Being A Slave On A Trip To Digha – Submissive Sex Story

Being A Slave On A Trip To Digha – Submissive Sex story

Hi everyone. This is Riya (name changed) again. I hope you already know that I am from Kolkata (North; Near Dumdum). I am 23 now. I am fair, 5’3” tall. My stats are 34b-28-36.  I am in a relationship for the last 3 years. His name is Jay (name changed). We both are Bengali.

Almost 40 days after the first gangbang incident, Vikram called Jay and told him to plan a trip to Digha for 2-3 days. At first, Jay tried to avoid it. He lied that we were having a little financial problem. So we couldn’t go. But Vikram said he will manage everything. We don’t need to worry.

Vikram told Jay to take me in a conference call. As I joined the conversation, Vikram asked me whether I want to go or not. I was feeling bored, and my exams were over, so I said yes to him. It’s been a long time we haven’t gone anywhere.

Then Vikram asked me whether I will obey him or not. He said whenever he asks me to do anything, I must do that without question. I agreed. So the plan for Digha was fixed. Vikram told me what dress to carry on the trip.

Vikram booked a car for 21st December 2018 Friday. At midnight we started our journey. Jay and I were sitting in the back seat, and we slept the whole time. We reached in the early morning around 6 AM.

Vikram also had booked a double room with a king-size bed in a 4-star hotel, 2 minutes walking distance from the beach.

1st day – (Morning to Evening)

After reaching Digha, we went to the hotel around 7.30 AM. We checked in at 8 AM. First, we had some breakfast. Then went to the beach and stayed for an hour. I was holding Jay’s hand, and our fingers were entangled. We were walking through the sandy beach and enjoying the cool morning breeze.

Vikram was walking in front of us. We came back around 10 AM. Vikram was feeling tired, so he wanted to take a nap. He changed into a boxer and lay on the bed. We also wanted to take rest, but we were feeling horny. The cool breeze infected our mood. So we undressed and went into the bathroom.

We took a shower and washed each other. Then we had hot and steamy sex in the shower. 40 minutes were passed. We dressed and hopped on the bed.
Vikram suddenly said, “So 1st round complete?”

I said, “Yes, I thought you were sleeping.”

He said, “I was about to. But I was listening to your rhythmic moans. Hey, remove your top and shorts, sleep in bra and panty only.”

I did as he said and slipped between them. There were 2 blankets only. Jay and I took one, and Vikram took the other one. Jay put his legs on my hips, and Vikram put his arms on my boobs. He pressed a few times, but I guess I fell asleep then.

Vikram woke us up, and it was 1 PM. He asked us what we want at lunch. We decided to have Bengali items. Then Vikram called room service and ordered our lunch. I went to the washroom and got fresh. I came out, and Jay entered the bathroom.

I picked my top and pant and was about to put it on, but Vikram said, “What are you doing?”

I was startled and said, “Why? What’s wrong?”

He said, “You will stay in bra and panty only. Don’t wear anything else. I told you to obey.”

I said, “The hotel boys are coming.”

He said, “I know, and that’s why you will stay like this. You are my bitch, do as I say.”

I was astonished and kept thinking about what his plans are. I put my clothes in the bag and hopped on the bed. Jay also came out and went to the balcony to have a smoke. I also lit up a cigarette. Within 5 minutes, the doorbell rang. Vikram told me to open the door. I obeyed him and went towards the door.

I was about to do something I never did before. I put the cigarette between my lips and opened the door wearing bra and panty only. There were two guys, ages between 28 and 35, with a food trolley. They were first shocked to see me half-naked. But the older guy handled the situation smoothly.

He looked at my face and asked for permission to enter. I moved to the side and opened the door further. They both entered the room. Vikram told me to close the door and hop on the bed. He then told them to serve the food as well.

The younger guy was feeling uncomfortable. He was trying not to look at me, mostly not to my cleavage or thighs. The older guy was cool and served the food with a smile. But sometimes he was looking at my cleavage. One time he even made eye contact and smiled at me.

