beaming like a pearl in the yellow light of the lamp. I was admiring her beauty for a second. She was looking on the floor and blushing. I lifted her chin and she closed her eyes. But I did not kiss.

I started rubbing my fingers around on her navel. She could not control it. She just hugged me and said, “Please make love to me as you do to Isha. I want to moan and cry in pain. Make my wish come true Adi.” I said, ” Your wish is my command, Akshita.”

Saying this I dropped her pallu and kissed her lips. She started kissing me wildly. I put my hands on her waist and she was now in her deep neck backless black blouse. I loosened her red wine saree and it was on the floor. She was standing in a satin underskirt and blouse.

I took a step back and by looking in her eyes I removed my clothes. When I was removing my underwear she said let me do it. Saying so she sat on the floor and pulled my underwear down and touched my 6-inch cock. She kissed the tip of it and within a second she started sucking it like a popsicle.

She did it for 5 minutes. Then I lifted her in my arms and dropped her on the bed. I came on her and started kissing passionately. I rubbed my lips around her neck bite her ears and kissed on her collarbone. I gave her a hickey on her neck. She shouted and said, “Please, slowly.”

Then I kissed her cleavage and started removing her blouse. I was amazed to see that she did not wear any bra. She planned for it. I inserted my one hand in her underskirt and she was not wearing panty. I start rubbing her vagina. My lips and teeth were doing justice to her boobs. What a fragrance she wore.

I inserted one finger in her wet pussy. She was so wet that my entire palm got drenched because of her fluid. Then I inserted the second finger and she moaned. Within a flash, I removed her underskirt. She was breathing heavily and was not making eye contact.

I called her name, she was smiling like a new bride. I lifted her left leg and kissed her toes and sucked it. I put it on my shoulder. I kissed her calves then thighs and I kissed her vagina. She shuddered.

Me: What happened?

Akshita: I am feeling shy, Akhil never did that.

Me: I am not Akhil, I am your new husband. Come, baby.

Saying so she came over her and deep kissed her. Then slowly I rubbed down my lips on her body. She clenched my fingers with her fingers when I was kissing her vagina. She was moaning. She started clenching tightly while I inserted my tongue in her clean-shaven pussy.

I don’t like the taste of vagina but she had applied some flavor on it. Her preparation and moaning were the reason I was entering my tongue and making her go mad by clenching the fingers. In 5 five minutes, she let out a huge cry, dug nails in my hand and she reached her first orgasm.

We hugged. Yes, we hugged after that. She was so satisfied that she was kissing everywhere on my face. I responded and kissed her deep. Within minutes I put my cock on her pussy and start rubbing. She told me that she never reached two orgasms in a night and wanted to experience it. Her wish was my command.

I lifted her legs and put them on my shoulder and inserted my cock slowly. She let out a sigh. “Ah, slow, baby, slow.” Slowly I entered her and locked the lips. She put her hands on my shoulder and I started increasing the pace of thrust. The room was filled with her moans and smell of cum.

I was busy pounding her and locking our eyes. But suddenly a teardrop released from the side of her eyes and she arched her back. To control her cry she dug her mouth on my neck and gave a loud moan.

At that moment, I experienced the long lost orgasm of a woman.  The very sight built a sudden urge to release my cum. I released my juice in her. And we cuddled and kissed the entire night.

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