I smiled back though I didn’t know what is happening. Then they went and locked the door behind. We finished our lunch at around 3 PM. Vikram collected the dishes and bowls and left it outside our room. They went to the balcony and started smoking.

Vikram told me to come and have a smoke. I was hesitant as I was half-naked, but he strangely looked at me. I went to the balcony and took the cigarette from him. I was glad there was nobody to see me in that way. As soon as Jay was finished, he went and hopped on the bed.

Vikram came closer and rubbed his crotch on my ass over the panty. He kept rubbing, and his dick was getting harder and bigger. I could feel the pressure it was creating. He parted my legs and pulled my panty to the side. He inserted his 2 fingers in my pussy and started fingering. I was wet already.

He pulled out after a minute and licked his fingers, which were full of my pussy juice. Then he pulled out his dick from the boxer and told me to suck. I took it in my mouth and started sucking. He told me to lick his balls too. I took one in my mouth and started sucking it.

Then he pulled me up by the hair and took me to the bathroom. He removed my bra and panty and threw it on the bed. He turned the shower on and started kissing me while pinched my nipples and pulled them. I held his dick and started stroking.

He then asked, “Jay fucked your which hole?”

I said, “Pussy.”

As soon as I said, he turned me back and pushed his finger in my ass. It was tight, so he failed. He asked me, “Jay didn’t fuck your ass after that?”

I said, “He did but not much time, twice, maybe.”

He said, “Is that so? It’s tight again,” and applied soap on my ass. Then pushed his finger and it slipped in. He started fingering my ass while he kept mauling my boobs with another hand. After a few minutes, when it was ready, he pushed his dick, and it went in.

I felt little pain and shouted, but he pushed further. He held my mouth shut and started thumping. His thrusts on my ass were making loud sounds. Then he grabbed my neck with one hand and started pressing my windpipe. On the other hand, he was rubbing my clit.

The mixed feeling of pain and pleasure was overwhelming. He fucked me like that for 10 minutes. Then he lifted my right leg with one hand and kept on fucking. He pressed my face against the wall. A few minutes later, he pulled my hair and made my face towards the shower.

The water was falling straight to my face. He told me to open my eyes and mouth and let the water fell into my mouth. It was painful, and my mouth was getting full within minutes with water. It was tough to keep my eyes open also. But he kept fucking me like no tomorrow.

Then he pushed 2 fingers of each hand into my mouth from both sides and held my mouth wide open. I was not able to throw the water from my mouth. So I drank a few times. He kept fucking me. After 5 more minutes, he pulled out his dick and made me sit on the floor.

He spanked my ass and pushed his dick again in my ass. He kept fucking and spanking me. I was almost crying while moaning at the same time. He grabbed my hair and started shaking my head with the rhythm of fucking.

After a few more minutes of raw fucking he pulled out his dick and told me to turn and lie on the floor. As I did, the water from the shower was falling straight on my boobs and belly. He lifted both my legs and made me bent and slapped very hard on my thighs and pussy.

Then he shoved his dick in ass and grabbed my thighs and started fucking. He pulled me closer, and the water started to fall on my face. I was feeling like drowning. Then he kept fucking me by holding my neck. He slapped my boobs and bit my nipples a few times.

After 5 more minutes, he pulled out and told me to get up on my knees and let my mouth open and tongue out. He shot his load on my face and mouth. His cum was flowing from my face to my boobs. Then he pushed his dick in my mouth. I licked and cleaned it and swallowed a few drops of his cum.

Then I stood up and hugged him. He told me to get clean and go to bed. I cleaned myself and came out of the bathroom. Then I put on my bra and panty and slipped in Jay’s blanket. I hugged Jay and closed my eyes.

A few minutes later, Vikram came and slept on the other side of me. He told me he wants to sleep again. I was tired too. I asked him, “What’s the plan in the evening?”

He said, “My plan is to drink as much as I can. After that, let’s see what happens.”

Within a few minutes, I fell asleep.

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